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  • Annie Chen
  • "Only 4 hours - what's the 1 must see in Doha?"

Annie Chen

New York, New York

Only 4 hours - what's the 1 must see in Doha?

My husband and I have a 7 hours layover in Doha.  I figure we have about 4 hours to hop out of the airport and see Doha.  Any suggestions on what is a must see that can be accomplished in that time frame?  Also, your insight on how to get to/from airport and around is appreciated.

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  • Daniel Rouquette

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    I stopped in Doha for 14 hours. Coming from Iran, the Souq Waqif wasn't that impressive but worth a visit if it's the first time you set foot in the Middle East.

    One highlight is definitely the Museum of Islamic Art. Even though it could use a little more explanations and details, it features beautiful piece from all around the world. There is a free shuttle bus running every hour from this museum to the Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, the ride is about 20 minutes.

    If the weather allows, I would recommend walking the 6 kilometers of the Doha Corniche for the views of the skyline and the bay.

    Finally, make your way to one of the mall (I went to City Center Mall), if not for the aircon, just to get this weird feeling that the country is entirely run and full of foreigners :)

    PS: I took a taxi from and to the airport, it was about 30 rials per ride, less than 10 USD.

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    • Annie C.

      Annie C.

      Thanks, Daniel. I should have clarified that I have between 7PM - 11PM. Assume Doha Corniche and City Center Mall are my only options? · (0 likelikes)

    • Daniel R.

      Daniel R.

      I read there are also nice cocktail bars in some of the hotels, but haven't tried any. · (0 likelikes)

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    3. Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art (attraction)
    4. Doha Corniche (attraction)
    5. City Center Mall (attraction)

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