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Peter asked

3 weeks in Denmark, where can we hop to with kids?

Planning a trip to Denmark this summer for 3 weeks. Traveling with 3 kids 9,7,4.

Where could we shoot over to easily by train or plane, car or boat?

We are considering taking a 7-11 day cruise out of there to visit multiple cities as well. Which is nice since we don't have to unpack and pack on each city. 

Although the other thought is to just use Copenhagen as a base camp (leave most luggage at a relatives house)  &  take small 2-4 day trips to other European cities. I just wasn't sure which idea is better. 

We were thinking of traveling in July to catch part of the jazz festival. 

Also VRBO & airbnb are pretty light in inventory there. Suggestions for apartment or house to rent? 


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Rene from Copenhagen

Hey Peter - one thing not to miss is going to the island of Bornholmduring the summer months. There's a quaint inn with rooms and apartments for rent in the town of Allinge called Gæstgiveren - it's a great place to stay. Do also have lunch or dinner (or both) at restaurant Kadeau.

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Thank you Rene! I actually wanted to schedule this trip around going to your restaurant Noma! Are you open in late July/August?

Great tip, Rene. My wife has been trying to get us to go to Bornholm for the past 10 years. Maybe this summer is when we do it.

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The Jazz festival in Copenhagen is great and a lot of it is outdoor in various parks and squares and many concerts are free and it's a good thing to join as a family.

Danes have a long tradition of having holiday houses on the country and renting them out when thye are not using them. One of the biggest rental agencies in the country has this webpage:

One place that is very child friendly and is still very scenic is the castle called Egeskov Castle where you have a lot to see and do in historical settings.

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Brew from Manhattan Beach

If you want to see a bunch of parts of Scandinavia/the Baltic, then I think the cruise is a good idea.  Then I would focus the other 2 weeks of exploring Copenhagen/Denmark (maybe with a day trip or short overnight trip to Sweden).  Jazzfest is a great time to be in Copenhagen, for sure.

One thing I love about Denmark is that it is filled with quaint and picturesque towns and villages, beautiful countryside and because it stays light so long during the summer, it gives you the ability to pack in a lot of sightseeing and exploration via a road trip (as long as your kids can handle being in the car).  Also, because there are some great ferry routes that are a fun activity in and of themselves.  

Here are some places we've really enjoyed doing:

  • Skagen - the Danish riviera
  • LEGOLAND - the original and in my opinion, the best. Quaint and charming.
  • Fanø - charming island.  can rent bikes and ride around, visit the beacah, etc.
  • Ribe - oldest town in Denmark. Very cool old town with winding cobblestone streets, historic buildings and a huge cathedral, etc.  Each night they do a free walking tour.  There is a crazy old restaurant and inn right on the townsquare that may be fun to stay in with the kids... have to climb up a ladder to get into the rooms.  Place has been in operation for something like 500 years.  
  • Ærø and Ærøskøbing - Aero is an island and Aeroskobing is the main town.  Similar to Ribe in that its a very old, historic place and very interesting.  
  • Møns Klint - very cool cliffs with fossils, hiking, etc.
  • Roskilde and the Viking Ship Museum - Roskilde is a very cool town and the Viking Ship Museum has a bunch of things for kids.  

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  3. Fanø (attraction)
  4. Ribe (city)
  5. Ærø (attraction)
  6. Ærøskøbing (city)
  7. Møns Klint (attraction)
  8. Roskilde (city)
  9. Viking Ship Museum (attraction)
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answered by
Heather from Bristol

Hi Peter,

I have been to Copenhagen a few times, mostly with my husband but in August spent a few days there with the family - I have teenage children. Of course there is plenty of Denmark that you can see from a Copenhagen base, or take a short drive or train ride over the bridge to Malmo and you are on the West coast of Sweden with loads more to see. There is a route called "Round the Sound" that I was told about that sounded fun where you take the train across to Malmo, up the west coast of Sweden and across on the ferry to Helsingor, then back down the other side in Denmark. We stayed in Copenhagen in a great air b&b apartment, spacious although obviously Copenhagen is quite expensive. You can find a link to it in the article I wrote here .


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