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San Francisco

Tony from San Francisco asked

Design enthusiast spending 5 days in July

Whats the best way to get the most out of 5 days in CPH in July? Any tips on

  • hotels - central and unique
  • restaurants - best CPH has to offer
  • design and architecture things to do
  • bonus points for day trips and coffee tips - I'm all about coffee when I travel - beyond Coffee Collective, any suggestions of places doing unique, beautiful things to beans?

MUCH appreciated.


6 Answers
answered by
Hjörtur from Copenhagen

Well, if architecture and design is your thing, the natural choice of hotel is Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen. It is designed by Arne Jacobsen entirely at the end of the 50s, including house, furniture and down to the smallest details. Both the egg and the swan were designed originally as furniture for that hotel. It doesn't get any more local than that either, with a view over the Tivoli gardens and the central train station.


For restaurants, I recommend Höst which has won awards as the world's best designed restaurant. I haven't eaten at it myself, but have eaten at it's sister restaurant and highly recommend it. The prices are also very reasonable. 

Noma is another legendary restaurant in an old restored packhouse down by the canals housing the embassies for Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands and serving amazing food based on Nordic ingredients. Noma has been awarded as the world's best restaurant several years in a row so if you want a table, you should book right now.

Finally for restaurants, I recommend Sticks 'n' Sushi, a sushi restaurant at the top floor of a new hotel central in Copenhagen. The food is excellent, the design great and the views fantastic, including a view over the new waterfront in Copenhagen.

Design and architecture

On the other side of Tivoli (from the Radisson Blu Royal) you'll find Danish Design Center where you can get all sorts of interesting info on Danish design and architecture.

You can take the train to Dybbølsbro (one stop from the central) and go left towards the shopping mall. On the other side of the shopping mall you'll find many of the latest waterfront buildings, and I highly recommend taking a swim in one of the harbour swimming pools. Yes, they have cleaned up the harbour so you can now go swimming in the Copenhagen Harbour Baths :)

Another interesting area is around the Øresund metro. The metro line stops by some magnificent modern architecture such as DR Byen housing the "BBC" of Denmark, Bjerget (the mountain) which is an intriguing compound designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and 8tallet, another masterpiece by BIG. 

By Kastrup Metro Station you'll find the new National Aquarium Denmark which is not only a fantastic aquarium, but also a very interesting piece of architecture.

Just across the bridge in Malmö, you'll find some masterpieces including the new waterfront there with their sustainable buildings and the Turning Torso, Scandinavia's highest skyscraper. Malmö would therefore make a great day trip.

Not to miss, is the alternative Freetown Christiania. Just make sure you go further than pusher street. It is in the back by the canal where you'll find amazing creativity and "home-made" design. Don't let the cannabis scare you. It's just cannabis and it is a very, very peaceful place ;)

I also recommend two museums, Arken Museum of Modern Art just south of Copenhagen, and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Louisiana will be at least half a day, and I recommend taking the whole day and relaxing on the beach close by for the rest of the day. If you're driving, the Strandvejen road between Copenhagen and Helsingor is a great scenic route passing some of the most beautiful homes in Denmark.


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Tony, I think you would really enjoy the Louisiana Museum... incredible design + modern art.

Hjortur - great recommendations, THANK YOU!!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen (hotel)
  2. Tivoli (attraction)
  3. Höst (restaurant)
  4. Noma (restaurant)
  5. Sticks 'n' Sushi (restaurant)
  6. Danish Design Center (attraction)
  7. Copenhagen Harbour Baths (attraction)
  8. DR Byen (attraction)
  9. Bjerget (attraction)
  10. 8tallet (attraction)
  11. National Aquarium Denmark (attraction)
  12. Turning Torso (attraction)
  13. Freetown Christiania (neighborhood)
  14. Arken Museum of Modern Art (attraction)
  15. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (attraction)
  16. Strandvejen (attraction)
  17. Copenhagen (city)
  18. Helsingor (city)
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answered by
Brew from Manhattan Beach

Tony, for day trips out of the city, if time is limited you could probably combine a visit to Helsingor and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (or do them separately).  

