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Philipp from Berlin asked

How to spent 2.5 days if first time in Cape Town

I am going to be in Cape Town soon for 2.5 days (Friday - leaving Sunday evening). What is a good plan to leverage the stay as much as possible regarding

  • Accommodation (design/boutique-ish, safe district, central)
  • Things to do / see outside 
  • Any good restaurant tips (upscale, south-african food)

Is it worth going a day to the winelands and stay sat night there? what else would be worth a daytrip?


Cape Town (South Africa)

10 Answers
answered by
Lara from Cape Town

Hi Philip

Two and half days in Cape Town is a very short time. I'd suggest touring on the Cape Town CitySightseeing Bus. It has two routes and takes you to all the best spots in and around the city.

Must-see are:  Table Mountain National ParkKirstenbosch National Botanical GardensBoulders BeachCape Point and  Robben Island. The bus stops at all these destinations.

Accommodation: There are many amazing boutique hotels in and round the city. I'd suggest staying just outside the city in Green Point, Vredehoek or Camps Bay. The city is easily accessible  via taxi cab in these parts of the city.

Food: If you are look for great traditional food try Moyo at  Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. All other restaurants within the city are pretty good too. Long Street has a wide variety of restaurants that cater for everyone.

The Cape Winelands is about an hour outside of the city. It would be worth going but it would take up the bulk of your trip. I'd advice the Constantia Winelands (along the route of the CitySightseeing Bus). It is only 20 minutes outside the city and is easily accessible with a taxi cab too.

Hope you enjoy your stay in this amazing city.


Lara, co-founder at

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answered by
Sarah from Cape Town

Hey, you are going to love Cape Town. My top recommendations would be...  

Kalk bay, walk in the harbour, have lunch at harbour house and tea and pastis de Nata at Olympia Cafe 

Hout Bay- drive over chapmans peak, best calamari in the world and amazing view at chapmans peak hotel.  

&Union for a craft beer and a cool vibe on a Friday evening. Kloof Street House, also cool vibe and delicious food.  

Hike up Table Mountain National Park, either Indian venster if u very fit or skeleton gorge if u not as fit. Don't do platter klip, that's the route all the tourists take, overcrowded and not very scenic. Best is to hike up and walk down. 

The Old Biscuit Mill in woodstock on a Sunday is an awesome market- clothes food etc. Hout Bay also has a great market. 

The Sea Point Promenade Park for walks in the evening is beautiful. Walk then have a drink at Winchester Mansions Hotel

In the wine lands, Babylonstoren Chalets u really shouldn't miss. Franschhoek is the best of the wine lands areas though if u aren't going to do them all. Google the winelands train that goes through the franschoek area. 

If u are doing a day trip out of Cape Town, Paternoster is lovely, beautiful beaches and lovely restaurants. Especially gaaitjies. 

Enjoy xx

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Good stuff, Sarah! Great to hear this from a local :) By the way, the Trippy team has helped you geo-tag all of the other places that you mentioned so that they all appear on your map!

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  6. Table Mountain National Park (attraction)
  7. The Old Biscuit Mill (attraction)
  8. Sea Point Promenade Park (attraction)
  9. Winchester Mansions Hotel (hotel)
  10. Babylonstoren Chalets (attraction)
  11. Franschhoek (attraction)
  12. Paternoster (city)
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answered first by

I stayed at Ashanti Lodge which has private rooms that while simple, are still stylish. The Backpack is meant to be the most upmarket hostel. I'd recommend staying in Gardens area as it is safe (I walked around after nights out at 3am on my own and felt fine - that might have been the alcohol talking though). 

In terms of places to eat there is the best steak house in the city next to Ashanti Lodge called Nelsons Eye. Very rustic and not cordon bleu service but the food is undeniable. 

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answered by
Emily from United States

Taking a trip to the winelands in Stellenbosch (approx. 45 minute drive outside of Cape Town or 1.5 hour train) is definitely worth it. Some vineyards I highly recommend for wine tasting, as well as amazing lunches, are Asara and JC le Roux. If you prefer to eat at a local cafe The Blue Crane & The Butterfly or Postcard Cafe are excellent choices with a wide selection of lunch food. For dinner I recommend Man'oushe Restaurant (the freshest food, fun environment, great chef). Then if you are spending the evening (choices of higher end hotels or low key backpackers) there is a wonderful brunch place called The Old Bakery. There may be a bit of a wait but it is definitely worth it. 

