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beachfront rentals

Hi everyone. Any recommendations for beach front rentals in Split/Dubvronik. For a trip in may, we are looking to relax and have some fun! 


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  • Jamie Weil

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    For Dubrovnik we stayed at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Dubrovnik Sun Gardens. It is about 20 minutes outside of Old Town but easy to get there by bus or there is even a water taxi that takes people a few times a day. Hotel was nice but very big. I would stay close to the Old city (you don't have to stay inside) but on the beach.

    Never went to Split but Hvar is a must-visit! YOu can get there by ferry (from Dubrovnik to Hvar), Bus + Ferry (bus to Split, then a ferry to Hvar) or a speed boat from Dubrovnik to Hvar. The speedboat is the priciest but by far the quickest and best way to go. Dubrovnik Boats has some great rates.

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    • Payal S.

      Payal S.

      Thanks Jamie! · (0 likelikes)

    • Chris R.

      Chris R.

      We stayed at Apartment Astrid in Dubrovnik it was booked through, it was very central and reasonable for Dubrovnik but not exactly 4 star. In Split we used Gajeta Travel there email is they have apartments all around Split that are awesome, really well equiped, modern and reasonable, they are also really helpful. In Hvar we took a punt and didnt book anything we just took our changes when we got of the boat. There are always loads of local people at the ferries offering accomodation. We had a private room and bathroom in an old Croatian ladies house it was great and really cheap. · (0 likelikes)

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