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New Delhi, India

Ridhima from New Delhi, India asked

What to see and do on a trip to Canada for 8 to 10 days?

Can anyone suggest what to see and do on a trip to Canada for 8 to 10 days? Specially like any day trips, exciting things and specially what not to miss. One more thing.. is the duration fine or I need to exceed the number of days?


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Rasto from Edmonton

Canada is second largest country in the world and 3x size of India so in 8-10 days you will barely scratch the surface. It really depends on what you like and prefer to do, but each part of Canada has something to offer and even in that relatively short time you can see a lot of amazing things if you plan it well.

If you are coming from India you will be probably heading for west coast of Canada, I would say Vancouver. I would suggest to limit your visit just to British Columbia and Alberta then. You can start in Vancouver where you can rent a car, explore the area a bit and then move through Okanagan Valley, BC and Rocky Mountains to Calgary where you can finish your trip and fly back home. Still, sounds like not a lot, but in 10 days in between Vancouver and Calgary you will be covering a lot of ground and seeing amazing things.

Just a few suggestions what you can do and see:

First of all, rent a car! Don't rely on a public transportation, you wouldn't get far :-)

  1. Spend some 2-3 days in Vancouver exploring city and surrounding area. Go to Whistler to see Olympic Park and ride Peak to Peak gondola.

  2. Move to Okanagan Valley which is wine and fruit producing region of Canada with a beautiful lake. It's one of the few parts of Canada where you can actually see cactus growing. Osoyoos on the border with the USA is the warmest place in Canada. You will have a lot of wine tasting opportunities there, fresh fruit stands in summer.

  3. Now you have two options - drive either to Revelstoke where you can visit Glacier National Park of Canada and hot springs, or second option would be along the border with USA crossing to Alberta province and Waterton Park. I absolutely love both parks, the first one can be more challenging for hikers since it is located in very steep and narrow valley, but there are multiple short trails and attractions along the road you can visit and avoid excessive hiking. Waterton Lakes NP is very beautiful and quiet place. Omitted by most of the tourists heading predominantly to Banff National Park. In Waterton you can actually see deers grazing freely close to humans in the city park or in the campground.

  4. From any of the above parks you can head to Banff National Park of Canada. If you go from Revelstoke you can hit along the road attractions like Wapta Falls requiring short, but rewarding hike. Then Natural Bridge, Emerald Lake and Takakkaw Falls (tallest in Canada if not mistaken). If you go from Waterton Lakes NP north, you can stop in Longview jerky shop. Locally produced venison and beef jerky (dried meet) of very good quality, hmm my mouth is watering... Continue from there to Highwood Pass - Highest Paved Pass in Canada and through beautiful country of Kananaskis to Banff NP.
    Once in Banff you have multiple options. I don't want to be too wordy so my suggestions for you to see and experience the best in a short time - do Johnston Canyon hike, visit Lake Louise where pretty much every tourist heading for Rockies goes (you still have an option to hike there to a tea house), hike Tunnel Mountain right outside of Banff which is very easy hike with an excellent view once you get to the top, and of course don't forget to visit Banff Radium Hot Springs where you can relax being surrounded by mountains.

  5. From Banff finish your journey in Calgary enjoying city for one day or so doing shopping and visiting Calgary Tower with glass floor.

Whatever your choice for Canada will be, enjoy your trip and I'm sure you will see a lot of amazing things.

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Thank you so much :)

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  9. Wapta Falls (attraction)
  10. Emerald Lake (attraction)
  11. Takakkaw Falls (attraction)
  12. Longview (city)
  13. Highwood Pass - Highest Paved Pass in Canada (attraction)
  14. Kananaskis (city)
  15. Johnston Canyon (attraction)
  16. Lake Louise (attraction)
  17. Calgary Tower (restaurant)
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Peter from Munich

Hi there,

do you have any special region where you will go and what time of year? Canada is quiet big tho.

I can recommend the following:





During the winter and ski season Whistler Blackcomb is awesome. 

Niagara Falls are also impressive 

It also depends if you are planing more on a city tour or outdoor adventures. There are tons of places to hike, bike and climb.

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Thank you :)

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  6. Niagara Falls (attraction)
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