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  • Kenneth Bloom
  • "Blues music venues in Clarksdale?"

Kenneth Bloom

Portland, Oregon

Blues music venues in Clarksdale?

I'm going to tour the blues trail with some friends and I figured that listening to some blues at night would be in serious order.  Does anyone have any suggestions for the must-visit venues?  I'm only going to be there for one weekend (will have two nights), so I really want to go to the best of the best.  Thanks in advance.

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  • Andrew Zimmern

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    I had one of the best times of my life hanging out at Red's Lounge. It was music geek nirvana. Amazing ribs, cold beer and real blues. Fronted by the river, backed by the grave.

    Another good spot is Ground Zero Blues Club, named because it all started in Clarksdale, the ground zero of blue music. Some of the best blues musicians perform here. Oh, and Morgan Freeman, Academy-Award winner and Mississippi native, is a co-owner. It's a bigger commercial place, but still cool.

    Does Thursday happen to be a part of your weekend trip? Because located about an hour outside of Clarksdale, Po Monkeys Juke Joint is one of the last original juke joints in the South. It’s located in a one-room house in cotton fields and only opens its doors on Thursday nights.

    Also, when are you going? Held annually in mid-April, the Juke Joint Festival is three full days of blues and barbecue. A must go.

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    1. Red's Lounge (attraction)
    2. Ground Zero Blues Club (attraction)
    3. Po Monkeys Juke Joint (attraction)
    4. Juke Joint Festival (attraction)

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