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  • Travis Huyghebaert
  • "Renting a car in Cuba and other advice."

Travis Huyghebaert

Kamloops, Canada

Renting a car in Cuba and other advice.

My girlfriend and I will be traveling to Cuba next spring for around 3 weeks. We are seasoned backpackers, but this is our first time in Cuba. We are planning on spending time in Havana, Vinales, Trinidad (and some nearby cities like Cienfuegos, etc.) and some time on the beach at the end to relax. We were wondering if there would be any advantage to renting a car, or is the Viazul bus network OK for our needs. Our budget is pretty flexible, and we are fairly easy-going travelers.

Also, any suggestions on the order to do these cities or anything else you think we shouldn't miss would be greatly appreciated. We are both into culture, nature, and meeting locals - not so much into partying or too much lounging on the beach at all-inclusives (although we are planning on taking a couple days to relax). Any suggestions on which beach to head to? We were thinking of one of the Cayos in Jardines del Rey, but would be open to any recommendations. Thanks!

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  • Corinne Paterson

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    We visited Havana, Trinidad (Cuba) and Cienfuegos but didn't get to Vinales.

    Careful in Trinidad when you enter town in a rental car (like we did) as there are scamsters that will jump out at your car. Just ignore and

    drive past.

    I have blogged about our travels. Can highly recommend our Havana and Trinidad Casa Particular if you want recommendations.

    You will have a memorable experience in CubaCuba.

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    1. Havana (city)
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    3. Cienfuegos (city)
    4. Vinales (city)
    5. Cuba (country)

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