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Santiago, Chile

Colombia, Bogota, Medellin, San Andres, Isla de Baru

Travelling for a month in Colombia

Hi! A friend and I will be travelling around Colombia for a month. We are kind of slow travelers, we love the beach and have a moderate budget $$. I'll appreciate if anyone can tell about places we shouldn't miss and some good beaches.

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Abbie from United States

Cartagena and Tayrona are wonderful beach spots, Cartagena was one of my favorite cities when we visited this past spring and it's been featured a lot recently as a place not to miss while in Colombia.  The major cities like Bogota and Medellin are great and you'll most likely fly in and out of Bogota so you'll spend some time there for sure but don't forget the coffee region, Salento was wonderful!  Happy travels, I hope you love it there as much as I did! 

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  1. Tayrona (neighborhood)
  2. Bogota (city)
  3. Medellin (city)
  4. Salento (city)
  5. Cartagena (city)
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Johnny from Medellin

Hola Loreto, Espero que hables español. Si comienzas por la costa Norte  definitivamente debes ir a la La Guajira visitar ciudades como ManaureCabo de la Vela, en Uribia tomas el trasnporte . Si cuentas con más tiempo puedes ir hasta Macuira National Park. dejas la Guajira y bajando hacia el sur Tienes la opcion de  pasar por Valledupar  o hacia Santa Marta  ambos son la entrada al la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park donde puedes visitar  comunidades indígenas como los Aruhacos, por cierto en la Guajira encuntras la comunidad indigena Wayuu.  Si  te decides por Santa Marta Puedes continuar tu Viaje hacia Cartagena no sin antes pasar por Cienaga  asegúrate de tener  la cámara con  batería.

El  transporte  por tierra en Colombia es realmente difícil por las condiciones de las carreteras  y los boletos de avión son costos, aunque  puedes optar por la aerolínea de bajo costo VivaColombia  para hacer un viaje corto hacia Medellin, ya allí puedes visitar pueblos tipicos como Santa Fe de AntioquiaJardin donde aprenderas sobre la cultura cafetera, Guatape. Si lo que prefieres son destinos más exoticos puedes visitar SapzurroNuqui.

Más hacia  el centro del pais destinos como San GilBarichara Villa De Leiva

En el sur del Pais de Desierto De La TatacoaSan Agustin, @Popayan , Luego un poco más hacia el Pacifico con Caliy completamente al sur Pasto

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. La Guajira (state)
  2. Manaure (city)
  3. Cabo de la Vela (attraction)
  4. Uribia (city)
  5. Macuira National Park (attraction)
  6. Valledupar (city)
  7. Santa Marta (city)
  8. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park (attraction)
  9. Cienaga (city)
  10. Medellin (city)
  11. Santa Fe de Antioquia (city)
  12. Jardin (city)
  13. Guatape (city)
  14. Sapzurro (attraction)
  15. Nuqui (city)
  16. San Gil (city)
  17. Barichara (city)
  18. Villa De Leiva (attraction)
  19. Desierto De La Tatacoa (attraction)
  20. San Agustin (city)
  21. Cali (city)
  22. Pasto (city)
  23. Cartagena (city)
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answered by
Marina from Riga, Latvia

Absolutely loved Medellin and Santa Elena near Medellin. Staying up the mountains in Minca and hiking to see the snow capped mountains and Caribbean is really nice. Taganga is a very chill place too. Down the road after Tayrona national park there is Costeno beach camp: it's located on a pretty wild beach and has really good chill (sometimes party as well) atmosphere with opportunity to meet many like minded travelers.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Medellin (city)
  2. Santa Elena (city)
  3. Minca (city)
  4. Taganga (attraction)
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Great beach spot I would defintely not miss is Tayrona National Natural Park. You can camp within the park for relatively cheap. The park is beautiful and the beaches are pristine. Just be prepared to do some walking to get to the best beaches but it is worth it.

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  1. Tayrona National Natural Park (attraction)
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answered by
Felipe from Medellin

Hola Loreto,

The most commun beaches destinations in Colombia are Cartagena and Santa Marta, the first is an incredible colonial city, the second is near to Tayrona National Natural Park (my favorite beach in colombia). However you can look for other places more "unexplored" like NuquiCapurganá or Cabo de la Vela these are increbile beaches in Colombia, less touristics and more difficult to get to.

Then I would recommend you Medellin for 3-4 days (visiting near town like JardinSanta Fe de Antioquia or El Penol) then continue to de coffee region and stay on a "casa finca" (typical farms adapted as hostels). 

