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Tyler from Edmonton asked

What to see in Colombia

Hi all,

I am heading to Colombia and currently have about 7 days budgeted to go there (though nothing solid is booked at the moment, so that can be changed). At the moment, all I have booked is 4 days in Bogota, and 3 days in Cartagena.

I'm new to South America and this will be my first week traveling there. I've traveled in Europe and Asia before without an issue, but I know this is a new continent and I'm prepared for a learning curve, so I'm not looking to go REALLY far off the beaten path, though I am looking for a challenge.

My Spanish is passable, I would like wherever possible to stay in safe areas. I like to party and I like beaches, but they're definitely not a focus for me, more of like a nice to have.

I'm on a budget, but definitely not a shoestring budget. I have about $1200 for the 7 days.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Colombia   Bogota (Colombia)   Cartagena (Colombia)

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bogota is a very nice city stay close to la zona Rosa very good night clubs
go to Andres Carne de Res very good too go
visit Monserrate,museo De oro, la candelaria, museo de botero is a lot to do there…………
good luck and in Cartagena go visit el Castillo de San Felipe isla del Rosario ciudad amurallada,playa Blanca and you have to take the chiva ………enjoy …!!!!

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Erick from Sonoma County
I have lived in Bogotá for 4 years off and on. I love the place. It has a lot to offer. When it comes to nightlife people will always suggest zona t, it is the center a of lot nightlife but mostly for business people due to it's location. If you are there for a Tuesday night check out La villaat La Villa. A language exchange where you can get the skinny from locals. Otherwise there is also a lot of nightlife in the same area of Calle 85 It is mostly a lot of drinking especially with the The Shots Bar Pizzeriathat has a shot with 7 drinks in it. I recommend checking out Bogotá Beer Company while in the area or the many through out Bogota. Other night life that most people will not recommend is the 4 story 10 dance floor discotequa known as THEATRON DE PELÍCULA . Be forewarned it was originally a gay bar, but just about everyone goes there now. Cover fee gives you open bar until 2am. Go with a local if you can or they may not let you in. 
Need food? I consider Bogotá the foodie capitol of South America. Check out Zona Gwhere there are a lot of higher end restaurants that are still cheap for a North American. Avoid Andrés it is not a very good place to eat, but it is a good place to party. There are great places inexepensive yet good places to eat near Plazoleta Chorro de Quevedomostly for college students. I recommend La Totuma Corrida which is a great sushi bar. While in the area check out the many pubs and try some Chicha, which is a corn based fermented drink. Do not visit this area at night though. It is really scary for a non local.
If you want to just chill and relax try (plugging my friends place) Casa Art Tea.
Want to get out of the area? Colombia is known for its beautiful nature (and women, and partying and coffee and....). Check out Parque Natural Chicaquealso known as Cloud Forest. Not so far is the very well photographed Salto del Tequendama which is suppose to be a haunted mansion/hotel set behind an amazing waterfall. To the the north is Guatavitawhere you can relax in the small town and you can hike the trails and see the green lake where the legend of El Dorado is from. Lastly you should check out Villa de Leyvawhere people of Bogota go to on weekends to get away from the city. 
You seem to be an adventurous type. Instead of staying in Bogota head north to San Gilwhich is a backpakers town that has a lot of adventure. There are things like parasailing, hiking, repelling, caving, rafting and other adventures. You can stay at Macondo Hostelwhere the owner is very nice and can set you up with the adventures. Also Sam´S VIP Hostel San Gilis also a great alternative.
I kind of avoid Cartagena so I dont have much advice about there. I do like the empty beaches of La Boquillawhich are much more peaceful than the other beaches in Cartagena.
Enjoy Colombia, I almost certain you will fall in love with the place like I did.

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Claudia from New York City
Hi Tyler,
If this is your first trip, you're on a budget and traveling alone, I recommend joining a group tour with Tucan Travel. I'm not affiliated with them but I have traveled twice with Tucan Travel in South America.
Their Colombia Express starts in Cartagena and ends in Bogota . Note that it's more than a 7-day trip. You'll get to travel with a group of tourists, and avoid the hassle of researching for a place to stay, tours to join and transportation to take.
Here's the itinerary:

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