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Hussien asked

Around Europe within 3 weeks

I plan to travel to Europe next year end of 2016 for 3 weeks I'd like to visit most countries as much as I can .. Hope to visits Holland & Germany & swiss & Paris & italy & Belgium & Spain .. If it will be just two days in every country . I would like to see the mid town of every country just to explore new places and see new things and have new friends ... 

But REALY I don't know from where to start and how to organize traveling between countries to not waste time .. 

I really appreciate your suggestions and your help and reply ..


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Maria from Dublin
Hi Hussien, I totally agree with Sean - overnight trains are a great way to travel between European countries, waking up in a new place is really exciting. I also suggest that you leave your itinerary a little bit loose, some places might be worth an extra day or two! I have travelled extensively around Italy and can HIGHLY recommend the country. There is so much to see and I found Italian people to be very hospitable and friendly. I also love Andalucía and the triad Seville Granada and CórdobaMadrid is a lovely city, too with lots of art and culture. Sweden is a good place to visit and has a different vibe in summer (long, long sunny days) and winter (cold and candlelit with great cross-country ski-ing) Don't miss Stockholm and Gothenburg with their wonderful archipelgoes.France has some great towns and cities, I love the Languedoc-Roussillon region and the Loire . The south and west coasts of Ireland are really lovely with some great small towns like Kinsale Dingle and Clifden All of these countries have really good, efficient rail systems and are well served by low-cost airlines like Ryanair, Easyjet and German Wings.

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Sean from Hudson Valley

Hi Hussien,

About ten years ago I did my first European trip in a manner that is very similar to what you are talking about.  In my case, I visited 12 countries in eight weeks, often staying only two or three days in any given location.

Rather than give you suggestions, I'll just tell you some of the things I did that seemed to work for me.

First, I flew what is called "open jaws."  That is, I arrived in one city, and departed for home from a completely different city (or country for that matter).  There are several benefit to doing this.  It helps make your journey more linear.  Not having to worry about making it back to your point of arrival makes planning easier.

Overnight trains are not only a great way to travel, but it can really help you save on the cost of a hotel.  In addition, you may give up sight seeing form the train, but it gives you an extra day of sight seeing in a chosen location.   I find that to be a trade-off that always worked in my favor.

Also, you'll need to travel with the state of mind that you'll return again some day.  Doing so helps prevent you from trying to do too much in too short a time, and seeing nothing as a result.  there are somethings you just simply won't have enough time to see.  This was certainly true in my case.

Mix up your itineraries between large cities and small towns.  It gives you a nice mix, and helps you prevent getting burned-out.  If you can, stop off for a day or two somewhere completely off the beaten path.  I'm talking about a place with no museums, no tourist sights, nothing!  Just take a day to walk around in the woods, on the beach, in residential neighborhoods, and recharge yourself.

When you make your plans write them on paper, but not in stone.  If your done with your destination in one day, or if you simply don't care for where you are, leave.  If you're done with it, be done with it!  It's you trip!

Also, don't feel obligated to stick to your plans.  If at some point you decide you'd rather go to the beach, rather than the mountains, then go to the beach.  Just because you planned something out doesn't obligate you to it.  Again, it's your trip.  Live it as you wish.  Some of the most enjoyable things I did, places I saw, I did so on a whim.  Footloose is a  great way to travel.

I don't know if any of this is any help to you.  If you have specific questions feel free to comment me directly. 

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I really don't know how to thank you ... Thank you so much for interesting in reply me . I readed your reply many time its really help and support and encourage me to think more about take the action .. You know my first trip outside my country Egypt was at the previous November 2015 it was my first time to got a plan and fly . I went to Thailand its very easy than Europe of course but it was a great experience .. My problem is that if I got a visa for schengen ex. Netherland so I must arrive and leave from the same country . so how is the round start and where to finish ... Once again thanks so much and appreciate your reply

Hi again, Hussien, I'm glad happy I could help you. I felt like I was just rambling on. I though of something shortly after I posted my answer. I'd like to share it with you now. Don't get hung up about things you are "supposed to see." If something doesn't interest you, you will only waste you time if you go there. The opposite is true also. If you want to see something, do it regardless of what others think. As far as where to go is concerned ; between now and when you leave do some reading (especially on line) and ask around. I find everybody's advice to be useful, even if it is someone that I have nothing in common with. In fact, if some whom I have nothing in common with raves about something, I know I'm not likely to be interested in it. By the way, I know how you can thank me; first, feel free to ask me anything at any time. Secondly, enjoy your travels, my friend!

Dear sir . I want to thank you once again and again and always. For you interest to advice me I will be on contact with you my friend. Regards from Egypt and sorry about my late reply to your appreciated comment.
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