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Piyush from India asked

Car rental: question regarding limited mileage

Hey friends, during an upcoming vacation, I am planning to rent a car for 10 days with limited mileage i.e. suppose 200km per day.  Now will 200km be considered average across 10 days? Or does it mean even if I drive 300 km on one day and 100km on next day, I have to shell out extra money for crossing limit on a particular day?
If yes, how do rental companies keep track of daily distance driven?

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answered first by
Roxanne from Montreal

In my experience, car rental mileage limit is added for everyday of location. So you multiply your mileage with the number of days the car is in your posession. So they will conceder, for a ten day trip with 200k/day, a total of 2 000k to use as you wish during you sejourn. 

Happy motering !

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answered by
Peter from Munich


I dont know with which company you will rent your car. In my cases with limited mileage it was always the same case.

You take the mileage allowance of one day and multiply it with the days you rent it as Roxanne already mentioned earlier.

Same example: 200 km a day and you rent for ten days you can have a maximum of 2000 km on your odometer at the end of the trip when you return it.

Sometimes you can also talk to the agents to get you deals. I extended the rent of a car but instead of using the current mileage on the odometer, he put the maximum allowance of my actual rent on, which would allow me to go all the mileage from the rent extension plus the once i havent used.

for example you rent a car for 10 days and are allowed 200km/day. That would be 2000km at the end of the 10 days. 

Now the 10 days are over but you only drove 1000km. The agent put on the extension agreement the start mileage of the 2000km (even that I only used a 1000km). Lets say I extend for another 10 days this will give me a mileage of 3000km at the end of this 10 days. 

because of the 1000 km "left over" from the previous rent and the additional 2000 km of the extended rent.

I hope that makes sense. But that case is only if you extend. I rented with the major car companies around the globe, depends with which company you rent. But I am pretty sure they dont check on your odometer daily. They will check on it at the end of the rent. 

That means if you go on one day super crazy and drive very far and on the other days almost nothing, you will be fine...

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answered by
Iris from Dublin

I rented a car many times at Rental24H with limited mileage condition and without it from different vendors. I've never seen any vendor to track daily distance you drive. So, you just have a limit of 2000km without any particular distribution of daily distances during your 10 day rental.

Have a save travel!

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