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Cebu City, Philippines

Cebu for 6 nights!

First time adventure to Cebu! Any suggestions on different activities to do in Cebu or neighbouring cities?

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Francesca from United States

So excited for you! Cebu is an awesome place.

There are many things to do in Cebu depending on your budget.

If you'd like to learn more about the history of the city, I suggest you go visit Magellan's Cross or the Snr. Santo Niño Chapel (the oldest church in Cebu). Here's a link to a website with the most popular historical sites in the city:

One of the best places for traditional, Filipino handmade items is Carbon Market. It's not very far from Magellan's and a short taxi ride away. Just be careful with your things because it is known for pickpocketing. Other than that, I promise it's pretty safe. I suggest bringing someone along if you can.

As for shopping, the more popular mall is Ayala Center Cebu. There are a lot of good, modern restaurants there if that's what you're looking for. But if you actually want to buy clothing, definitely go to SM Mall. Much cheaper and the selections are better. IT Park Cebu is also a great place for modern restaurants. It's where the call centers are located, so they stay open pretty late (a majority of places in Cebu close around 7 or 8PM)

And of course, I must save the best for last! If you're willing to take a 3 hour busride to Oslob... DO IT. You can make a day trip to Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort where there's a moving sandbar, go whale shark watching (and actually go swimming with them), or pay a visit to Tumalog Falls. Oslob is honestly one of Cebu's hidden gems. The water is always warm and crystal blue. Take the early bus ride to Oslob since whale shark watching goes only until 12PM. (This can end up costing around US$50-80)

Also, you might want to make a trip to Bohol by taking a boat ride on the SuperCat. It's about a 2 hour boat ride one way. It's makes a great day or overnight trip, as well.

Hope this helped. Have a wonderful time!

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  2. Magellan's Cross (attraction)
  3. Snr. Santo Niño Chapel (attraction)
  4. Carbon Market (attraction)
  5. Ayala Center Cebu (attraction)
  6. SM Mall (attraction)
  7. IT Park Cebu (attraction)
  8. Oslob (attraction)
  9. Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort (hotel)
  10. Tumalog Falls (attraction)
  11. Bohol (attraction)
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answered by
Remus Mark from Quezon City

Cebu for me is the perfect tropical island destination. Aside from its pristine beaches there's plenty of cultural and historical sites to visit. Cebu is where Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan planted the Cross of Christianity in the name of Spain in 1521. Cebu is home to Sinulog Festival, a celebration honoring the child Jesus, known as the Santo Niño (Holy Child), that brings out the loudest drumbeats, most colorful costumes, and brightest smiles every year. 

For Cebu day tour make sure to visit  Magellan's CrossLapu-Lapu MonumentChinese Taoist TempleColon Street (the country's oldest street), Cebu Heritage MonumentYap-San Diego Ancestral HouseMagellan's Cross, and Basilica Minore del Santo Niño.

Cebu is famous for its sweet dried mangoes so make sure to grab a few packs. Tabo-an Market sells salted dried fish (danggit), a must-try. Also don't miss Sutukil (sugba, tinola, kinilaw), where you can choose to eat seafood cooked sugba (grilled), tula (with soup), or kilaw (raw with vinegar).

Since you're staying in Cebu for 6 nights, you might also want to consider visiting Cebu's sister island Bohol for a day tour. Roundtrip ferry tickets (Cebu-Bohol) shouldn't cost more than 1,000 Pesos (USD 25). Bohol's main tourist attraction are the  Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills is a series of 1,268 perfectly symmetrical, haycock-shaped hills that rise from 40-120 meters above the ground. During summer the Hills dry up and turn brown transforming the area into seemingly endless rows of chocolate Kisses. The Philippine Tarsier, the world's smallest primate, is indigenous to Bohol. Tarsiers have large eyes, measure 4-5 inches and have tails longer than their bodies. The species is believed to be about 45 million years old. Visit the  Baclayon Church Bohol made of coral stones with a mysterious apparition of Padre Pio on its walls. Check out Loboc River Cruise. They offer buffet lunch aboard the river cruise. I highly recommend a day trip to Bohol. 

#ItsMoreFuninthePhilippines :) Enjoy your holiday.

