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What are the top 5 things I can't miss in Dubai?

Hi, I will spend a few days in Dubai and I wanted to get some suggestions about things to do outside the city. From what I am hearing the city itself has a lot to offer in terms of shops and restaurants but I am looking to find other things beyond that, for instance any older / traditional villages or places near by, beaches or other outdoor activities. Anything in a two hour driving radius basically. Thanks much. 

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Milan from Dubai

Hi. I would recommend seeing the old and the new. Don't miss desert safari, it's really cool and cheap.

Go to Bur Dubai area and get a ride to Deira on that cool old boat. It's super cheap. Apart from that I'd suggest going to Fujairah, it's another emirate but it's not like Dubai, all fancy with uber tall buildings.

Lastly, I'd suggest going to Abu Dhabi (an hour and a half away max) and seeing Masdar City which is really something else. It's a 0 carbon emission city that's barely populated. Super futuristic and an amazing thing to see.

If you like activities, go to Wadi Adventure (Al Ain) and try flyboarding inDubai.

Hope you have lots of fun!

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  3. Fujairah (region)
  4. Dubai (city)
  5. Abu Dhabi (city)
  6. Masdar City (attraction)
  7. Wadi Adventure (attraction)
  8. Al Ain (attraction)
  9. Dubai (city)
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Paulina from Rochester (New York)

Dubai has a lot to offer so I really doubt you'll run out of things to do if you're only there for a few days.

Sharjah has a very nice souk that might be worth visiting if you're interested in seeing a traditional market; although, The Souk in Dubai is great as well.

Hiking in Fujairah is amazing! Ras Al Khaimah is a very picturesque area as well. If you have extra time, taking a cruise around the fjords in Khasab, Oman is a great day trip and provides amazing views. 

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Sharjah (city)
  2. The Souk (attraction)
  3. Fujairah (region)
  4. Ras Al Khaimah (city)
  5. Khasab (attraction)
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answered by
Beverly from Dubai

You could drive to Ras Al Khaimah and visit the Al Jazirah Al Hamra which in Arabic translates to “the red island”.

It is also famously known as a ghost town. The story goes that this town was haunted, which is the reason why it was abandoned, and has remained uninhabited and neglected since 1968.

As you walk through the ruins you'll find old mosques, and houses with features like wooden doors, star windows, wind-towers, and courtyards.

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  1. Ras Al Khaimah (city)
  2. Al Jazirah Al Hamra (city)
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answered by
Adnan from Lahore

Well there are some amazing beaches and places to visit in Dubai the best place to visit would be Dubai Marina and Jumeriah Beach it would really shift your mood in high gear. Also the Mercato Shopping Mall is an amazing option. There are bunch of Clubs like 360 Degrees- Dubai- UAE which I consider to be the best one. Hope you enjoy your stay at #Dubai.

Much Love

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  1. Dubai (city)
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  3. Jumeriah Beach (attraction)
  4. Mercato Shopping Mall (attraction)
  5. 360 Degrees- Dubai- UAE (attraction)
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answered by
Larissa from Switzerland

Hi :) One week ago I was in Dubai and it was so awsome. I was there with my family and we maked an safari trip in the dubai desert. That was great but during the ride I get bad. After the ride we went to eat. This is including. You really scould book an safari trip. Nice to watch is the Marina Walk and Jumeirah Beach. There are nice restaurants to eat. And at night you can see the skyscrapper. For an extraordinary shopping trip you can go to the Dragon MartKarama Centre. And for a little adventure you can go tho the atlantis adventure at the palm. 

I wish you a nice trip. 

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  1. Marina Walk (attraction)
  2. Jumeirah Beach (attraction)
  3. Dragon Mart (attraction)
  4. Karama Centre (attraction)
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answered by

Hi, I would recommend a few things that makes Dubai the most sought tourist destination.

1) Desert safari a great way to experience the sand dunes in Dubai

2) The Souk Al Bahar were you can find everything from spices to gold at great prices and experience how we trade the old fashioned way - bargaining for best prices

3)Head-over to Wild Wadi Water Park ride the 100 foot tall water slides to satisfy the thrill seeker in you

4)Experience the thrill of snow park in Dubai, hit the slopes at Ski Dubai to escape the heat outside.

5)If you get bored with the outdoors and want to shop and relax head over to the malls at Sheikh Zayed Road or catch a movie in 4DX at VOX Cinemas (

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  1. Dubai (city)
  2. Souk Al Bahar (attraction)
  3. Wild Wadi Water Park (attraction)
  4. Ski Dubai (attraction)
  5. Sheikh Zayed Road (attraction)

answered by
aastha from Jaipur


i would say

1)experience with the dolphins at the dolphin bay

2)sand dunes bashing

3)there is a trampoline place called bounce dubai....its a lot of fun

4)water parks with super slides....i went to the one in palm atlantis

5)dining at the aquarium restaurant in palm atlantis

i was there a month back and i was surprised at what all experience money can buy u

and yes the one i did not do and regret is the flying/diving experience from a top building...that looked super cool...dont know how i missed it

answered by
Radhina from Dubai

In Dubai itself, Al Satwa is an area of traditional low-rises that you can check out that is right in the heart of the city centre and the areas around Dubai Creek and Deira give you a glimpse of the older parts of the city and its trading history. You can take a ride in a traditional boat called an abra and the Souk areas should not be missed.

The Al Fahidi area is also a great spot to see some of Dubai's older wind tower architecture and there are little cafes and galleries and even a small coffee museum you could visit 

Surprisingly, Dubai has a wetland area called Ras Al Khor where you can often spot flamingos in certain months.

If you like local markets, the Deira Fish Market is great place to head early in the morning to see the buzz of the older part of the city.

To experience another side of the city you should head out into the desert - there are a number of organised desert safaris but if you can drive a 4x4 and can get some guidance on driving in sand (The Emirates Offroaders Club would be a good place to start it's a lot more fun to drive yourself - as part of a convoy or with fellow drivers - never alone :) or hitch a ride with a hobbyist dune basher.

Just out of Dubai, Fujairah beach is a great day trip with a fantastic drive through bare mountainside (very different landscape from Dubai) ending up along the Eastern coast with some very good diving and snorkeling opportunities around the Snoopy Island area. It is also great to do as an overnight trip and there are plenty of hotels to choose from in different price ranges.

Al Ain is another interesting day trip which will let you see a more traditional side to life in the UAE. There is a great driving road up to Jebel Hafeet - a mountain with hot springs at the bottom where you can BBQ or picnic at and there's even a zoo. Al Ain is part of the Abu Dhabi emirate but is a world apart from the capital city and of course, Dubai.

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  1. Dubai (city)
  2. Al Satwa (attraction)
  3. Dubai Creek (attraction)
  4. Deira (attraction)
  5. Ras Al Khor (attraction)
  6. Deira Fish Market (restaurant)
  7. Fujairah (attraction)
  8. Snoopy Island (attraction)
  9. Al Ain (attraction)
  10. Jebel Hafeet (attraction)
  11. Al Ain (attraction)

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