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Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

What are the best neighborhoods to stay in BA?

Looking for nightlife, charm, and green spaces/parks.  Thanks!

11 Answers

top answer by
Jesse from Bogota

Luckily there's one main neighborhood that really shines above the rest called Palermo. Palermo is young and trendy (and safe) with lots do. It's pretty big and consists of 3 parts: Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood, and Palermo Viejo. Soho is by far the busiest (shopping, restaurants, bars, the main square), Hollywood is the coolest (chic closed door restaurants and bars), and Viejo is the least exciting, but still very lovely. Some cool places to check out - Oui Oui(cafe), Frank's (bar), and Olsen (restaurant). The other most notable neighborhoods are Recoleta, home to probably the most beautiful cemetery in the world (where Evita is buried), and Puerto Madero, a very modern, upscale section of the city on the water with the amazing  Faena Hotel And Universe. Finally, a visit to La Boca is essential to see tango in the streets and beautiful architecture, but only go during the day. If you can, going to a soccer game is a really fun and incredibly unique experience. BA is an enormous city so be prepared to take taxis (luckily very inexpensive) and wander around.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Palermo Soho (attraction)
  2. Palermo Viejo (attraction)
  3. Oui Oui (restaurant)
  4. Frank's (attraction)
  5. Olsen (restaurant)
  6. Recoleta (neighborhood)
  7. Puerto Madero (attraction)
  8. Faena Hotel And Universe (hotel)
  9. Palermo Hollywood (attraction)
  10. La Boca (neighborhood)
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answered by
Diego from Asuncion

Belgrano neighborhood, old town with many English design houses.

Palermo is for me the most comprehensive neighborhood because it has Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood, many plazas, theaters, zoo, big parks.

San Telmo old quarter
La Boca, Old Quarter mouth,

Recoleta neighborhood with the most beautiful buildings of the city ..

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Belgrano (neighborhood)
  2. Palermo Soho (attraction)
  3. Palermo Hollywood (attraction)
  4. San Telmo (metro area)
  5. Recoleta (neighborhood)
  6. La Boca (neighborhood)
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answered by
Yvonne from Canada

San Telmo is amazing but it can be a little unsafe during the night time. Recoleta is gorgeous and has a lot of great things really near by. For more info about Recoleta, I wrote an article about it here.

If you like partying and being close to the night life than I would definitely recommend Palermo and Palermo Soho

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. San Telmo (metro area)
  2. Recoleta (neighborhood)
  3. Palermo Soho (attraction)
  4. Palermo (neighborhood)
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answered by
Mario from Buenos Aires

Best place with green inside the city is Bosques de Palermo from there you are at 20 blocks from Palermo Soho the best place to eat in Buenos Aires

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Bosques de Palermo (attraction)
  2. Palermo Soho (attraction)
  3. Buenos Aires (city)
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answered by
Diego from Florianópolis

Hi Cheryl,

For sure your place is Palermo.

Through most of the Av. Sarmiento you'll have access to the  Bosques de Palermo, which is, is my opinion, one of the best places to visit in Buenos Aires.

It's amazing how full of families it gets on sunny sunday afternoons!

While there, I was staying in a hostel located in the Córdoba Av., which has a pretty walkable distance from both the nightclubs and the parks.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Bosques de Palermo (attraction)
  2. Av. Sarmiento (attraction)
  3. Córdoba Av. (attraction)
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answered by
Joanna from Vancouver

I just mentioned this in another post, but:

When you go to Buenos Aires, make sure to bring cash and exchange it in the "Blue Market". DO NOT use credit cards or Debit Cards because you are going to end up paying WAY more. Consider: the official rate (government imposed) is at 8 pesos to a dollar and the blue market is at 14 pesos to a dollar, so see? When you use your card you are paying the official rate. 

I hope that helps to plan your trip! 

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answered by
Uiara Carolina from Brazil

Dear Cheryl,

According to what you've asked, Palermo would be the best option for you, full of parks (there is an amazing Jardín Japonés over there), zoo, nightlife and good restaurants. This neighborhood is also the cheapest of BA (because of the distance from downtown - it's not very close). There are also 2 desirable places to stay: Recoleta (very traditional and full of restaurants and nightlife too - there is a Hard Rock Cafe Buenos Aires) and Puerto Madero (near from the main BA sightseeings, plenty of nightlife and restaurants - late in the evening is when this neighborhood starts to work).

Hope this can help you!



Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Palermo (neighborhood)
  2. Recoleta (neighborhood)
  3. Puerto Madero (attraction)
  4. Hard Rock Cafe Buenos Aires (restaurant)
  5. Jardín Japonés (attraction)
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answered by
Facundo from Rosario


Recoleta is one of the best neighbourhoods. You have very nice and large parks, you are near Retiro (the bus station), close to downtown. At night, Recoleta has many bar and cool places to go.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Recoleta (neighborhood)
  2. Retiro (attraction)
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answered by
Adriana from Argentina

Palermo is the best option. Full of restaurants, bars, green areas .... I hope you enjoy it!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Palermo (neighborhood)
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answered by
Jason from Buenos Aires


I just spent 8 months in BA (Jan - Aug 2015) and lived in the San Telmo area, it was really great, it's the "old city" so full of historic architecture and for the most part populated by tourists, so safe (or should I say safer, make no mistake, BA is cosmopolitan but it is 3rd world). Search for local estate agents instead of hotels of your staying for more then 30 days as there are deals to be found, I got a huge beautiful loft apartment for £550 per month! But please research the area before booking, I'm a large strapping man and I encountered neighborhoods in BA that I promised myself I would NEVER go back to, but for the most part Argentinians are vibrant friendly people, so be safe and have fun.


if you want to save money take lots of $100 USD bills (100 bills get the best price) then take them down to Florida Street, you will find 30 to 40 people yelling "cambio" (change in spanish) and they will give you an exchange rate almost twice as good as the bank!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. San Telmo (metro area)

answered by
Federico from Buenos Aires

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Recoleta (neighborhood)
  2. Palermo (neighborhood)

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