If you prefer to stay in Cape Town for the entire weekend, I strongly suggest you hike Lions Head Summit. Although Table Mountain is more known, Lion's Head is a more engaging hike with a view like no other. On Sunday morning head over to The Old Biscuit Mill for a food market that is incomparable to anything you've had before. Homemade gourmet goods, champagne and oysters, and even a clothing/crafts market too! Great bars on Long Street for night life. This is a trip you will love no matter what you do!

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Great tips.

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  4. JC le Roux (attraction)
  5. The Blue Crane & The Butterfly (restaurant)
  6. Postcard Cafe (restaurant)
  7. Man'oushe Restaurant (restaurant)
  8. The Old Bakery (attraction)
  9. Lions Head Summit (attraction)
  10. The Old Biscuit Mill (attraction)
  11. Long Street (attraction)
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answered by

Definitely go to Clarke's Bar & Dining Room for brunch. And there are some great properties on Airbnb to check out.

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Sean from Cape Town

Hey Philipp

I'm excited about your visit to Cape Town - it is genuinely one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And I'm so lucky to call it my home.

There are so many amazing things to do and see and the weather right now is perfect. 

                                                                    Depends on how much you love wine and the winelands. With such short time in Cape Town, I would spend all my nights near the city and then use the red bus or do some other day trip out to Groot Constantia or Stellenbosch. It's not very far.

Let me know if you have any other more specific questions and check out a travel site I run called ExoTravels. We've got a few Cape Town videos up there :)

Enjoy your stay in Cape Town!

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What a great answer, Sean--I'm coming to you if I ever make it there!!!

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  6. Waterfront Village (hotel)
  7. Robben Island (island)
  8. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens (attraction)
  9. Boulders Beach (attraction)
  10. Cape Point (attraction)
  11. Groot Constantia (attraction)
  12. Stellenbosch (city)
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answered by
Brew from Manhattan Beach

Answering your questions in order, 

Accommodation:  There are so many interesting parts of the city that are great to stay, but I'd break it up as: (1) the City Bowl area which basically sits on the slopes of the bowl created by Table Mountain and Lion's Head (and generally the areas of Gardens, Tamberskloof & Oranjezicht), (2) the city waterfront areas of the V&A Waterfront, Seapoint, Green Point, and (3) the high end beach "suburbs" of Bantry Bay, Clifton and Camps Bay.  All of these places are great and have different benefits, but if you want a feel for the city, I would probably cross off Camps Bay and Clifton, which are very high end suburbs and focus on the other areas.  My personal favorite area is the City Bowl.  Here are my hotel recommendations broken out by area:

City Bowl Area (all of these are small hotels with lots of character):

City Waterfront Area

Beach suburbs (Bantry Bay, Clifton & Camps Bay):

Things to Do:

  • Hike  Table Mountain National Park or Lions Head Summit.  I personally like the hike up Lion's Head a little better, but if you've never been to Cape Town before, I think Table Mountain is a must.  The best way to do it is to hike up  Platteklip Gorge and take the cable car back down.  The trailhead for this trail is about a mile past the cable car station and the hike up will take about 45 minutes to an hour (lots of steps and pretty strenuous). 

  • Do a day trip to the Cape Point with a stop at  Boulders Beach on the way back to see the penguins.  The drive is incredibly beautiful and there are interesting little towns along the way...  Hout BayKommetjie, etc.  Some are worth a stop, some are worth seeing out the window as you pass by (play it by ear).

  • Visit Stellenbosch and the wine route.  I personally think this is a must as the wine country here is incredibly beautiful and has a lot of historical significance.  Stellenbosch is a university town and has a bunch of examples of Cape Dutch architecture.  If you want to do a whirlwind tour, hire a car and driver for the day and visit:   Morgenhof Wine EstateDelheim Wine Estate, and  Muratie Wine Estate, which are close to each other, but give you a great feel for:  Cape Dutch architecture and the overall scenery of the area.  If you are ambitious, you could probably do Table Mountain and this quick wine tour in 1 day.  If you want to take more time,  Boschendal Wine Estate is further afield but sits in an incredibly beautiful setting, but there are a bunch of gorgeous and interesting wineries in the area, so you could pick many to visit.   

