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Cinnaminson, New Jersey

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Do you like traveling solo?

Do you or have you traveled alone? Do you enjoy it, or prefer traveling with others?

I have traveled several times alone and absolutely LOVE it. Its freeing! No one to answer to, I can do, see, eat, what I want, meet new people, etc

Share your solo travel tips!

10 Answers

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Pamela from New Canaan, Connecticut

I have traveled solo all over the world and there's nothing like it...for meeting locals, discovering treasures, having spontaneous adventures, having the ability to change course if I want, and having the time to absorb each unique location.  Here's three tips:

1. Stay in a central, populated area. Not just safer, but more convenient.

2. Be prepared.  Planning your trip means you'll feel confident in the location.  

3. Talk to locals, for the most authentic, memorable experience.   

Embrace the luxury of being alone and the ability to do what you want, when you want!

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answered by
Ross from Fort Collins

I am 50/50 I love to have that freedom and know exactaly what your talking about

traveling solo...go to bed at 6pm or 6am, it just depends on who I meet! Eat egg rolls and beer for breakfast, yes please!  Decide to sit in a hammock and not do what I had planned for the day, way to often! Lol

traveling with others... It can be hard to travel with friends but I travel with my wife now. I can't say how nice it has been building great memories together. We are more like a team know and she knows me well so I still get beer for breakfast every once in a wile! Lol

all in all I enjoy travels with the wife best. And today being our anniversary, I'll take my wife with me every time! (I'll still go without her if her schedule doesn't work lol!!!)       

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answered by
Jaleh from Baltimore

I kind of like a mix! When I'm in London, I visit family there, so I go out during the day and do my own thing, but at night, they usually take me around to different restaurants and things. It's always nice to see a new city with someone else, but I also really enjoy being allowed to do whatever I want to do. Too often when you travel with someone else there has to be compromise over what you do since one person may want to go to a museum and the other a pub. Traveling alone really seems to be a great way to see exactly what you want to see without leaving disappointed. 

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answered by
Andy from San Francisco

I've done my share of both and I can't really say which I prefer. I think the question ultimately comes down to if you are traveling with people who enjoy travel the same way you do. 

I know what I like and don't like when I travel. I don't like starting the day too early, I don't want to go to sites that are too touristy, I like to be outdoors, I love being near water, and I enjoy drinking and dancing at night. Most people aren't like me and so when I travel with them there is a lot of compromise and I end up feeling like I didn't get to do what I really wanted. 

In those cases, I would prefer to travel on my own. That way I can be on my own schedule, do and see exactly what I want, spend as little or as much time at a place as I want, and don't have to wait for people or have people wait for me. I also feel more free to do things that I might not do when I'm with other people. I can approach and talk to strangers, eat weird foods, walk through areas that are "unsafe", and in general take more risks. 

However, there are those rare individuals who enjoy travel the same way you do, and those trips can be awesome. I recently did a 8 day road trip from San Francisco to Tijuana, Mexico with one of my high school buddies and it was great! We both like the same things and we have very similar travel styles. When one of us would suggest something, the other person would usually back it up. I think we ended up having more fun than we could have had on our own. 

So if you do travel, make sure to choose your travel companions carefully. A great travel companion can make a trip much better than it can be on your own, but a bad travel companion can ruin what could have been a great trip. 

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answered by
Eva from New York City

I've been traveling solo for years - I don't even think about it, I just plan and take trips. 

Am taking a small group on a Bordeaux river cruise in August and it just occurred to me this morning that suddenly I'm traveling with people. I hope it goes smoothly!

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Gerry from Boston

I love traveling, but when I traveled with others, we didn`t always agree on what we want to see and to do. 

When I`m by myself, I find that I will spend more time talking to strangers, learning more about the people and the culture.

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answered by
Michael from San Rafael, California

I am always able to have a great time on my own. I love not having to coordinate with someone or negotiating on what to see by seeing things that you are not that interested in just so you can see things that you are. I also like the freedom to go tour for a day or just hang around the pool/beach.

On the flip, I would love to find someone who share a common passion for travel and is easy-going enough to make the experience stress-free and fun. I especially love to share new experiences with like minded travelers.

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answered by

I love traveling solo too and have done so in more than 70 countries over the years.

Malaysia and Sumatra is the next two places I plan to hit with my bicycle.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Malaysia (attraction)
  2. Sumatra (attraction)
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answered by
Brenda from Long Beach

Love a mix. Like to start and end solo with a couple weeks of meeting up with different friends in the middle. As everyone has said, solo travel is spontaneous and forces you to get out and meet people and experience whetever you are. You will also meet people who can visit you and that you can visit along the way. It is nice to know, that you will see familiar face along the way when you plan a meet up. Perfect mix for me.

answered by
Kelly from Santa Monica

Yes! I've traveled solo many times including going around the world for a year. I had many people ask me before the trip if I was scared to go alone. Fortunately as an experienced traveler with good tools, there have only been a handful of times I felt unsafe. 

To stay safe, I found being sensible, logical and a little more planned goes a long way.

Here are some tools you can use to feel and stay safe as a woman traveling alone.

  1. Use your intuition as a guide
  2. Always let someone know where you are
  3. Check first, don’t assume
  4. Keep your awareness
  5. Be discerning
  6. Set boundaries

I wrote a blog post on the techniques I use to stay safe while traveling solo

Here is an article also on the art of solo travel

Let me know what you think

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