Hope you enjoy Colombia.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Cartagena (city)
  2. Santa Marta (city)
  3. Tayrona National Natural Park (attraction)
  4. Nuqui (city)
  5. Capurganá (city)
  6. Cabo de la Vela (attraction)
  7. Medellin (city)
  8. Jardin (city)
  9. Santa Fe de Antioquia (city)
  10. El Penol (city)
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answered by
leonardo from Medellin

Colombia is so rich speaking about beaches!!! we have a pacific cost and caribbean cost, i have some recomendation:

Caribean cost:

Tayrona National Natural Park


San Andres

Pacific Cost:


Caribean cost is cheaper than Pacific cost, are very different, for the caribean cost you can fly using a low cost aeroline (vivacolombia). 

Enjoy you trip!!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Colombia (country)
  2. Tayrona National Natural Park (attraction)
  3. Palomino (city)
  4. San Andres (city)
  5. Nuqui (city)
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answered by
Laura from Buenos Aires

I spent three weeks in Colombia a few years ago. We went to BogotaArmenia (Colombia) and the coffee zone, MedellinSanta MartaTayrona National Natural Park and Cartagena. I loved each place and I reallly suggest you to visit them. In Santa Marta, Tayrona and Cartagena you have beaches and in every place you can travel as your budget allows it, it's not an expensive country. You'll enjoy the trip very much.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Bogota (city)
  2. Armenia (Colombia) (city)
  3. Medellin (city)
  4. Santa Marta (city)
  5. Tayrona National Natural Park (attraction)
  6. Cartagena (city)
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answered by
Juan Pablo from Bogota

Las mejores playas están en Santa Marta en el Tayrona National Natural Park, a una hora en carro queda Cartagena, allí busquen un hotel/hostal en la Ciudad Vieja la cual está llena de sitios de fiesta, excelentes restaurantes y plazas para tardear. Bogota es parada obligada, allí pueden quedarse en La Candelaria, es la parte antigua cerca a museos y su arquitectura es muy colonial. Allí pueden ir al Gold MuseumMonserrate y no perderse una noche de rumba en Andres Carne de Res (45 min de La Candelaria). San Agustin y   Medellin tambien son dos lugares obligados para ir. Suerte!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Tayrona National Natural Park (attraction)
  2. Bogota (city)
  3. Gold Museum (attraction)
  4. Monserrate (attraction)
  5. Andres Carne de Res (attraction)
  6. San Agustin (city)
  7. Medellin (city)
  8. Cartagena (city)
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answered first by
Rocio from Costa Rica

I would say that Barranquilla and Cartagena are 2 of the most famous beaches of Colombia. However, do not miss to visit  other amazing cities of Colombia such as Medellin and of course the capital of Colombia Bogota. I am sure there will be more suggestions and ideas to make this month unforgettable. However, I will mention just a few places that you cant miss. El Peñon de Guatape, Monserrate, catedral de sal, La Candelaria, Plaza de Bolívar, Usaquen, Museo de Antioquia, known as Botero Museum, etc.

Hope this helps!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Barranquilla (city)
  2. Medellin (city)
  3. Bogota (city)
  4. El Peñon de Guatape (attraction)
  5. Monserrate (attraction)
  6. catedral de sal (attraction)
  7. La Candelaria (attraction)
  8. Plaza de Bolívar (attraction)
  9. Usaquen (attraction)
  10. Museo de Antioquia (attraction)
  11. Cartagena (city)
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answered by
Sarah from Global Gypsy

Colombia is my favorite country EVER, you will love it. Make sure you dont rush Bogota, it is beautiful, especially its people. Check out my blog on everything colombia and how much it costs to travel it

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  1. Colombia (country)
  2. Bogota (state)
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answered by
Clara from Bogotá, Colombia

Well... here's the thing: we do not have any beaches here in Bogota. You can travel to other parts of Colombia in which there are beaches (Santa Marta, San Andres, etc). We do have lovely places but do not expect to be near the ocean in Bogotá.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Bogota (city)
  2. Santa Marta (city)
  3. San Andres (neighborhood)
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answered by
Cristian from Bogotá, Colombia

Hi Loreto.
If you wanna go to the best beaches of Colombia, you must go to Santa Marta; you can find a cheap flight from Bogotá on "VivaColombia", the low cost airline. There, you must go to "Neguanje", is the best place to be and take a rest for a while, then, you can go to the Tayrona National Natural Park, which is a place where you have to do at least 1 hour of trekking to be at the beach, but once you're there, you can note that the trekking is worth it.

Hope I helped you.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Colombia (country)
  2. Santa Marta (city)
  3. Neguanje (city)
  4. Tayrona National Natural Park (attraction)

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