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art houses art, but the entire museum is a design gem and considered a milestone in modern Danish architecture, because of the way it combined architecture, art and the surrounding landscape.  Amazing place in an amazing setting.  

As for Copenhagen, the other posters have pretty much nailed this question.


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Thanks Brew, the LMMA sounds amazing.

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answered first by
Michael from San Francisco

I went to Copenhagen in July a few years back for the Copenhagen Jazz festival.  That's a 10 day event that happens in the first 2 weeks of July.  If your dates aren't set, I'd suggest you try to get some of that in. They have some big venue events, but I opted to find small bars (with less crowds) to enjoy the more intimate jazz scene. The website will have a list of venues.  Day time I visited lots of museums, including the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek which is free on Sundays.  If interested, a 2 hour train ride will get you to Malmo, Sweden.

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Jazz festival is great. Lots of outdoor concerts. Beware, train ride to Malmö is only 35 minutes :)

Thanks for the correction! Apparently my memory was off :)

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (attraction)
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top answer by
Nikolaj from Copenhagen

Five days in July, you couldn't select a better time to be here!


  • Restaurant BROR run by Sam and Victor, two former sous-chefs at noma. Ask them to challenge you when you book. 
  • Noma needless to mention (ping me before Sunday and I'll see if I can help you w bookings, they're open for the first 12 days of July or so)
  • Manfreds & Vin, by Christian Puglisi (first sous-chef at noma). Currently best lunch in town, imo. Go for the Sjæfen Bestemmer (omakase)
  • Restaurant Relæ, also Puglisi
  • Restaurant Pony, the little brother of Kadeau (but better than Kadeau imo)
  • Mielcke & Hurtigkarl just great and most beautiful setting in town



  • Nimb Hotel is the only way to roll if you can foot the bill. None above, none even close
  • Hotel Alexandra just got retrofitted with old Danish design classics


  • Get a bike and ride around to take in the city
  • Freetown Christiania is great as soon as you make it outside pusher street


  • Ricco's Kaffebar, many places around town is the best place when caffeine levels are low. Prices are more reasonable than most in pricey Copenhagen (20 kr. for a cap)
  • Enghave Kaffe hipster deluxe but also great coffee

Day trips

  • Malmö, 35 minutes by train across the bridge
  • Elsinore. Castle of Hamlet and the fantastic new ship's museum, one of the best new architecture pieces in Denmark the past years
  • Kids? Rent a car and go to Legoland for the day 

I love this city <3

Comments (6)

Great answer. Found myself wanting to book a ticket out ASAP!

Nikolaj - crazy good inputs, thanks. I'm getting soooo pumped to visit. Thanks again.

Unbelievable tips. Wow.

Hi Nikolaj - luckily, we got a reservation at NOMA. Of your other recommendations, which one is your top choice?

Tony, great you got a table. Truly an experience. Bror, Amass and Relæ are - while each w their own unique style - all in Noma's tradition, so I'd go old-style Danish with a lunch at Schønnemann. But if dinner, go for Bror and ask them to go all out! :)

I really surprisingly loved the meal at Noma. I was afraid that is was going to be too pretentious, but it was incredible read all the details here!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Restaurant BROR (restaurant)
  2. Noma (restaurant)
  3. Manfreds & Vin (restaurant)
  4. Restaurant Relæ (restaurant)
  5. Restaurant Pony (restaurant)
  6. Kadeau (restaurant)
  7. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl (restaurant)
  8. Restaurant Schønnemann (restaurant)
  9. Aamanns Etablissement (restaurant)
  10. Ved Stranden 10 - vinhandel & bar (restaurant)
  11. Den Vandrette (restaurant)
  12. Nimb Hotel (hotel)
  13. Hotel Alexandra (hotel)
  14. Freetown Christiania (neighborhood)
  15. Ricco's Kaffebar (restaurant)
  16. Enghave Kaffe (restaurant)
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answered by
Matthias from Copenhagen

I've been living in the center of Copenhagen for 30 years and still love it.


Pricy: Nimb Hotel, Hotel D'Angleterre,Scandic Front Hotel

Affordable: Axel Hotel Guldsmeden (There are 3 other Guldsmeden hotels in Copenhagen)

Apartment-like: STAY Copenhagen


There is a ton. Literally.

