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Fashion Trends & How to Pack Light

I'll be traveling to Europe next summer and want to start building my wardrobe now so that I won't have to worry about that expense later on. What is considered stylish (and appropriate) clothing in Europe...are shorts and tank tops ok, what about skirts, are jean capris considered too casual? How should I dress for the weather during the months of June-August. I'll be traveling frequently, so I need to pack relatively lightly, but I still want to look stylish. What should I wear to night clubs and bars?

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Stefanie from Bonn

Hey Alyson,

this all depends on which countries you plan to visit on your trip. June-August is Summer in Europe but depending on whether you would rather like to visit the north or the south of Europe, the temperature can vary. Shorts and tank tops are generally fine. Just be aware that you might need to cover your shoulders when you want to visit churches or cathedrals in countries like Italy or Spain. It's usually fine to just bring a large scarf or something similar. Jean capris are also fine. Just don't dress too sporty. Don't wear running shoes but pack a pair of ballerinas or sandals. The running shoes are how Europeans detect american tourists ;p Night clubs are one place for which you shouldn't dress too casual. You might be denied entrance if you're wearing jeans and tshirt. Pack a dress or skirt for that occasion. Hope that helps =)

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answered by
Tiffany from Corvallis

Stefanie nailed this. Location will absolutely vary.

While many Europeans wear jeans, women, especially in Mediterranean countries dress nicer. Skirts and tank tops are great. Shorts are ok, but if you want to blend, sandals are better than athletic shoes. I've even seen women HIKING up castle ruins on mountaintops with stilletos (in Spain). Yes, they absolutely look at your feet in Europe, but that being said, you'll walk a lot so find something that is as comfortable as it is cute.

To save space, layer and accessorize!!!  If space is really tight, pack black and bring lightweight scarves. Add big earrings or chunky bracelets to complete it. No, you don't want to bring $$$ stuff, but colorful costume jewelry is very popular - women know how to put an outfit together.

In the southern countries it does get hot, so sun dresses are nice and don't take up a lot of space.

In Europe, July is the sale month, so that's a great time to get a few local styles as well at good prices. Clothes make great souvenirs. :)

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Keep it neutral.  Americans dress a lot more flashy than Europeans,  no glitter, no sequins, no statement necklaces.  If you use Pinterest, search their women's fashions, it's very similar.  Scarfs and simple necklaces,  cardigans and tanks with skinny jeans and boots. I strongly suggest comfortable footwear as you will be walking everywhere!  Have a great trip! 

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answered by
Rachel from Los Angeles

With warmer weather around the corner, little white dresses, flat leather sandals, a crossbody bag and oversize sunnies are the perfect style staples for a European getaway this spring.

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answered by
Brenda from Long Beach

Versatile pieces and under packing are the keys to traveling through Europe and feeling fashionable. Pick a base color (navy or black) and another neutral accent color and go from there. One patterned scarf can be used around your neck, as a shawl, or beach cover up (I rock an animal print). Jeans are acceptable and more common now than a few years ago. I would pack one pair of ponte knit pants. They can transition from casual to dressy. Pack several tank, short sleeve, and a couple long sleeve tops. One thin sweater and a heavier sweater are enough. I would also get a black zip up cotton jacket with pockets and preferably with a hoodie. Something that you can wrap around your waist if it gets a little warm but is sufficient to keep you comfortable when it gets a little bit cold and is versatile enough to dress up. You may need a rain jacket depending on where you are traveling. You can find a cute black jacket with a detachable hood and seaming that makes it more flattering and fashionable. Get a comfy pair of walking sandles (recent thread on this topic) in black, or pewter or copper/gold tone. Again, they will dress up with a black cotton maxi dress or simple cotton lbd or dress down with jeans and shorts. You should have a second pair of closed toe shoes that are comfortable to walk in.  


Packing cubes are your friend.. you can roll multiple pairs of pants and's amazing how much they hold, while taking up little space. I would also buy a hanging toiletry bag that will hang off a doorknob. Big space saver in small hotels and in your suitcase. You do not need a lot of jewelry. It will either get lost or stolen. Wear one cute necklace and maybe one inexpensive bracelet and ring that all go together. I would also buy and take an inexpensive pair of sunglasses in case they are stolen or lost. buy a small flat sunglass case. What's most important is to get a comfortable crossbody bag with lots of zippered pockets. I have one from Baggallini that has a detachable hook on one end so you can wrap it around a table leg or chair so that it won't be stolen while you're sitting at an outdoor cafe. My bag is nylon which is a little easier to maneuver than a big leather cross body purse. I have never been pickpocketed or had anything stolen out of that purse. And, it accommodated my camera, cell phone, makeup, money, a small hair brush,sunglasses, credit cards, and loose change. Finally, make sure you get a big heavy and sealable plastic bag for your dirty and stinky clothes. You can find one of these online or at a place where luggage is sold. Don't rely on Ziploc bags they are not good enough. Having this heavier bag that lies flat on top of all your packing cubes in your luggage is the best thing after a couple weeks on the road. Your other clothes don't get smelly and are completely separated from the dirty stuff. Pack a small laundry kit with small packets of liquid laundry soaps and a sink stopper. You can wash out thong panties and hang them to dry. I packed 15 thongs and they take up very little room. Do pack some extra Ziploc bags, they come in handy. 


Set all your clothes out and everything you're thinking of taking on the trip and then edit. I promise you you are not going to wear everything you are thinking of taking. I also packed a Samsonite duffle that flattened down so small it practically molded to the bottom of my suitcase. On the last leg of my trip, I get whatever extras or presents I want to take home and then bust out that extra duffel bag.look around for a proper suitcase to hold your perfect travel wardrobe. I recommend one that is small enough to carry on and it rolls in every direction. 


Just remember that your most important fashion accessory is a big giant smile, curiosity, & a willingness to lean in and explore the world

answered by
Jacqui from London

Hi Alyson, 

Stefanie has the best answer - spot on! 

There is a travel fashion blog that I have relied on when packing for trips. It has great tips. You can check it out here:



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