Trent Niemeyer

Trent from Boulder asked

Croatia: Croatian Itinerary - In and out of Zagreb in 7 days?

My wife and I have 7 days, starting out in Zagreb.  I was planning on renting a car and making my way south to Split.  Plitvice Lakes is on the list. I'm mostly interested in the food and scenery.  I don't really want to lounge on a beach, much prefer to have an adventure of sorts.  We have money, we don't splurge, except to eat and drink well.  Any recommended itineraries?  Thanks!


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  • Antica Grubisic

    Antica G. from Boulder answered

    Hi Trent, Great you are coming to Croatia. Starting from Zagreb you will drive to Plitvice Lakes National Park. After that you drive to Zadar for a short visit and good lunch. You could stop for a day and take a full day trip to Kornati. After that drive to Šibenik. If you like the lakes and waterfalls you can visit Krka National Park. Then, on the way to Split there is Trogir and finally Split. After Split you drive south to Dubrovnik. You need minimum two days in Dubrovnik and take a short trip to Cavtat by car or by boat. I would suggest you leave the car at Dubrovnik Airport and fly back to Zagreb.

    One more place is not to miss especially regarding your interest in food. It's Ston, 1 hr drive before Dubrovnik. Ston is famous for oystresses and mussels. Don't miss a meal there.

    If you need a guide in Zagreb and more information write back and I'll give you my contact.

    If you want an adventure in kayaks in Dubrovnik or more check

  • Charles Neville

    Charles N. from Boulder answered

    Spend some time in Istria, there are some lovely agriturismos and the coastal cities are pretty special. You can hit Plitvice Lakes National Park as an overnight stop on the way there or back.

  • Keith Spence

    Keith S. from Denver answered

    I would recommend Šibenik which is a beautiful coastal town

    ŠibenikAnd Krka National Park which is lovely. Both have some amazing scenery. Krka National Park

  • Jacqui Travels

    Jacqui T. from London answered

    Hi Trent!

    Before you go road tripping through the Balkans, double check the refugee/border control situation and make sure you have all of your paperwork with you at all times. They are starting to shut down borders.

    You will love Plitvice Lakes National Park - I was there two weeks ago and it's beautiful.

    Hubby and I hired a huge van from Zagreb and drove (with 6 of our mates) south to Plitvicka Jezera, camped for 2 nights, drove through Mostar (where you can jump of the Stari Most (Old Bride)), stayed in the Kotor Old Town (the most amazing Old Town I have ever been in), camped at Lake Shkodra Resort, drove back north to Dubrovnik and camped just outside it in Orašac.

    We did this epic adventure in 10 days, but it was a bit crammed. I've not yet been to Split, but I can say that Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro are beautiful places to explore. There are lots of things to do in Montenegro, white water rafting, kayaking, swimming, etc.

    You can check out our epic holiday, including photos, costs and driving times on my blog:

    There are also some helpful guides for driving in the Balkans, Kotor Old Town and Dubrovnik there too.