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Europe, Paris, Iceland

Has anyone flown Icelandair to Europe?

Just scoping out prices for a trip to Paris next summer and noticed flights on Iceland Air are dirt cheap!  What's the catch?  Would love to hear other traveler's experiences flying with this airline.  Thanks!

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I was recently on Icelandair from Denver-to-Munichand back connecting in Reykjavik both times. The service was great and it was a smooth flight. However, the flight was delayed both ways because the crew was late to arrive. As a result we nearly missed our connection both times. My only suggestion would be to give yourself enough time in the layover (+3hours) to ensure you will make your flight and not have to sprint through the airport.

If I had to do it again I would add more days to my trip and extend the layover to multiple days. Icelandair allows 7 day layovers at no additional cost.

Check the accident and incident report here

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Alejandro from Singapore

Hi April, the catch is most likely a stop-over at Reykjavik. This suited me just fine as I wanted to go to Iceland.

I flew Iceland Air one way from Washington, DC to Paris and made my "stop-over" a long weekend over the summer. It was much cheaper than any other airline flight (direct or with alternate stop cities). In my opinion they had better seats,service and food than any of the usual suspects. 


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Juli from Salem (Massachusetts)

We LOVE Iceland Air, and especially that you can get out and walk around to stretch your legs.  The service has always been great, but on a recent trip to Paris and was even better -- I wasn't feeling well and they went above and beyond for me.  

Stopping over in Iceland there is a way to take a bus out to the Blue Lagoon which is so worth it.  Be sure not to miss that.  Get an "in water" massage.  You will be in heaven.

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Brett from Long Beach

I assume you're flying in coach?  If so, then Icelandair is great, and you should definitely take them up on the free stopover. Iceland is amazing.  But if you're in business class, it's closer to a domestic style business class than it is a full international-style bed.

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Shaun from Vancouver

Yes! I have flown with them twice and loved it First was from New York, second was this past February from Seattle to Amsterdam via Reykjavik for a 3 day layover! The last route cost me $446! An amazing deal, especially with a layover in Iceland which is one of my favorite rocks in the middle of the Atlantic! I hate to backtrack but would return to Iceland again and again.

As for the airline itself, seats are comfortable with inflight entertainment systems. You are not missing anything for the price. I think because it is not a direct flight you pay less but a stop over in Iceland is a must.

If you are looking for a layover itinerary check out my blog here:

Cheers and let me know if you need anything else on Iceland. Seriously love that place.

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Joy from Isle of Palms

Be warned>   You will have to buy your food and beverages on Icelandair flights and they are expensive. The terminal at the International airport is very nice and offers great meals.  

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Mark from Adelaide

I would suggest that the catch is the stop at Keflavík International Airport. Icelandair itself is fine.
The way to get around the "catch" is to stopover in Iceland for a couple of days and explore.
The airport mentioned by Steven Gullion is probably the domestic airport in Reykjavik (although there are flights to Greenland and the Faroe Islands from there). Keflavik is quite a distance from Reykjavik.

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Katia from Brisbane

Haha no real catch dont worry. I flew Iceland air from New York to Copenhagen about 2 years ago an dit was all good. I won't lie to you it wasn't the best flight ever, but its similar to all the european low cost (e.g. easy jet). And it was on time.The only thing I remember is that I didn't have  a lot of space, so I'd recommend you dont take a huge carry on but other than that, its all good!

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Janelle from Charleston

I've flown Icelandair twice between the USA and Keflavik and found them to be a reliable airline.  The inflight product is a few notches down from most European carriers and about the same as any U.S. domestic flight.  The planes are old but well-maintained and clean and the service is reliable when the weather in Iceland cooperates. 

Their "Saga" premium class is not worth the extra money or miles.  It's very similar to USA domestic first class and honestly not much of an improvement from economy. 

Icelandair's best feature is that their fares allow for a 72 hour stopover in Iceland at no additional cost.  This is something I would highly recommend because Iceland is a fascinating and underrated destination. 

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Katie from Reykjavik

I've flown them several times and always had good experiences. Tip: you can bid on an upgrade to Saga class (their version of first class, which is more like first class on a domestic flight in the US). 

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ronald from Roanoke

i have flight with icelandic air out of Washington, DC to Iceland.

the flight was great.

by the way, if you flew iclelandic air from us to foreign location like england they will drop you off in iceland and let you visit for a few days and pick you up on your way to England.

no extra charge for the layover. you only have to pay for your hotel and meals while in iceland.

if you have never been iceland, you are missing the best place on earth.

by the way swim in the geothermal lake call THE Blue Lagoon.

it is out of this world. open year round temperature is always 102 degrees winter and summer.

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Martin from Colorado

Its been a bit since I have flown them, but I really enjoyed the airline.  Its a cheap version of United, Delta, or American with better service.  I think the bonus is that most of the flights connect through Iceland....they don't charge for a stopover and offer great hotel/travel packages to tack on, it is way worth it.  Have a great trip!!!

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Ashley from Calgary

We're actually looking to fly out of Edmonton to Reykjavik in May we were so impressed by the prices. I think the only downfall is that they have the smaller 3 by 3 seat planes, I prefer the bigger 2x3(or 4)x2 planes mostly because I don't like the idea of a stranger squishing into me the whole flight.

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I was happy with my flight. Long layover in Iceland but otherwise good!

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