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Ryan from Canmore asked

Best Place to Spend a Month in Eastern Europe?

I'm trying to decide on a place to visit for a month in Eastern Europe in the early spring of 2015. I am looking to settle into one city, learn some of the language and really experience some of the culture. I'm looking more at the southern places in Eastern Europe because I would it to be a little warm. What cities would you recommend?

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3 Answers
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Courtney from Los Angeles

I visited the town of L'viv a few years ago and was shocked by how much I enjoyed it. It was modeled after the city of Paris and while it's no where near that beautiful, it's interesting to see the potential here. It's a fascinating mix of communist-style architecture and delicate buildings and the culture here is kind of the same--a very old school population with an interesting and surprising hipster vibe. Obviously, you'll have to take the political temperature before you decide to go there, but it's a good place to consider. 

A couple of places to have a look at: the Kryivka bar which is known as the "Resistance Bar". You have to take a shot of vodka before they'll let you in and you also have to be willing to listen to a lot of arguing about politics between patrons and waitresses but it's a really fun experience. 

Rynok Square (above) is the center of town and a lovely place to walk around in, especially at night. 

Opera House which is kind of the center of the town. Gorgeous place modeled after the Opera Garnier in Paris. 

Vintage Boutique Hotel - this is where I stayed when I was there--if you need a starting off point, this is a good one. 

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  3. Rynok Square (attraction)
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  5. Vintage Boutique Hotel (hotel)
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Uroš from Novi Sad
Belgrade, ada ciganlija lake, people always on, never stop to party, Novi Sad (serbia), štrand beach on danube river, or Budva(montenegro) if you want to party on the sea side. if you want to relax go to Zlatibor mountain, it's a national park will clear your mind, if you want a history lesson check out Višegrad and read nobel prize winning book bridge on a drina, Pećka Patrijaršija/Metohija, Niska TvrdjavaMostarBanja LukaDubrovnikNis FortressPetrovaradin FortressKalemegdanSmederevo FortressRaškaTvrdjavaCetinjeLovćen Niksic, you can't really get wrong, wherever you go.

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  8. Banja Luka (city)
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  12. Kalemegdan (attraction)
  13. Smederevo Fortress (attraction)
  14. Raška (city)
  15. Tvrdjava (restaurant)
  16. Cetinje (city)
  17. Lovćen (attraction)
  18. Niksic (city)
answered by
Julie from York

Hi Ryan

I recently spent a month travelling from Budapest to Athens, with assorted cities in between (ZagrebTirana). Taking into account the "lack of cold" factor, coupled with a tonne of stuff to see and do, Athens is a good choice. I was really surprised by the place, as I'd not expected there'd be much to see beyond the Parthenon, but I was soooo wrong! There's a vibrant art scene with the various Benaki Museum options and the street art, loads of ancient history and cool buildings on every corner, plenty of green spaces, the food is fantastic, and you're a short hop away from many of the Greek islands.

If you fancy reading a bit more about the art side of things, I wrote about it here: There are a fair few articles kicking around from assorted bloggers about food / islands etc.

Have fun deciding on your venue, and hope you have a brilliant trip.


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