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Uriah, Alabama

Jo-Copeland from Uriah, Alabama asked

Must Do and Must Eat

Ok guys. So myself, along with 12 other students are backpacking through Europe this summer studying gourmet tourism and we are each in charge of a city. I am responsible for Dublin. Any places, tours, restaurants, pubs, shopping centers, ANYTHING that I must do while I'm there?!

Dublin (Ireland)

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answered first by
Crystal from Anchorage


Backpacking with 12 people through Europe is going to get crazy! I wish you luck. 

The first thing I would do is just browse the top rated attractions for Dublin to see if anything in particular is calling to you:

The advantage of having a group is that you can sometimes get a private tour or dining experience for your group that is personalized to your interests. Just remember to book these in advance so you can plan around your tour times.

I would think a food tour would be a great option, considering your field of study. There are several to choose from, but here is a highly rated one:

Ireland of course is also known for it's whiskey, so going to the Irish Whiskey Museum might be a good choice. Tastings are included:

Another thing that is uniquely Irish are the Gaelic Games. They have workshops that teach you how to play the different sports. This would be a really fun group activity, especially for a group of students. You learn about the history of the games as well as have a chance to burn off some of those calories:

Don't forget to build in some free time for everyone to do their own thing. Grafton Street is a good place to cut people loose. The street itself is a really cool place to walk around and get lunch. From here people can also walk around St Stephen's Green (which also has an indoor shopping center), The Little Museum of DublinNational Museum of Ireland - ArchaeologySt. Ann's Church of IrelandSt Teresa's Church Discalced Carmelites, as well as plenty of little shops, bars, and restaurants. It is also within walking distance to Trinity College which is well worth walking around or relaxing in it's parks.

I hope this gives you a good place to get started!

Happy travels!

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answered by
Sean from Hudson Valley

Hello Jo!

Ireland (and all the British isles for that matter) get a real bad rap when it comes to food.  For the life of me, I can't understand why.  Most of the badmouthing is done by our fellow Americans, who think nothing of staggering like cattle into some of the most horrible places to eat on earth, simply because a clown assures them that "billions and billions" have been served. 

So, with that rant being over, let me suggest some of my favorites, and tell you why they are.

Chapter One Restaurant, in Parnell Square is a Michelin stared establishment.  It serves a modern take on traditional Irish cuisine.

The Chop House, on Shelbourne Road, also serves Michelin stared food, but in a more pub-like atmosphere.

At the The Winding Stair, on lower Ormond Quay, the emphasis is on organic Irish cooking, and is surprisingly good.

Matt The Thresher (on Pembroke) and King Sitric(E Pier Binn Eadair)  both specialize in seafood and shellfish, most of which is sourced from local waters.

BEAR, located on South Williams Street, specialized on what is referred to as "unfashionable" cuts of meat, but, Damn, they're good!

Now, to be honest, Roma II (located on Wexford Street) isn't what you'd call fine dining.  However, it is a traditional "chipper", and just what the doctor ordered late at night when you've been over medicated at one of the following, fine establishments.

Cavanaugh's (also known as The Gravediggers  is a 150 year old pub, serving up some terrific traditional pub fare.  Amongst my favorites are their Dublin Coddle, and pig's feet simmered in cider.

The Cobblestones is a top-notch pub located in the north side.  It's a terrific place to catch a sesion (Traditional Irish music).

the long haul and Hogans are also top flight pubs.  However, the The Palace Bar specializes in Irish whisky, and isn't to be missed.

Now, if a late night visit to the chipper isn't you style, then a traditional Irish breakfast the morning after the pub is a must!  To that end, may I recommend Slattery's Pub or The Gigs Place on Richmond Street.

Other places you may wish to consider are Coppinger Row  (on the street of the same name) serves up some genuinely good food that is well priced. 

Fallon & Byrne on Exchequer Street Is Ireland's answer to a New York, high-end delicatessen.  Lot's of great Irish staples, and the perfect place to stock up for a picnic, or food for the road.

Finally, I'd like to recommend Gallagher's Gallaghers Boxty House , on Temple Bar.  Boxty is kind of hard to describe.  It's a flour and potato bread that is either griddled of fried.  Also known as "poor bread", it's a traditional peasant food that all but disappeared from the Irish table.  In recent years it has seen something of a resurgence, especially amongst the younger, hipper crowds.  My grandmother would be pleased.

What ever you decide, keep this in mind; there are plenty of sight, galleries and museums, but the main attraction in Ireland is the Irish people themselves.  They're friendly, outgoing, down to earth people who like nothing more than good conversation over a pint.

Have a great time!

