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  • Frank Miosi
  • "Transportation from Montecatini Terme to Cinque Terre?"

Transportation from Montecatini Terme to Cinque Terre?

Staying in Montecatini Terme and want to drive to Cinque Terre. Is it possible to do in a car? 

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  • Alex Jorge

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    Hi Frank,

    Montecatini Terme isn't on the main line to La Spezia so you will have a bit of a windabout way to travel. It's not a long journey but you will have to make a few changes.

    To start, I believe the town's train station is called Montecatini Centro. From there it should be shortest to travel to Pisa or Viareggio in order to switch to the train to La Spezia.

    La Spezia is the main station that serves the Cinque Terre. If you are planning on hiking the Cinque Terre trails, then get a Cinque Terre pass which will include the regional train between the 5 villages from La Spezia station. Otherwise just get a day ticket that will allow you unlimited travel on the train that day, so you can explore all 5 villages.

    The train from La Spezia to Riomaggiore, the first village will take about 10-15mins. Your entrie journey should be just over 2hrs.

    If you need any more hiking info about the Cinque Terre, I just wrote a recent blog post:

    Lastly, just in case you are looking at a different site for trains, Italy's national rail site is and it does have an English option. Make sure to use the Italian names for each town and make note that 'Centro' or 'Centralle' is normally used for the main city station, instead of a smaller subburb regional option.

    Good luck planning!

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    1. Montecatini Terme (city)
    2. Pisa (city)
    3. Viareggio (city)
    4. La Spezia (city)
    5. Riomaggiore (region)
    6. Cinque Terre (region)

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