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Austin (Texas)

James from Austin (Texas) asked

First time to Buenos Aires, looking for off the beaten path adventures

This will be my first time to Buenos Aires and I really want to connect with local culture. What are off the beaten path things I can do in or around the city?

Buenos Aires (Argentina)   Argentina

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Pablo from Buenos Aires

Hi James !

The best way to know a city is to move by yourself, but it all depends on the interests you have, because Buenos Aires is a big city and you have a lot of diversity here.

There are many interesting contrasts in neighborhoods that comprise the Federal Capital Area, for example in La Boca, you have the Caminito walk, which is very good to realize how the immigrants, who arrived to the port of Buenos Aires, lived in buildings called " Conventillos ", there also you can see some street tango show and lunch in a " Bodegón ". Another option is San Telmo and its colonial buildings, antiques stores and craft markets. Something very different but close is Puerto Madero, one of the newest places. Also in that area you can explore the financial and historical center of the city, Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo and up can get to the Congress of the Nation, where you can appreciate a Spanish influence on the buildings.

You can then visit Recoleta, a french style neighborhood, where is the famous cemetery housing the tomb of Eva Peron among other Argentine personalities. From there you can follow the way to Palermo, which today is split into different areas such as Soho, Hollywood, Las Cañitas, etc., all with their charm and plenty of night life.

Something that is very good and where you can see typical things of our culture is the Mataderos Fair ( ).

I also recommend knowing the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, Vicente Lopez, San Isidro and Tigre, in the last place you can take a collective boat and do a tour thru the delta of Paraná, ideal formation of islands to spend the day !!!

This city has many more possibilities, but as I said the first, everything depends on what your interests are;)

Kind regards.


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Julieta from Almagro

Well, the most cultural places are normally the ones that are full of tourists, I could tell you the places that I, as a local, frequent but mostly they're not as "cultural" as you would think.

San Telmo is a must-see for everyone who visits Buenos Aires, I think. It's one of the older neighboorhoods and on sundays, there is a fair with all kinds of things to buy: crafts, antiques, paintings, etc. For me it's one of the places that really has the "old porteño" feeling.

There's a list of Bares Notables in the city, that are bars that have some cultural or historical importance to the city. I found a list in english here 

Boedo is a neighboordhood known for being very "porteño" and "tanguero" and you're less likely to find tourists in there, so I think if you want to connect with local culture you should visit it. Almagro too. 

As a local, I love walking down the Avenida Corrientes, mostly near the Obelisco, because there are lots of local theaters, pizza places and bookshops. It's close to the Teatro Colón, an iconic theater on Buenos Aires, that you should totally visit. That neighboordhood (San Nicolás) it's really nice to visit, too. 

If you want to know some other places, maybe not as cool and porteño-like, but full of locals, you can message me and I'll help you :)

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  5. Obelisco (attraction)
  6. Teatro Colón (attraction)
  7. San Nicolás (attraction)
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answered by
Pablo from Buenos Aires

Go to Teatro Colón is the classical cultural place. Also you have the museum of arts "Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes" which is nice to visit.
Anyway... just check this webpage: is almost all in spanish but you can use google translate :P

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Here you have the tourism website of Buenos Aires in english ;)

Hi Pablo Z., I though in sent him the link in english but unfortunately each time you click in the links of each publication the webpage sends an error :-/

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  1. Teatro Colón (attraction)
  2. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (attraction)
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answered by
Ricardo from São Paulo, Brazil

Hi James, if you like animals, theres is a polemic zoo called Zoológico de Luján. You can touch the Lions and other animals inside the jail. 

Obelisco is a post card that you should visit to take some pictures.

I recommend you take the train at Estación Retiro to Tigre. Small city next to Buenos Aires. Beautiful place. Try to lunch there if you went during the morning.

Café Tortoni to drink a coffee and try the Enpanada.

Finally, I recommend you walk at the Puerto Madero and maybe dinner at the best place for me: Cabaña Las Lilas

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  1. Zoológico de Luján (attraction)
  2. Obelisco (attraction)
  3. Estación Retiro (attraction)
  4. Tigre (state)
  5. Café Tortoni (restaurant)
  6. Puerto Madero (attraction)
  7. Cabaña Las Lilas (restaurant)
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