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Saundra from Cleveland asked

Is it safe to drink the coffee in Egypt?

I'm traveling to Egypt very soon. I've been told to drink bottled water and avoid using ice. So, does that mean the coffee is not safe to drink?


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Mary from Leicester
I've visited Egypt and several similar countries and have not, as yet, had any problems. I follow my own advice i.e:
Boiled water is safe to drink so, assuming the coffee (and tea) is made from boiling water (as is normal), you'll have no problems.
Salads are best avoided unless you can be certain they have been washed in bottled water (as they will be in hotels and restaurants of a good standard). The same applies to fresh fruit: always peel it yourself and, ideally, wash it with bottled water before you peel it.
It's sensible to avoid eating meat dishes (especially chicken and seafood) which have been kept warm on a buffet. Freshly-cooked food is safest but if I've been unable to get it I always choose vegetarian options.
It's also sensible to use bottled water rather than tap water for cleaning your teeth (and keep your mouth shut in the shower!).
Having said all that, most people's 'traveller's tummies' (anywhere) are caused by other people's germs and/or changes in food and drink (including bottled water, because the mineral content varies so widely from place to place) and/or unaccustomed heat rather than by specific water or food hygiene-related issues. Make sure you take antiseptic handgel with you and use it liberally, always before eating and always after visiting the toilet (including your hotel room toilet).
It makes sense to pack your preferred anti-sickness, anti-diarrhoea and anti-indigestion medications. Include a few sachets of rehydration powder too, just in case. 
I've always found that, when I've got the remedies available, I haven't actually needed them! 
If you are going on an organised tour, travelling on a Nile cruise boat or staying at a resort you'll be using hotels of a good standard where management are well aware of hygiene issues. Sick guests are not good for business and great pains are taken to avoid having them. So there's really no need to worry over-much. Just use common sense.....and lots of antiseptic handgel!

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