  • Robben Island and/or a Township tour:  if you want more culture, history and to get an idea of how apartheid affected the country, then these should definitely be done.  Re: township tours, I have done several tours, some of which were amazing and some of which were average or bad.  It all depends on the guide.  And if you do decide to do a tour, you need to find a colored tour guide named Brian Smith (colored means mixed-race in South Africa). Brian used to work for Grass Routes tours.  He was one of the best tour guides I've very had.  Unfortuantely, the last tour we did was not with Brian and it was actually dreadful and a waste of time/money.  So, while I think a city and township tour should be done, because my last experience was so bad and you have such a limited time in Cape Town, I would say save it for another time unless you can find Brian Smith.

Restaurants: definitely ask the hosts at your hotel as there are always little local neighborhood places that are incredible in Cape Town, but the following are all highly recommended (for different reasons):

  • for a high end, South African meal  Savoy Cabbage is very good.  

  • The  Codfather Seafood & Sushi has great, fresh south African seafood.  More casual than upscale, but good food.

  • Blues Restaurant is very upscale, South African seafood.

  • Den Anker is a great place to grab a beer in the  V&A Waterfront.  It has a great beer selection, good food (Belgian) and amazing views of Table Mountain.

  • Beluga has great seafood.

  • The Test Kitchen has won restaurant of the year the past couple of years.

  • The Roundhouse Restaurant is an amazing place in an amazing setting.

  • Not upscale (quite the contrary), but if you need a steak and don't mind a divey, hole in the wall, the  Wooden Shoe has great steaks in very memorable, tiny setting.  

In Stellenbosch:

Constantia (a suburb of Cape Town): 

  • La Colombe is often rated a top restaurant in Africa.

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Great answer! Thoroughness is impressive. Thanks for sharing all this!!

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  20. Stellenbosch (city)
  21. Morgenhof Wine Estate (attraction)
  22. Delheim Wine Estate (attraction)
  23. Muratie Wine Estate (attraction)
  24. Boschendal Wine Estate (attraction)
  25. Robben Island (island)
  26. Savoy Cabbage (restaurant)
  27. Codfather Seafood & Sushi (restaurant)
  28. Blues Restaurant (restaurant)
  29. Den Anker (restaurant)
  30. V&A Waterfront (attraction)
  31. Beluga (restaurant)
  32. The Test Kitchen (restaurant)
  33. The Roundhouse Restaurant (restaurant)
  34. Wooden Shoe (restaurant)
  35. Rust En Vrede (attraction)
  36. 96 Winery Road Restaurant (restaurant)
  37. La Colombe (restaurant)
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answered by
Angela from United States

There's so much to do in Cape Town - 2.5 days will fly by!  Hopefully you have great weather, as that can play a role in what you can/can't do.  I was there for my honeymoon and we stayed at the Cape Grace Hotel & Spa - it's very central - located in the Waterfront part of town, just a few short steps from the Victoria & Alfred restaurants/shopping/etc and we always felt very safe.  Perk of staying there is the car service that takes you anywhere in the city within a certain distance (I want to say 10km).  This covered everywhere we went, pretty much, outside of  The Cape Of Good Hope.  Getting to the top of Table Mountain National Park and/or Lions Head Summit are musts.  If you like to hike, the hike up Lion's Head is really great with amazing views.  The Cape of Good Hope is another beautiful place with hiking opportunities.  You can also Abseil down Table mountain - something we really wanted to do but couldn't because of the weather.  The restaurant at Cape Grace - called Signal at the Cape Grace - is phenomenal.  Upscale, with unique dishes.  We also tried The Roundhouse Restaurant near Camp's Bay - food was excellent and the view of the Twelve Apostles Hotel is breathtaking.

Hope that helps!  Enjoy your trip!

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answered by
cruz from Egypt

Hi  Philip,

Cape Town is the most interesting city I advise you to extend your accommodation. Best hotels is Premier Hotel Cape Manor also I ask you to go all over the city and interest with good natural views. 



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answered by
Lee from Johannesburg

2.5 Days are really not enough, there's so much to do & see.


Not sure what your budget is for accommodation but have a look at: you can search & filter to your accommodation needs. (Tip: if you stay in Cape Town it self, you would be much closer to everything, depending if you would be taking a taxi or car rental, although if you stay along the Atlantic Seaboard you'll have the breathtaking scenery of Table Mountain cable way (Bottom), the Beach & Ocean. 

Things to Do:

Option 1:

Option 2:

  • Winelands
  • Table Mountain
  • Tandem Paragliding

These are my personal opinions above.

Or you could go for the City Sightseeing Bus


Apologies for all the links but I think it's best you check everything out, then me typing an essay.

I hope this helps a bit, if not please ask away!

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