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Roberto asked

Itinerary feedback

Hey all- can you look at my colombia itineraries and let me know what you think?? 


One has cali in it , the other does not. I can go either way on cali - the main thing would be to just check it out for the salsa (maybe dance but I am def no salsero) 


Here they are 


#1 (with Cali) 


Tuesday 22 Bogota 

Wednesday 23 Bogota 

Thursday 24 Bogota  

Friday 25 Bogota-Villa de Leyva (stay in VDL for the night) 

Saturday 26 Villa de Leyva  

Sunday 27 Villa de Leyva-Barichara (stay in Barichara for the night) 

Monday 28 Barichara-Bucaramanga, Bucaramanga- Cali (stay in Cali for the night) 

Tuesday 29 Cali 

Wednesday 30 Cali 

Thursday 31 Cali- Armenia- Salento (stay in Salento one night) 

Friday 1 Efe Cafetero- stay at Hacienda. do coffee tour. 

Saturday 2- Valle de Cocora. return to Hacienda. 

Sunday 3 leave for Jardin. stay in Jardin one night.  

Monday 4 Jardin all day. Leave for Medellin in the late PM, stay in Medellin. 

Tuesday 5 Medellin 

Wednesday 6 Medellin 

Thursday 7 Medellin  

Friday 8 Medellin- Cartagena 

Saturday 9 Cartagena  

Sunday 10 Cartagena- Riohacha 

Monday 11 La Guajira 

Tuesday 12 La Guajira 

Wednesday 13 La Guajira 

Thursday 14 fly from Riohacha to Bogota 



#2 (no Cali) 


Tuesday 22 Bogota 

Wednesday 23 Bogota 

Thursday 24 Bogota  

Friday 25 Bogota 

Saturday 26 Bogota-Medellin, spend night in Medellin 

Sunday 27 Medellin 

Monday 28 Medellin 

Tuesday 29 Medellin 

Wednesday 30 Medellin-Jardin, stay night in Jardin 

Thursday 31 stay another night in Jardin 

Friday 1 leave Jardin early and head down to Salento. check out the town, grab a bite, then check into the Hacienda. spend night in Hacienda 

Saturday 2 Coffee tour, hang in Hacienda 

Sunday 3 Valle de Cocora tour. sleep in Hacienda (or Salento) 

Monday 4 Salento-Armenia , fly to Cartagena. spend night in Cartagena 

Tuesday 5 Cartagena 

Wednesday 6 Cartagena-Riohacha. sleep in Riohacha 

Thursday 7 set out to La Guajira 

Friday 8 La Guajira 

Saturday 9 La Guajira  

Sunday 10 La Guajira- Riocacha- Bogota. stay night in Bogota. 

Monday 11 Bogota- Villa de Leyva. stay night in VdL 

Tuesday 12 Villa de Leyva. 

Wednesday 13 Villa de Leyva-Barichara  

Thursday 14 Barichara- Bogota


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Laura from Buenos Aires

Hi Roberto, I went to Colombia a few years ago in october, the weather was great. We visited BogotaArmeniaSalento and Pereira, then MedellínSanta MartaTayrona National Natural Park and Cartagena.

If encourage you to include Santa Marta and Tayrona in your trip because, the national park specially, it's wonderful. You can take a few days off Bogota and Medellin, cause they are not large cities and you can visit almost everything in 2 or 3 days. 

In Bogota you shloud visit Gaira Café Cumbia House, it's a fabulous place owned by Carlos Vives. Also Andres Carne De Res is great. And in Cartagena there are lots of places to drink and dance. 

It is beautiful to stay in an hacienda, we went to one in Armenia and it was a great experience. 

I hope you enjoy your trip, it's a beautiful country. 

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  9. Gaira Café Cumbia House (restaurant)
  10. Andres Carne De Res (restaurant)

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