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Money, ATMs and CCs while in Cambodia

I'll be in Cambodia for most of November for business and sightseeing. I understand US dollars are commonly used in Cambodia. I'm planning to bring enough cash but I may need more or I could be robbed so I need a back up plan. 

  1. How did you prepare money-wise for your trip to Cambodia?
  2. What dollar denominations are good to have on hand?
  3. Are ATMs common and safe to use? Where can they be found? Also, if an ATM dispenses one hundred dollar bills where can they be broken into 10s or 20s?


4 Answers

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Jacey & Scott from Fort Collins

We were in Siem Reap last summer and had no issues at all. It is very safe, ATM's were prevalent (not every street corner, but we had no problem finding one)-plus there was one in the lobby of our hotel.  USD is accepted everywhere (actually preferred) and since most everything is very inexpensive-small bills are useful.

Enjoy-it was one of my favorite places!

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ATM's in Cambodia gives you US dollars and they are accpted pretty much everywhere.

If you are on a budget then you can save a little bit of money by using Cambodian kip as the exchange rate is a little better there.

I have personally never had any problems using ATM's in Cambodia and I have been there more than 10 times in the past 3 years as I work there regulary as a tour leader.

Small bills are always a little easier to have but big bills is usually not a big problem in Cambodia, unlike Vietnam where you will have big problems paying with a bill that is larger than 20 dollars.

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Randi from On The Road

Hi there.  This article from my website may be useful to you regarding ATM fees (and other things that are good to do for a long trip.  I've found in Thailand that the ATM fee is about $6 per transaction so having my TD account has been a true money saver... It sounds like in Cambodia the fees are high as well.

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answered by
Linda from Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh

Yes, Cambodia is progressing although getting cash from an ATM can be costly (you pay on the foreign exchange rate (not sure from a US-located bank though); plus the fixed transaction fee charged by both your US bank and the Cambodian bank. ATM's in Phnom Penh, Seim Reap are quite plentiful. In other populated cities - less. Usually none in the smaller towns (if you're going to Kep for instance - popular seaside location - no banks or ATM's - yet it gets a huge number of seasonal tourists).  I carry USD1 and USD5 notes - loaded bulky wallet, but rarely is anything over USD20 and the majority of purchases (tuk tuks, coffee, etc.) under $3.  Smaller notes gives you better negotiating power, and inevitably, your tuk tuk driver never has change (haha). Bring in your USD's in 100's, but get them changed into small denominations with your first visit to a bank. Waisted money belt is the safest way to go carrying cash. DON'T leave valuables (temptation) in your hotel rooms (they can disappear). 

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