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  • Katie Simons
  • "What is your favorite restaurant in Compton?"

Katie Simons

Los Angeles, California

What is your favorite restaurant in Compton?

Heading to Compton and I'm looking for the best restaurants to try while I'm visiting. Open to all types of food! What are your top places to eat?

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  • Supun Edirisinghe

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    There's not much inside the city borders that I know of besides burger joints like the world famous Tam's Burgers (now infamous after Suge Knight ran over someone in the parking lot--ok, it's been infamous all along). If you don't know, this place is a known "gangsta spot" so use common sense when in the area.Tam's Burgers

    I haven't been out to eat in actual Compton since the 90s, and even though Compton is supposedly a lot safer now than in the past, the city's reputation doesn't help the restaurant owners out here. There aren't many recommendations that I can think of since Roscoe's went big time, left their location on Central Ave and moved out of town. So, I can recommend some places close by.

    Watts Coffee House is historic because of the jazz, poetry, and arts movement in the 60s. It'll give you a nice feel for South LA's history. It's just a couple miles from the famous and quirky Watts Towers Arts Center. Watts Towers Arts CenterThe area is actually known for a lot of famous people besides Eazy E and the Williams sisters (Charles Wright, Kevin Costner, Lynn Manning, Charles Mingus, Tyrese Gibson, Anthony Anderson, Etta James, Michel'le, Krist Novoselic, James Coburn, Baron Davis, Ulis Williams, Florence Griffith-Joyner, Mike Garret, Tiny Lister, Marlena Shaw, Kendrick Lamar [too many other rappers to count], and even both former presidents George Bush-es in the 1950s!)

    I'm biased toward M & M Soul Food and My Father's Barbeque because they are the best restaurants in my hometown, Carson just south along Avalon Blvd. I always recommend them when people come out to Galaxy soccer games or concerts at the StubHub Center Some of my other favorites in Carson are the friendly Pacific Noodle House, the righteous Juice-C-Juice Bar(also known for celebs), and the tasty Tacos El Charro. And just because... I have to mention Pho King Way Noodles & Grill across the street from Ikea (I've never eaten here but it always makes me laugh driving by).

    Eatalian Cafe across in Gardena is one of the most popular spots in the area as well. It's a neat spot with artisan pizza, pastas, great sandwiches and gelato.Eatalian Cafe

    UPDATE: I asked some family members, and they recommended Khampa Thai House(they have good entrees and some Thai street eats), Bludso's BBQ (It's a well known take out place), and Jay Bee's Bar-B-Q. Comptonians do know their BBQ!Bludso's BBQ

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    1. Tam's Burgers (restaurant)
    2. Watts Coffee House (restaurant)
    3. Watts Towers Arts Center (attraction)
    4. M & M Soul Food (restaurant)
    5. My Father's Barbeque (restaurant)
    6. StubHub Center (attraction)
    7. Pacific Noodle House (restaurant)
    8. Juice-C-Juice Bar (restaurant)
    9. Tacos El Charro (restaurant)
    10. Pho King Way Noodles & Grill (restaurant)
    11. Eatalian Cafe (restaurant)
    12. Khampa Thai House (restaurant)
    13. Bludso's BBQ (restaurant)
    14. Jay Bee's Bar-B-Q (attraction)

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