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Europe, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Brussels

Is it too much?


I and my friend are planning a Euro Trip for around 14 days and are planning to visit Amsterdam and looping around Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Brussels, And then return from Amsterdam. It feels like too much. I want to know if it is doable with the ways of transport available. If not, what should we skip.  Also, I am travelling from US, so wanted to get an idea about the cost too. Any help would be really appreciated.

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Mandy from Berlin

It's quite much for 14 days. I would skip Frankfurt, it's not so interesting as a city to visit. For most distances you can take the train. In Germany you can also chose to take long distance buses, they are cheaper than the train. You can search for it here:

Enjoy your trip! :)

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answered by
Sean from Hudson Valley

Hello Hitesh,

Your itinerary is quite ambitious; I'll give you that!  I might be inclined to trim it by a city or two.  There are two other things I would consider doing.

The first is not circling around, back to Amsterdam.  Rather, I'd fly an Open-Jaws route.  That is, I'd fly into one city, and depart from another.  This saves you the hassle of returning to the point from which your journey originated, and thus allows your travel to be more linear.  The time saved not returning to your point of origin allows you more sight seeing time elsewhere.

Secondly, when possible consider traveling overnight by train.  This will allow you to sleep on the train, thus allowing you more time at your destination, and save you the cost of a hotel room for the that night.  Where this isn't possible consider trains running late at night, or very early in the morning. 

You might also want to consider flying to certain destinations.  In many cases, the new crop of budget airlines in Europe not only mean you'll get there quicker, but in many cases the flight are as cost effective a single trip train tickets.  This link has a lot of information, as well as links to the various airlines themselves.

Finally, I have to agree with Mandy R. and Janelle Kennedy.  If you're going to cut any one city out of your travels, it should probably be Frankfurt.  However, I must take exception with Janelle Kennedy when she includes Brussels.  I have always found Brussels to be quite enjoyable, having a great deal to offer the traveler.  There are a number of fine museums, beautiful parks and green spaces, and some of the best food in Europe.  It's been often said that the Belgians eat as well as the French, and as hearty as the Germans. 

Also, in all the times I've been to Amsterdam and Munich I've never wound-up in either of the two conditions Janelle mentioned.  That's is simply a matter of personal restraint.  Let's face it; you can end up like that just about anywhere you go.  However, she is right on the money when she says that the cities you visit should be determined by your interests. 

So, do your research and determine which cities offer the most for your interests.  Just remember, no matter how many cities you travel to, you're not going to see everything they have to offer.  You'll just have to plan on returning some day.  I know I do!

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answered by
Maria from Dublin

Hi Hitesh,

Wow that sounds like a lot to take in - you'll need a holiday when you get back!  Personally I would fly open-jaw, maybe fly into Amsterdam and out of Berlin. I would drop Frankfurt and Brussels. Here's the way I would go:

(1) Amsterdam - 2-3 days (1 day to recover from jet lag)

(2) Munich  - 2 days

(3) Prague  2-3 days

(4) Vienna  2-3 days

(5) Berlin   3 days

I love travelling by train and all of the cities you are going to are connected by rail ( checkout but, to save a little time you can also use some of the low cost airlines like , ,

If your budget is tight take a look at and for accommodation or book overnight sleeper berths on the train.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Amsterdam (city)
  2. Berlin (city)
  3. Frankfurt (city)
  4. Brussels (city)
  5. Munich (city)
  6. Prague (city)
  7. Vienna (city)
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answered by
Janelle from Charleston

I agree with you.  Sounds like too much to me as well.  No matter the ways of transport, you'll be spending A LOT of time in transit, and on a 14 day trip that will heavily cut into your sightseeing time.  I'd cut down your itinerary by at least half, i.e. instead of 6 cities maybe 2-3. 

