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Can't miss things to do?

In Cartagena for 2 nights with a buddy.  2 single 30 year old guys who speak semi-decent Spanish.  Any recommendations for what we should do or can't miss while there?

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  • Kenneth Collins

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    The best thing to do is to walk through the old city. Its filled with restaurants, bars and great architecture. Just tell the cab driver "Torre del Reloj por favor" and he'll drop you off at the clock tower outside of the city walls. You can visit the El Coro Lounge in the historic Santa Clara Lounge for drinks and live salsa music. You will also want to visit the Getsemani neighborhood. This is where the famous Havana Club is located. It's cool to see but I think you will have a better time walking down the street and hanging out in the Parroquia De La Santísima Trinidad (Plaza Trinidad). This plaza is a gathering spot for locals, hippies, and travelers. There's usually performances going on throughout the night on the weekends. On top of that there's the best bar in Cartagena, Demente, located in the plaza. There is also a good pizza place named Trattoria in the same area. You can also visit the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas and Pie de la popa for some history and a nice view of the city. And finally if you are looking for a late night party I would recommend Babar or Bazurto Social Club. Babar is a more of a typical american club and Bazurto is a Champeta club with live music. Also there is a party every Wednesday night at a hostel in Getsemani but I'm not sure which one. If you are staying in a hostel I'm sure the someone there will know.

    I also suggest reading one or two of Gabriel Garcias Marquez's books before you come down. Of Love and Other Demons is great. The story is set in the Santa Clara Hotel.

    Cheers and have a good trip.

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    1. Torre del Reloj (attraction)
    2. El Coro Lounge (attraction)
    3. Getsemani (neighborhood)
    4. Havana Club (attraction)
    5. Parroquia De La Santísima Trinidad (attraction)
    6. Demente (attraction)
    7. Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas (attraction)
    8. Pie de la popa (attraction)
    9. Babar (attraction)
    10. Bazurto Social Club (attraction)

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