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Maria from Limassol asked

3 days in Copenhagen in December. Shall I take the kids or go romantic?

My husband have a seminar in Copenhagen on December. It's gonna be only three days-so I am not sure if it worth to take the kids with us or go relaxing with my husband. After I saw the tivoli and the parks around I felt guilty not take them with us!


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answered by
Chris from Oregon

Copenhagen is really great for kids in the summer, but during the winter I'm not so sure. Tivoli and Bakken are open but it likely will be a bit cold/rainy and some of the kid oriented stuff might be closed for the winter season. Its a great walking city for kids but then if its cold outside (at least my) kids lose interest fast.

But there are a many great stores, restaurants, galleries and museums that are great all year so I'de go romantic and bring the kids another time.

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Chryssa from Copenhagen

Hello Maria,

Tivoli is indeed great, but do not expect a massive amusement park like no other. You pay an entry fee (99DKK) just to enter the park and on top of that you pay separately for each ride/activity/game you do.

I would not say that there is such a huge variety on the games. I have been to much nicer ones in Europe. What is unique here is the decorations and the park itself. Especially during Halloween / Christmas they have decorations and the park is lovely. 

I would not feel guilty just for Tivoli though... 

Take them another time during summer, where you will also be able to see Bakken which is the world's oldest operating amusement park and it is in the middle of a park with deers. (Jægersborg Dyrehave). Bakken is closed during the winter time. 

If you finally decide to take them with you check out Experimentarium City as well. 

Have fun and enjoy it either way :)

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Σε ευχαριστω πολύ Χρύσα! Με έκανες να ξεκαθαρίσω τι να κανω!

Να 'σαι καλά :)

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