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  1. Chapter One Restaurant (restaurant)
  2. The Chop House (restaurant)
  3. The Winding Stair (restaurant)
  4. Matt The Thresher (restaurant)
  5. King Sitric (restaurant)
  6. BEAR (restaurant)
  7. Roma II (attraction)
  8. The Gravediggers (restaurant)
  9. The Cobblestones (attraction)
  10. Hogans (restaurant)
  11. The Palace Bar (restaurant)
  12. Slattery's Pub (restaurant)
  13. The Gigs Place (restaurant)
  14. Coppinger Row (attraction)
  15. Fallon & Byrne (attraction)
  16. Gallaghers Boxty House (restaurant)
answered by
Ron from Vancouver

Foodie in Dublin:

Dublin for Foodies:

Dublin for Foodies!:

Dublin's Ultimate Foodie District - The Hipster Triangle:

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answered by

I studied my masters in Dublin at Trinity College.  I have the dinning and pub scene nailed down.  What are you looking for in particular?  Historical? Best Guinness?  Pub crawls?  How long are you there for?

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thanks for replying! we are there for 3 days and on a budget. we are studying gourmet tourism, but are definitely looking into historical attractions and budget friendly local cuisine. any suggestions?
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answered by
Maria from Dublin

Hi Jo,

There's so much to see in Dublin, how long have you got? The first thing I always recommend is to take the DART electric train all long the coast - the last stops at either end are Howth and Greystones The entire trip takes about 2 hours and you can get the train in the centre of Dublin at Pearse, Connolly or Tara St. stations. Buy a LEAP card which you can pre-load with any amount over €5 for travel on buses, trams or Dart.
There are lovely beach and hill walks in both villages and also lovely restaurants like Aqua Restaurant and Oar house in Howth and The Hungry Monk and Chakra By Jaipur in Greystones. Dalkey is a good stop-off station on the way to (or back from) Greystones. Take a walk on Killiney Hill Park for wonderful views of Dublin Bay and eat in Jaipur restaurant or Finnegan's of Dalkey  If you have a car drive to Glendalough in Wicklow or Powerscourt Gardens (Powerscourt House - once a 13th century castle has wonderful gardens - 47 acres to hang out in or picnic in) and a restaurant run by Avoca with fab views from the terrace.

Visit the Guinness Storehouse and Christ Church Cathedral also checkout the Famine Memorial and famine ship on Custom House Quay Take a look at for a what's-on listing for the time you are here. There are great music venues, like Olympia Theatre Temple Bar Music Centre and Vicar Street . Good off-beat theatre venues are Smock Alley Theatre, 1662and Project Arts Centre

My favourite bars in Dublin centre are Mulligan's Grogan's The Palace Bar and The Front LoungePantiBar is a  lovely, friendly gay bar that welcomes everybody. Voodoo Lounge is 3 floors of bars, music and good cocktails  and The Workman's Club is chilled and loved by young and trendy locals. 

Dublin's restaurants are getting better by the week and the good news is that most high-end places offer a great deal set lunch or early bird menu for a fraction of the normal dinner price. Our best (Michelin starred) gourmet places are Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud Chapter One Restaurant and L'Ecrivain Restaurant These are my favourite places for great food in town: Pichet The Pig's Ear The Vintage Kitchen Dax Restaurant - Dublin Restaurant and Winding Stair Bookshop - for brunch or more casual dining: Coppinger Row  Whitefriar Grill - Dublin Brunch Steakhouse or Keshk Cafe Restaurant (Keshk is a friendly Lebanese restaurant with a byo drinks policy and no corkage charge)

Have a great time. Let me know if you need any more info.

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  1. Howth (city)
  2. Greystones (attraction)
  3. Dublin (city)
  4. Aqua Restaurant (restaurant)
  5. The Hungry Monk (restaurant)
  6. Chakra By Jaipur (restaurant)
  7. Dalkey (city)
  8. Killiney Hill Park (attraction)
  9. Finnegan's of Dalkey (restaurant)
  10. Glendalough (city)
  11. Powerscourt Gardens (attraction)
  12. Guinness Storehouse (attraction)
  13. Christ Church Cathedral (attraction)
  14. Famine Memorial (attraction)
  15. Custom House Quay (attraction)
  16. Olympia Theatre (attraction)
  17. Temple Bar Music Centre (attraction)
  18. Vicar Street (attraction)
  19. Smock Alley Theatre, 1662 (attraction)
  20. Project Arts Centre (attraction)
  21. Mulligan's (restaurant)
  22. Grogan's (attraction)
  23. The Palace Bar (restaurant)
  24. The Front Lounge (restaurant)
  25. PantiBar (restaurant)
  26. Voodoo Lounge (restaurant)
  27. The Workman's Club (attraction)
  28. Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud (restaurant)
  29. Chapter One Restaurant (restaurant)
  30. L'Ecrivain Restaurant (restaurant)
  31. Pichet (restaurant)
  32. The Pig's Ear (restaurant)
  33. The Vintage Kitchen (restaurant)
  34. Dax Restaurant - Dublin Restaurant (restaurant)
  35. Winding Stair Bookshop (attraction)
  36. Coppinger Row (attraction)
  37. Whitefriar Grill - Dublin Brunch Steakhouse (restaurant)
  38. Keshk Cafe Restaurant (restaurant)

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