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Do you still travel by bus these days?

Where are you using buses?  For long trips?  Short trips?  I'm just curious if anyone still travels by bus these days, and if not, what's your most used mode of transport when traveling? 

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Amanda from Canmore

Hey Mark! 

Bus travel is definitely the most popular form of travel in South America.  Luxury buses with full beds in them are available for affordable prices through ArgentinaChile, BoliviaPeruI would definitely recommend looking up bus travel if you are planning to go to South America and travel around. Cruz del Sur is the best bus company that I took while traveling through South America. Enjoy your travels! 

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Kathryn from London

In the US, I use Mega Bus for point to point travel. It's much less expensive than flying and faster than the trains we have in Texas. Because it's point to point, travel time is like I was driving myself, only I don't have to do the driving. 

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answered by
Ross from Fort Collins

Umm... Ya if you travel anywhere out side of the USA. And they are getting better in the states. I did 5 hours on grey hound, I had new nice seats and free wifi.

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answered by
Brenda from Long Beach

Took a coach bus from Munich to Prague and it was fabulous. On time (German efficiency), clean seats, and they even reclined a bit. It was a way better way to take in the countryside than the train. Bus station in Prague was a bit sketchy but just a short walk to a taxi and all good.

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answered by
Joanna from Oakland

Depending on where I go, I will travel by bus. Specifically, I've taken these bus trips within the last 5 years- 

- London --> other UK cities (Bath, Oxford, etc.) 

- New York --> Boston (cheaper than Amtrak) 

- Ephesus --> Istanbul (10 hour overnight bus tour) 

My most used transportation: 

- United states: car

- Europe: train, preferable to airplane 

- Asia: subway, local bus, ferry

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answered by
Sarah from Milwaukee

I haven't done buses in Europe but they're the only thing I used in South Korea. Every weekend I would take a shorter bus trip (2 hours) to see my partner but together, we did a few long trips with bus changes in different cities. When it takes 4-6 hours to cross the whole country, it's hard to think of anything as a 'long' trip. 

I've taken buses between VietnamCambodiaThailand and it was a decent/annoying/memorable experience - one I'd probably do again for budget's sake. 

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answered by
Loreto from Santiago, Chile

Here in Chile we are used to travel by bus. We don't have a train that connects the entire country and plane tickets are so expensive. Chile is a long country so if you want to travel from the capital Santiago to the north or south and you're not up to driving for hours the best option is use the bus.

Hope this is helpful

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answered by

I try to avoid sitting inside a motorised vehicle whenever i can and that goes for when I travel too.

I am mostly traveling by bicycle and is on my way through Indonesia right now on my mountainbike.

Trains can be ok for me especially if they have a dining car so I can sit and eat, drink and work at the table there.

I can drive in a car or in a bus if I have to but i try to avoid it as much as I can.

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answered first by
Tony from Seattle

There are plenty of countries where busses are fabulous and cheap-- they serve as a budget alternative for any countries that didn't build rail infrastructure. In fact, we found train costs to be high enough to avoid unless it's a short run.

MoroccoTurkey and the Czech Republic all were places where busses were are primary way to move around the country.  In the latter two countries, busses had wifi and drink service as often as not.

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answered by
Harley from Comanche

No, not really I use a car more than a bus. The only time I ride a bus is only for going on fill trips.

answered by
Polly from Washington, DC

Taking a bus is the cheapest way to travel between Washington, DC and New York City. When driving, the tolls alone cost more than a bus ticket, and Amtrak, while nice, is overpriced.

I started taking the bus between the two cities when I was in college, and it's gotten so much easier to do as more people catch on! Union Station has a dedicated floor of their parking garage for bus lines, complete with a waiting room and bathrooms (that are nicer than the ones in the actual station, in my opinion). Some bus lines also have loyalty programs - I've gotten a number of free rides over the years.

I would not recommend Greyhound, however. Had a truly horrific experience with them once.

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answered by
James from Calgary

Only when car, train, or plane is not available. My preferred way to get around a city is train, there's no waiting in traffic like bus or car, and their always on time unlike the bus. 

answered by
Gary from Mashpee

Most USA airports have busses into downtown. You can go from Pittsburgh International into downtown for $3.75; try that with a taxi... Boston's Logan Airport has a combination shuttle-bus/train which is awesome. Use Google Maps to find rapid-transit worldwide.

answered by
Christene from Kansas City (Missouri)

I took a bus for part of my trip from Salzburg to Venice. It was lovely, comfortable, and cheap. I will also be using buses extensively in Morocco and Spain. I have heard they are the way to go. 

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answered by
Ashley from Calgary

We try to avoid buses at all costs, trains are preferred. Trains are generally faster and easier to navigate -- the trains lines seem easier than complex bus route maps. It's usually easier to switch trains than buses as well because the connections are generally all within the station rather than somewhere across the street or down a few blocks. Sometimes buses are great though, like the bus that runs from the Barcelona airport. 

We barely take taxis, the only times we've used a taxi was once in NYC when we were lost and it was freezing (turned out being an embarrassing $5 ride because we were literally right around the corner) and once from Atocha in Madrid because the trains out of the station shut down early for some reason. 

answered by
Stef from Germany

In South America as well traveling by bus is the best way. Even though the distances are quite huge, busses are usually quite comfortable. And flights are really expensive in South America.

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