As for which cities to visit, it depends on your interests.  Frankfurt and Brussels are centres of commerce but don't have all that much to offer the tourist.  If you're into culture then I'd recommend Berlin and Vienna.  If you're into historical monuments I'd recommend Prague.  If you're into food then I'd recommend Amsterdam and Berlin.  If you're into partying and clubbing then Munich and Amsterdam.  If you're into getting shit-faced and stoned, well we all know the obvious answer...

Coming from the USA, you'll find lower fares on Air Berlin and Norwegian then you'll find on the flagship airlines such as United, American, Delta, Lufthansa, KLM, etc.  Usually you can save a few hundred bucks by booking Air Berlin or Norwegian, but beware the add-on fees - although they ARE possible to avoid if you pack right and are willing to compromise a bit of inflight comfort.

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answered by
Jeff from Portland

Yeah you are mixing in a lot there. First prioritize what you want - what do you have to have. I agree cutting. Maybe reply here with your priorities and people can help streamline.

I agree cutting Frankfurt first and Brussels second - unless it is you going for Belgium beer then that is a different story. Then after that, you pretty much have a 14-day trip with Prague, Berlin and Vienna - and there is a lot of travel there. I think you will be upset at the volume of travel time you would be doing within 14 days the cost to get to each of those cities will be high. One idea if you do want to, driving might be the most economical and efficient with your time (in my experience). It is about 6-7 hours from Amsterdam  to Berlin and 3-4 hours then on to Prague and again to Vienna and another 4-4.5 hours to Munich . Depnding on what you like to do here are two itineraries

  1. Spend 3-4 days in Amsterdam and the surrounding area then head down and check out a few cities in Belgium - Brussels , Ghent , Bruges and if you want to get to another country, maybe either Copenhagen or Munich
  2. Spend 2-3 days in Amsterdam , fly to Berlin and then hop to Prague and Vienna

If you can fly in and out of different cities, start your trip at one end of the loop and work your way back to eliminate long drive times (Fly into Munich --> Vienna --> Prague --> Berlin (drop off the car (big savings in same country dropoff) and fly from here) --> Amsterdam (fly home from here). 

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Frankfurt (city)
  2. Brussels (city)
  3. Amsterdam (city)
  4. Berlin (city)
  5. Prague (city)
  6. Vienna (city)
  7. Munich (city)
  8. Ghent (city)
  9. Bruges (city)
  10. Copenhagen (city)
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answered by
Edward from Stockholm

I'm with the others: go for an open jaw ticket. :)

And yes, you will probably need to skip some cities. I have not been to Münich and Frankfurt, but all the others. I do not know why you're heading for Frankfurt since it doesn't seem like much is happening there? But I guess that you have your reasons.

With that said: Berlin is really fun, with lots of thing to see and do. And Vienna? I actually was there last week and just LOVED it. Old buildings, lots of museums, great food, many bars/cafés, shopping AND easy to get around. Amsterdam: small and cute and decadent. And Prague is really picturesque and interesting. Personally, I would skip Brussels - unless you have a big interest for the European Union (headquarters and all). But if you go to Brussels: make sure to check out Atomium - the coolest building ever.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Atomium (attraction)
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answered by
Joana from Lisbon

Hi Hitesh!

I made a similar tour few years ago! It's a little bit too much but if you plan it in advance you can get the most out of the cities! 
I have some city tours I made for myself, please let me know if you would like to check them! :)

If you're coming from the US you will find Europe quite cheap. I just returned from the US, and I can tell you that it is at least half the price for almost everything.

Reply to me if you want me to share with you my trip!


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answered by
Charles from London, United Kingdom

Yes it's too much. Keep to a maximum of 4 places. And try to change your flight so you're not doubling back on yourself. Open jaw is the way to go to avoid wasting time.

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answered by
Carolyn from South Portland, Maine

Assuming you want to spend 2 days in each place (which would be the absolute minimum amount of time I'd recommend for a city) then no, you won't have enough time to do this trip properly.

You are not taking into account time traveled between destinations. You are also not taking into account jet lag, which will make you very messed up for a couple days. Starting in Amsterdam, the city that almost never sleeps, is a good option to set your clock forward.

