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San Francisco

Mathias from San Francisco asked

Fun restaurants

Looking for fun restaurants to try across the whole spectrum. Anyone can help?


4 Answers
answered first by
JR from Manhattan Beach

Mathias, i just got back from Copenhagen and I found a couple noteworthy places to hit up. 

For beers in Nyhavn go to MS Donna Wood. You can avoid all the typical cafes in Nyhavn by hopping on this ship. Just go into the galley, grab some beers, and drink them on the roof, all for half the price of the cafes nearby. Bring the bottle caps down to count how much you owe.

For wine and snacks go to, Ved Stranden 10 - vinhandel & bar. The head sommelier from Noma turned me on to this place, it's his local favorite. Get a bottle and the charcuterie plate, sit on the canal and enjoy. 

For fine dining, Noma is obviously the #1 spot in the world, so it's on the must eat for any foodie visiting town. But another option would be Amass which just opened in July 2013 by the former head chef at Noma and Per Se (an american named Matt Orlando) who happens to be a great guy too. It's in the old ship yard part of CPH, and has it's own above ground herb garden in front. 

For traditional open face Danish sandwiches most tourists go to Restaurant Ida Davidsen v/A Siesbye, but according to my brother (and verified by the head somm at Noma) the best open face sandwich in town is at Restaurant Schønnemann. I suggest getting a "reasonable" pour of snaps to go along with it. The pork and smoked eel sandwiches seemed to be everyone's favorites. It's in a historical building as well.

Hotdogs are popular in Copenhagen and døp has a few trucks around town. They make organic hotdogs. I had the goat. It was great. I've marked the location next to the Rundetårn but I saw others around town too. 

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Nyhavn (neighborhood)
  2. MS Donna Wood (attraction)
  3. Ved Stranden 10 - vinhandel & bar (restaurant)
  4. Noma (restaurant)
  5. Amass (restaurant)
  6. Restaurant Ida Davidsen v/A Siesbye (attraction)
  7. Restaurant Schønnemann (restaurant)
  8. døp (restaurant)
  9. Rundetårn (attraction)
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answered by
Katie from Columbus

If you're looking for fun in terms of cuisine, you should look into Restaurant BROR.  It is opened by two Noma alumni (which, if you didn't know, is considered one of the top restaurants in the world).  They serve traditional Danish dishes with a modern twist.  It's pricy, but worth it.

It's also very centrally located, so you could go for a walk at Ørstedsparken or Tivoli gardens before or afterward, and one of my very favorite museums Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is also close by if you're into art.

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  1. Restaurant BROR (restaurant)
  2. Noma (restaurant)
  3. Ørstedsparken (attraction)
  4. Tivoli (attraction)
  5. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (attraction)
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answered by
Brew from Manhattan Beach

If you want a newer, farm to table take on the traditional open-face Danish sandwich (Smorrebrod),  Restaurant Schønnemann is my favorite.  Soren's special is normally the go to for me.  For old-school open faced sandwiches, I like  Cafe Sorgenfri K/S.  The place is small, very old and dark, but hyggely (cozy) and serves very good traditional food (the Fleskesteg is the best thing to order here, IMO, but lots of stuff is good).  

JR's recommendation on  MS Donna Wood and  Ved Stranden 10 - vinhandel & bar are spot on.  Both great places to enjoy a beer or wine and great Copenhagen waterfont scenes.  

If you feel like some Asian food, Kiin Kiin is a Michelin starred Thai restaurant with very high end Asian food where you'll have a tasting menu paired with wine.  Very good experience.  The same owners as Kiin Kiin also own  The Ricemarket, which is a more casual bistro, with good Asian street food, located on a nice square in central Copenhagen (Kultorvet is the name of the square).

Jaegersborggade (I know, its a mouthful), is a street in a formerly terrible part of town which has become one of the hippest food areas in Copenhagen, mainly because of Restaurant Relæ which is Michelin starred and very cool.  Also on the street and more casual is  Manfreds & Vin which is a bistro operated by the chef from Relae.  Also on the same street is a good bakery  Meyers Bageri and  The Coffee Collective Godthåbsvej if you want a snack.  

Hot dog's are a big part of Danish food and you'll see hot dog stands all over Copenhagen.  Most are excellent, however, the best in town is  Harry's Place.  Harry's is more out of the way than the  døp stands in a kind of dodgy area, but if you want to try the best hot dog or sausage in Copenhagen, Harry's is the spot.

One of the best parts about Copenhagen is there are so many great little spots to walk and explore.  One of my favorite squares in town is gråbrødretorv, which has a few restuarants around the square, one of which is  Peder Oxe's Vinkælder.  Arriving at this square from  Strøget (the main walk street through the center of town) is fun, as you wind through a small passageway to arrive at the square.  

Another nice place to stroll down and a street that is normally crowded at lunch time with people eating outside at cafes (on a nice day) is Laederstraede. Laederstraede meets up with Stroget at the   Højbro Plads (aka, High Bridge Place) and is a cool street that's worth a walk down and maybe a stop for a snack, lunch or beer.   Cafe Zirup serves salads, sandwiches, etc., and normally has a good looking crowd.  I would opt for Ved Stranden 10 - vinhandel & bar,  if I had to choose, but definitely worth exploring this street.  This general area is very cool and Hojbro Plads is one of my favorite squares in the heart of town... at one end is Stroget (the main thoroughfare) and some very high end Danish stores, some cafes where you can get a beer or coffee (the Stroget end of the square is marked by the Stork Fountain).  On the other end of Hojbro Plads is a statue of Bishop Absolon (the founder of Copenhagen) riding a horse, which looks towards the canals, the Danish Parliament building and the Børsen (the world's first stock exchange) with its iconic dragon tail spire. 

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  1. Restaurant Schønnemann (restaurant)
  2. Cafe Sorgenfri K/S (restaurant)
  3. MS Donna Wood (attraction)
  4. Ved Stranden 10 - vinhandel & bar (restaurant)
  5. Kiin Kiin (attraction)
  6. The Ricemarket (attraction)
  7. Restaurant Relæ (restaurant)
  8. Manfreds & Vin (restaurant)
  9. Meyers Bageri (attraction)
  10. The Coffee Collective Godthåbsvej (restaurant)
  11. Harry's Place (restaurant)
  12. døp (restaurant)
  13. gråbrødretorv (attraction)
  14. Peder Oxe's Vinkælder (attraction)
  15. Strøget (attraction)
  16. Højbro Plads (attraction)
  17. Cafe Zirup (restaurant)
  18. Ved Stranden 10 - vinhandel & bar (restaurant)
  19. Børsen (attraction)
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answered by
Kim from Portland

Go to Kødbyens Fiskebar. I'm not even the biggest seafood eater, but I will have dinner here every time I'm in Copenhagen. If you like seafood it's a place you must visit. Must. 

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  1. Kødbyens Fiskebar (restaurant)
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