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Iowa City

Tammy from Iowa City asked

Countryside adventures!

My fiancee and I are spending our honeymoon in London and then going exploring all over the U.K. (Scotland, Ireland, everything) for about two months. We're planning a loose itinerary so we have a lot of flexibility, but we still need some ideas about places to see. We love the outdoors so we want to get a lot of nature in there but we also love big cities. Thoughts?

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Marc from Los Angeles

Ireland is one of my favorite places on earth--I would check out  Glendalough. There is a hike here through an enchanted forest that ends at a lake that just breathtaking. So peaceful. A true highlight. do not miss this. The land is actually a glacial valley. The  Glendalough Hotel is lovely, too. 

Try to make it to  Dun Aengus House where there are spectacular views. there are boats rides that take you to islands off of galway where like 50 people live. it's amazing.

I love the whole  Cork area. the way to see this part of ireland is to rent a car. you would believe this twisty roads but it just adds to magical nature of cork.

I loved the town of  Waterford. You can see the  House of Waterford Crystal there where they actually make all that crystal. 

Galway City is a beautiful city. you really get the irish flavor here. one of my favorite memories was just sitting in a pub and listening to some amazing singers perform old irish songs.

I know this is all over the place, but there's just so much to see in Ireland!

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Shauna from Santa Monica, California

Try to get yourselves to Glyder Fach - Cantilever Stone - Wales and walk to the end of the stone (you'll see what I mean when you get there). The reality is it is more an illusion than real danger. Seems those "old heap of stones" (yes that's the translation for Glyder) are pretty sturdy.

York Shambles is an incredible street--in fact, it's Europe's best-preserved Medevil street. Shambles used to be the term used for open air slaughterhouses and meat markets. Mostly used now for shopping and tourism, you can still spot some of the meathooks on the outside of buildings.

Also, try to get to the University Of Cambridge. If you happen to be a book lover, it's a fantastic place. There are 114 libraries here and a total of about 12 million books in all. Cool thing is most of the books are available to the public. Huge medieval manuscript collection (one of the largest in the world) as well.

Also, be sure to check out Tory Island. This small town in northern Ireland (far, far north btw) is appealing to me due to its artistic propensity and unusual tradition of electing a king via consensus. The intention is that the king "speaks" for the town and also welcomes visitors and newcomers.

Try to see Edinburgh Castle. This castle has literally seen it all beginning with the Romans and then on to the Kings and Royals and that whole search for the Crown of Scotlands incident (don't ask). The most visited site in Scotland.

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