Why Frankfurt? Why Brussels? Both cities are okay, but not as interesting compared to the other places on your list. A very easy loop is Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, back to Amsterdam. 

The Berlin, Prague and Vienna loop can be done with a fantastic new service called Daytrip. Check it out. 

The bus service Eurolines offers a 15 day travel pass and serves all of these destinations, as well as the Czech-based Student Agency bus service. Both feature wifi, drinks, snacks, entertainment centers on board. 

Plan to spend at least 50 EUR per day on hostel accommodation, food and drink (self-catering). If you're into having one restaurant meal per day, then make that 70 EUR. You will spend more in Vienna, much less in Prague. In fact, I would make Prague a 3 to 4 day stay because out of all of these cities it's the best in terms of value for money and physical beauty. If you're a student or under 26, get an ISIC  or <26 card, which will give you deep discounts on museum entrances and transport.

Hope this helps.

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answered by
Joeri from Utrecht

I would say it is too much. Better ecperience fewer places properly instead of all just a tiny bit. 

However, if you want to you can take nighttrains and cheap flights. 

Nighttrains run between Oberhausen just across the Dutch border into Germany to Berlin, and from Berlin to Prague. 

You could use budget airlines or the high speed German trains.

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answered by
Mark from Spalding

I would say no

Can it be done? Yes 

But you will always be traveling. Two days in each location sounds great but if your train/plane/bus arrives in the morning and the next one leaves the following evening you end up with less than 24 hours in the actual city and by the time you factor in sleep you have even less.

And whilst people will suggest you sleep on the train/plane/bus, it is not the same as a full nights sleep. By the end of the first week you will be to tired to enjoy your trip.

Personally if I had just 14 days, I would strike Brussels, Frankfurt and Munich and Frankfurt off that list (perhaps Vienna too) and look forward to the best Europe has to offer at a more leisurely pace

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answered by
Brenda from Long Beach

I would do Munich, Berlin and Prague. Just know that if you dream it you will have the opportunity to travel again in the future. Enjoy the three cities and take three days or so to get to know them. BTW, I took a coach bus from Munich to Prague. It took about 3 hours and it was very comfortable. I was able to charge my phone while traveling and enjoy the German countryside. Bought my ticket for the bus at the train station.

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answered by
Przemek from London

My experience is that you only really need 2 days for each European city, unless you have a specific interest that you wish to explore in great detail, i.e. gothic architecture, history of Christianity, etc. Europe's cultural heritage is vast, although only the basics are usually covered with tourists. Trains are very efficient in the places you're going to. I'd budget an average of £600 per week. You can make it both cheaper or more expensive, but I think that's a reasonable average.

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answered by
Elly from Zoerle-Parwijs, Antwerpen, Belgium

That is indeed too much.... I live in Brussels and have visited Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague... I'd say skip Brussels, it's the least appealing city of your list in my humble opinion. Amsterdam and Berlin are awesome, you need at least 2 days each. You'll lose a huge amount of time travelling.

answered by
Beatriz from Madrid, Spain

Hi Hitesh. To be honest, the places you have chosen are awesome. If I had to miss something, it would be Frankfurt, which is nice but less charming than Berlin, Prague or Vienna. 

About the ways of transport, I recommend you to travel by train. Sometimes you can book incredibly cheap tickets. This website ( is awesome because it covers all Europe. Another option is to see if you get lucky by checking MegaBus (you might know about it). Have fun and enjoy your trip! :)

answered by
Kylee from Iwakuni, Japan

My husband and I did a 2 week trip and went to Rome, Nice, Monaco, London, Zurich, Vaduz, Munich and Fussen. It was a lot of cities, but we had the time of our lives. Looking back I wouldn't have cut down the number of cities. Do research before you go and decide what you want to see in each city to see if you'll have enough time. Then cut cities if you can't see everything you want. Have fun!!!

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