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  1. Magellan's Cross (attraction)
  2. Lapu-Lapu Monument (attraction)
  3. Chinese Taoist Temple (attraction)
  4. Colon Street (attraction)
  5. Cebu Heritage Monument (attraction)
  6. Yap-San Diego Ancestral House (attraction)
  7. Magellan's Cross (attraction)
  8. Basilica Minore del Santo Niño (attraction)
  9. Tabo-an Market (attraction)
  10. Chocolate Hills (attraction)
  11. Baclayon Church Bohol (attraction)
  12. Loboc River Cruise (attraction)
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answered by
Clark Kent from Singapore

On top of all the places to check out, do not miss Cebu lechon. I repeat, do not miss Cebu lechon.

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answered by
Jaya Teresa from Iloilo City

I think all the important tourist spots in Cebu City had already been mentioned Francesca M. . .  Just going to add some more informations :

You cannot say that you really explored Cebu if you didn't go to their Historical places , you should visit  Fort San Pedro, Chinese Taoist TempleLapu-Lapu Monument and their  Marcelo B. Fernan Bridge .

The cebuanos also has their unique culture like their rice , they call it Tinuom . The malls and shopping centers had been already mentioned so i should skip that .

If you want some outdoor activities , you should try  Molobolo Spring.

And you cannot complete your experience if you do not visit  Bacolod . . . they have so many tourist spots that you can also enjoy like  Panaad Park and Stadium, this park is so awesome, they have so many booths, these booths represents the different municipalities in Bacolod, they sell here their different products from food to souveneirs and many more. . You should visit their  Bacolod City Hall , they have renovated the place and it looks so great especially at night, it's like a park, you couldn't believe that it's their city hall . . next is  Mambukal Resort you should try this place because it's their no.1 tourist attraction , they have many awesome places and great activities in mambukal, they have zip line and many more , they also have falls in mambukal . . . It's an awesome place . Last but not least, you shoud visit  The Ruins, this place is so amazing because when the sun set the place colors turns to yellow gold , they also serve here great food .

i hope i helped . Have a safe trip!!!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Fort San Pedro (attraction)
  2. Chinese Taoist Temple (attraction)
  3. Lapu-Lapu Monument (attraction)
  4. Marcelo B. Fernan Bridge (attraction)
  5. Molobolo Spring (attraction)
  6. Bacolod (city)
  7. Panaad Park and Stadium (attraction)
  8. Bacolod City Hall (attraction)
  9. Mambukal Resort (hotel)
  10. The Ruins (attraction)
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answered by
Melissa from Metro Manila

I see most of the places to visit have already been mentioned. I'd just add a couple more options for you. When in Cebu City, head on over to the Crowne Regency Hotel and Residences where the infamous Sky Walk and Edge Coaster can be found. If you're a bit more extreme, you can try the zipline there too. Then after that, ask around where Larsian is for a more genuine feel of Cebu's street food culture, it's only a walking distance from Crown Regency. That's probably one tip not a lot of locals might share in fears of it becoming too mainstream and becoming flooded by tourists. Also, you cannot miss going to Bantayan, which is quite the commute from the city proper but the place is paradise in my eyes. I never get tired of going back there, the place is gorgeous. 

Also, I agree with Francesca's and Remus' tips to try going to the neighboring Bohol for a day or overnight trip. 

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  1. Crowne Regency Hotel and Residences (hotel)
  2. Bantayan (city)
  3. Bohol (attraction)
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answered by
Grace from Cebu City

here are a few things: snorkeling and diving, can also go trekking to waterfalls such as  Kawasan FallsCanlaon

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  1. Kawasan Falls (attraction)
  2. Canlaon (city)
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answered by
Apple from Paranaque City

You might also want to experience the Cebu Booze Cruise. It's a barbecue boat party. Potluck, actually. More info here:

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answered by
Laura from Glasgow

Don't miss beautiful & lush Bohol! Our favourite thing was staying by the lovely Lobocriver admiring the amazing sunsets and trying some very relaxing stand up paddle boarding on the river....for more ideas have a look at - enjoy!! :-) 

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  1. Bohol (island)
  2. Loboc (city)

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