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  • Katie Simons
  • "Best free things to do in Cotonou?"

Katie Simons

Los Angeles, California

Best free things to do in Cotonou?

I'm going to be in Cotonou next month and will be on a pretty tight budget. I'm looking for the best free and inexpensive things to check out! I love the outdoors, art, museums, you name it. Thanks!

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  • Mark Huelsenbeck

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    Marché Dantokpa: People say it's the biggest market in West Africa. Spend an hour or two walking through the labyrinth of stalls and get a sensory overload. You may be inclined to purchase an "Obama girl" T-shirt and matching underwear too.

    Pounded yams (igname pile): Benin's best dish. Many places make it. Get it with Wagashi (a cheese) and peanut sauce. Ask around to get recommendations on a good place, or better, invite yourself over for dinner somewhere.

    Fondation Zinsou: exhibition centre for contemporary African. Free of charge.

    Bars in Fidjrosse-Center: Fidjrosse (fee-dro-say) is a neighborhood on the western side of Cotonou. There are some great bars right on the beach.

    Yes Papa- if you're there on a friday or saturday, you can listen to great live music (mostly reggae). Drinks are normal prices.

    Best free thing: Benin is one of the friendliest places in the world. Start a conversation with someone and ask to hang out.

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    1. Marché Dantokpa (attraction)
    2. Fondation Zinsou (attraction)
    3. Fidjrosse-Center (neighborhood)
    4. Yes Papa (attraction)

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