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Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels

Hostel vs Airbnb vs Hotel for Europe trip

A girl friend and I are looking for boarding this August in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, and London. We plan to spend 7 nights in Berlin, and between 4-5 nights in the rest of the cities. We're stylish and care about aesthetics to an extent. Our biggest concerns are comfort, cleanliness, and safety of our valuables.

We want to make the most economic choice while having a good experience. Nice hostels turned out to be just as expensive as some hotels so any suggestions with specific places would be great. We would like to stay under $60 a night, is this reasonable? 

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Like mentioned by the other poster Airbnb can be a good choice.

If you opt for a hostel then Generator Hostel is a cool place with a good hostel bar and it's smack in the city center by Gothersgade where you have some of the best clubs in Copenhagen if you are in to that and it's only 5 minutes walk from Nyhavn with nice cafes by the old sailing ship harbour.

A second alternative could be Danhostel Copenhagen which is also a nice hostel with nice rooms.

The location of that is good too as it's close to the main square Rådhuspladsen and Tivoli and if you walk across the bridge next to the hostel then you are at Islands Brygge which is a very happening place at the moment with good cafes and they have closed off a part of the harbour there and opened it up to swimmers.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Generator Hostel (hotel)
  2. Gothersgade (attraction)
  3. Nyhavn (neighborhood)
  4. Danhostel Copenhagen (attraction)
  5. Rådhuspladsen (attraction)
  6. Tivoli (attraction)
  7. Islands Brygge (attraction)
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Brew from Manhattan Beach

I've had success in Copenhagen with AirBNB, albeit in the $200 - $300/night range.  Safetywise, if you are in the main downtown area (Indre By, which I believe means inner town), most apartments are safe and oftentimes have two layers of doors you have to go through before getting into an apartment (front door that opens into a courtyard or common area via lock or keypad before getting to your apartment).  Whether you hostel or AirBnb, Copenhagen is an amazing city.  

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Copenhagen (city)
  2. Indre By (attraction)
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Jean from France

Hello Alexandra...Sorry you can't get a good hotel in Paris for $60 a night, Paris is an expensive city. Think more about $120. You can try your luck with Airbnb for your budget, good surprises are possible but there's a more important risk about the quality as Airbnb doesn't control the accomodations. Advises from travellers should help you. Take also good care about the area you're staying, some can be not quiet, not interesting, not safe. 

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Stacey from Brussels

I think $60 (US dollars) isn't reasonable but anything is possible. You'll have to REALLY research and compare prices. Honestly, $100/night may be more reasonable (which is about 75€) & that's on the low end. Check out as well as You'll find some great deals. Paris can be really expensive. Just remember, european hotels & star ratings are not the same as US hotels. So try not to set expectations and stay open. Selecting a hostel or apt will allow you to stay closer to your budget. Enjoy your trip!

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I would say that overall $60 dollars US seems a little low per day for the entire trip doing straight hotels and not hostels. Each city is going to have its own range, Berlin is cheaper than Stockholm, but my experience on average for 3 to 4 star hotel was at least 100 Euros ($130 US).

I would take a look at Ibis, which is a hotel chain through Europe, that I think fits what you are looking for. Clean comfortable rooms, but without many extras. I have used them and they are exactly that a clean room and lower prices. Also you can use them to gauge prices, be sure to enter the times you want to go because prices vary seasonally.

Another thing I do to get cheaper rooms is not book until the day before or day of arriving. Rooms that are not filled are cheaper, and you can use Priceline name your price to get some good deals. 

Also if you are going from Germany to Copenhagen or vice versa, I recommend the train because the route from Hamburg to Copenhagen has to cross the Baltic. So they load the train on to a giant ferry, and you can get out and hang out on the top of the ferry for 45 minutes as you cross. It is pretty cool.

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David from Austin (Texas)

Are you interested in hostel dorm beds, or just private rooms?  You can find dorm beds at hostels in most of those cities for under $60/night for two people (per person rates are around $20/night in Berlin, $25/night in Paris, but London and Bern are closer to $30-$40/night). You can find out what the lowest rate would be by searching on, which shows you the prices of each hostel in all of the online booking systems (and also lists other hostels that don't appear in online booking systems at all).  AirBNB is also a nice option and I've used it myself a few times.  It's good if you want a different kind of experience (less meeting other travelers as you do in hostels, but a chance to stay in the home of locals).

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William from Naples, Florida

I would suggest doing an Amsterdam or Berlin search at and filtering for $60. This will give you the bird's eye view of all of the above options like airbnb, hostels, hotels, and many other things you might not have heard of. 

Disclosure: I work at AllTheRooms.

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Rita from Belgium

I'm afraid that this August (next month) it will be very difficult to find anything good on that price. You are quite late, and August is a holiday month in Europe.

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