NomaKødbyens FiskebarRetourRestaurant BRORRestaurant KulKadeauGeraniumDen Røde Cottage, Restaurant ClouStudio - The Standard CopenhagenCafe Dyrehaven  (Restaurant)

I could go on forever... Hit me again if you need more or have questions - the list above are all awesome - NOMA is very pricey, but Top3 in the world..


Danish Design Center, Danish Architecture Centre

A short trip from Copenhagen is Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, but worth the trip - world class museum in beautiful surroundings. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is also great and has a great café too.

Other than that, walking or biking around Copenhagen is great - tiny city, safe roads and lots of small coffee places.

On that note - coffee - my personal favourites (and I drink a lot of coffee):

The Coffee Collective Godthåbsvej - alternatively their location in Torvehallerne where you can find a ton of great food too.

Original Coffee - on top of Illum, a Macy's-like mall.

And a lot more great places in the different neighbourhoods of Copenhagen.

Daytrips? Denmark is tiny, so you can go anywhere in 1.5 day (almost) Trains are pretty good, but otherwise everything can be reached by car - really depends on what you are looking for - let me know.

I'll second a trip to Malmo as well. A lot of things to see and great restaurants there too.

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Nimb Hotel (hotel)
  2. Hotel D'Angleterre (hotel)
  3. Scandic Front Hotel (hotel)
  4. Axel Hotel Guldsmeden (hotel)
  5. STAY Copenhagen (hotel)
  6. Noma (restaurant)
  7. Kødbyens Fiskebar (restaurant)
  8. Retour (restaurant)
  9. Restaurant BROR (restaurant)
  10. Restaurant Kul (restaurant)
  11. Kadeau (restaurant)
  12. Geranium (restaurant)
  13. Den Røde Cottage (restaurant)
  14. Restaurant Clou (restaurant)
  15. Studio - The Standard Copenhagen (restaurant)
  16. Cafe Dyrehaven (restaurant)
  17. Danish Design Center (attraction)
  18. Danish Architecture Centre (attraction)
  19. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (attraction)
  20. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (attraction)
  21. The Coffee Collective Godthåbsvej (restaurant)
  22. Torvehallerne (attraction)
  23. Original Coffee (restaurant)
  24. Malmo (city)
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answered by

A good central hotel with unique design is Hotel Fox which is right in the city center 2 minutes walk from the main square.

If you are in to modern archirecture then you should visit the part of the city called Ørestad where you have some really cool new architecture from people like Jean Nouvel and the local danish architect hero Bjarke Ingels.

For restaurnts the most famous is Noma which has 3 times been voted best restaurant in the world. Be ware though that you need to reserve table 2-3 months in advance if you want to eat there. It's the restaurant in the world with the logest waiting list.

The Noma revolution has luckily brought a lot of other excellent restaurants in to the city and Copenhagen is today one of the best places in northern Europe to eat.

Geranium is another fantastic restaurnt and so is Den Røde Cottage and Formel B Restaurant Kokkeriet and Restaurant Relæ

For good day trips I would Recommend Kronborg Slot which is the original Hamlets Castle and Roskilde is a nice town too with a really good viking ship museum. Both these towns are around 40 minutes by train from central Copenhagen and easy day trips to do.

For very good coffee I would recommend Kaffeplantagen & Vin which is also located at a really nice little square with a funky vibe.

Comments (2)

Hey Claus - amazing inputs, especially like the architecture and restaurant inputs. THANKS!!

You are most welcome. Always happy to help when I can. Hope you will have a nice trip to Copenhagen.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Hotel Fox (hotel)
  2. Ørestad (metro area)
  3. Noma (restaurant)
  4. Geranium (restaurant)
  5. Den Røde Cottage (restaurant)
  6. Formel B (restaurant)
  7. Restaurant Kokkeriet (restaurant)
  8. Restaurant Relæ (restaurant)
  9. Kronborg Slot (attraction)
  10. Roskilde (city)
  11. Kaffeplantagen & Vin (restaurant)
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