Christa Specht

Christa from Chicago asked February 18, 2015

Charleston: Two day trip - what are the must sees, eats, and drinks?

Traveling with my boyfriend for two days in March. Budget not a consideration and open to all cultures and experiences.


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  • Allie Kreutzer

    Allie K. from Charleston answered

    Do a carriage ride, worth the time. I love the Saturday Farmers Market in Marion Square (if you're coming in April - December) or there's some cool stuff amid the crap in the Market Street Market. Check out the to find out what festivals, oyster roasts, concerts, etc. are going on around the city... theres always something. Finally, Rent a Kayak or SUP from Coastal Expeditions and spend some time paddling around the marshes looking for dolphins,

    Food - Husk is a can't miss. Also Edmund's Oast for drinks and top notch small plates. Home Team BBQ for SC bbq, Butcher & Bee for lunch (or even better late night Friday and Saturday), Hominy Grill is a classic. For more adventurous eating try Xiao Bao Biscuit, Bowen's Island Restaurant (for Oysters!!!), The Park Cafe, Two Boroughs Larder, and Roti Rolls food truck.

    For drinking... there are any number of places on Upper King Street (Area of king street north of Calhoun): Proof, Prohibition, Charleston Place Hotel all have great cocktails, Stars and The Cocktail Club are top notch rooftop bar spots along with great drinks.

    If you're down for some beach time check out Folly Beach (and get brunch at Lost Dog Cafe) or Sullivan's Island and get bbq at Home Team BBQ and even try and check out the lighthouses.

  • Peggy Baker Casa

    Top Answer by Peggy B. from Chicago

    I like Poogan's Porch (haunted house!) restaurant and also FIG. I also like Coast Bar and Grill, another restaurant. Carriage rides and ghost walks are nice at night. Of course Fort Sumter National Monument if you are into civil war history. We have Irvin House Vineyards and Firefly Distillery for vodka lovers and Charleston Tea Plantation, the only tea plantation in the US. Fort Moultrie (on Sullivan's Island) is a revolutionary war fort. Friends of the Hunley is a civil war submarine currently being restored....Google it and see if that's of any interest. Lastly, and this may sound creepy, Magnolia Cemetery Trust is absolutely beautiful.....old iron fences, gates, brickwork, etc a photographers dream. I believe it's the oldest in town so lots of old charleston bluebloods rest there.

    Forgot to cover breakfast.....Moe's Crosstown Tavern on Rutledge Ave. great breakfast. Old local bar with a history of illegal gambling and such many years ago. You'll likely be the only out of towners in there

  • Brew Johnson

    Brew J. from Manhattan Beach answered

    Charleston is an amazing place. So many great restaurants, things to do, etc. Restaurant-wise: Husk, Slightly North of Broad, and Magnolia's are amazing (with Husk being incredibly amazing). For breakfast, Hominy Grill is a classic. Drinks at the Roof Top at the Vendue Inn is great.

    Things to do: a carriage ride around town is touristy and a must, imo, to get the lay of the land. Make sure to ask around for a good company/guide. I loved doing some walking tours. We did a Civil War walking tour which was great.

  • Pat Mysock

    Pat M. from Charleston answered

    This time of year? One of the plantations along Ashley River Rd is a must: camellias just finishing, azaleas just beginning...beautiful. I'm partial to Middleton Place, but Magnolia or Drayton are also wonderful.

  • JR Johnson

    JR J. from Manhattan Beach answered

    I'd hit up Husk for sure. When I was there, I wasn't able to get a reservation but sat at their bar next door and had a great pub meal which included a proper manhattan. I will be back there next time my travels take me to Charleston.

  • Tonya Russ Price

    Tonya Russ P. from Charlotte answered

    General Trippy MediaGeneral Trippy MediaHappy hour for oysters on the half shell and Muscadet at 167 Raw and share some nibbles at Leon's and some sobering fresh juice and coffee at The Daily.

    General Trippy MediaCallie's Hot Little Biscuit for breakfast and then walk across the street for homemade doughnuts at Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts.

  • Emily Tumlin

    Emily T. from Chicago answered

    Hi Christa,

    I used to live in Charleston - I'd say stay away from the "touristy" restaurants (a.k.a. Hyman's Seafood) - food isn't that good and its super busy/overpriced.

    Sullivan's Island is a gem - Poe's Tavern is amazing..and steps off the beach. Cypress on Easy Bay St. is awesome, as is Minero. For classier upscale bars - try East Bay St as well. Market Pavillion is a rooftop and has beautiful views. Enjoy the low country! Make sure you hit The Farmer's Market on the corner of Calhoun and King St. And Shem Creek Bar & Grill (for Happy hour)


  • Jenna Petersiel

    Jenna P. from Martha's Vineyard answered

    There is so much to do, see, and eat in Charleston, what a special little place. If you are there on a nice day I would just walk around for hours admiring the beautiful architecture, especially south of Broad. It's an easy downtown to walk, nothing is too far. I would definitely do a carriage ride your first morning, you will get to see Charleston and get a history lesson along the way, then have lunch! A little off the beaten path and a great lunch place is Two Boroughs Larder, super amazing foodie destination. I haven't been back in a few years but when I spent the winter in Charleston I went there at least three times a week! Also great for lunch is Butcher & Bee, another interesting foodie spot. Neither of those are the long boozy traditional lunch spots but the food (quality and innovation) can not be beat. For dinner Husk and FIG are both great but very very busy. I think McCrady's (Husk's sister restaurant) is often forgotten but the food is great, and it's a sweet cozy spot. Have fun!

  • Brad Buddenbaum

    Brad B. from New Jersey answered

    If you don't go to Hominy Grill for shrimp and grits you might as well just stay home. Besides that don't miss Husk, FIG, and Craftsmen. The market and the carriage rides may seem like tourist traps but they actually are pretty cool so don't be shy about it.

  • Russell Greene

    Russell G. from Chicago answered

    Nevermind Husk or FIG, definitely try Chez Nous, Butcher & Bee and make the drive out to Sullivans Island for Obstinate Daughter. A carriage ride is a no must but make sure you get one of the two lower peninsula tours, get off and ask to wait for the next ride if they draw the warehouse tour. If you dig history check out Forts Sumpter & Moultrie as well as The Hunley.

  • Clay Nichols

    Clay N. from Chicago answered

    Melvin's Legendary Bar- B-Q is GREAT. Very "down home" feel to it. GREAT BBQ and reasonably priced. There's also other locations (it's sort of a local chain I think).

  • Denise Davila

    Denise D. from New Orleans answered

    Yes, there is a TON of great eating and drinking options in Charleston, but it's also one of America's most haunted cities. Bulldog Tours does a great tour of the old city jail most nights. It's been featured on all the "ghost hunter" shows. Even if you are not into the "spooky" factor, you learn a lot about the history of Charleston. Also take a stroll through the Unitarian Church in Charleston & Cemetery off of Lower King Street, it's a quick free, albeit beautiful old cemetery bursting with red camellias, old oaks & hanging Spanish moss. If you have a car, a visit out to the Angel Oak Treeis fun- it's the oldest living live Oak in the country and right out of a Tim Burton movie!