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San Francisco

Shannon from San Francisco asked

Calling all Buenos Aires Experts!

We are spending our first vacation (in a very long while) in Argentina, and we couldn't be more thrilled!

If you only had 4 days to spend in Buenos Aires, how would you spend them?

Where would you go?

Where & what would you eat? 

Where would you grab a cocktail? 

Is there a special place or activity that only locals would know about?? 

We are all ears!!

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

3 Answers
answered first by
Polly from Washington, DC

Not in any way an expert, but I was in Buenos Aires for four days as well, this past July. My itinerary was as follows...

Day 1: Walk down the 9 de Julio Ave. Have a late breakfast at Café Tortoni before walking on to Avenida de Mayo. Continue south to San Telmo.

Day 2: (pretty much a bust because I was sick) Lunch at El Cuartito Pizza. Short walk to El Ateneo bookstore.

Day 3: Start with a walk to Recoleta Cemetery. Get a cab to the Museo Evita. Walk around Palermo before heading to Anuva Wines for a tasting.

Day 4: (Sunday) Take a bus down to Caminito. Take a bus to San Telmo and walk up through the San Telmo Market to the Casa Rosada.

Despite being sick, I got a chance to see and do almost everything I wanted. The only things I missed out on was a tango show and Steaks by Luis.

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Buenos Aires (city)
  2. 9 de Julio Ave (attraction)
  3. Café Tortoni (restaurant)
  4. Avenida de Mayo (attraction)
  5. San Telmo (metro area)
  6. El Cuartito Pizza (restaurant)
  7. El Ateneo (attraction)
  8. Recoleta Cemetery (attraction)
  9. Museo Evita (attraction)
  10. Palermo (neighborhood)
  11. Anuva Wines (attraction)
  12. Caminito (attraction)
  13. San Telmo Market (attraction)
  14. Casa Rosada (attraction)
  15. Steaks by Luis (restaurant)
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answered by
Laura from Buenos Aires

Hi Shannon, Polly gave you some good advices. 

In four days you shouldn't miss Plaza de MayoSan Telmo and La BocaPuerto MaderoRecoleta and Palermo. This neighbourghoods are good for turist but they are also very authentic. 

If you like museums you should go to Fundación Proa in La Boca, Faena Arts Center or Fortabat Art Collection in Puerto Madero, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires in San Telmo, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Recoleta, Malba in Palermo (this is a must for me), Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernandez BlancoMuseo Evita. You could also visit the Teatro Colón and the Usina del Arte

To eat you can go to El Obrero in La Boca, a tipical "bodegón" with really great food, its very turisty though, you'll need a reservation but it's worth it. I also love Café San Juan in San Telmo, also with reservation because is really small, and La Panadería de Pablo specially for a lunch or a drink in the after office hours. El Cuartito Pizza is really good and traditional, for a more modern pizza you can go to Morelia. If you dare you should try a "choripan" or a "bondiola" sandwich in one of the street trucks in Costanera Sur, just behind Puerto Madero, they are really good. I usually go to La Querencia in Recoleta for some good "empanadas" and northern food like "humita", or to Las Cholas in Las Cañitas, the two are cheap and pretty good places. If you wanna eat really well and are willing to pay some more you should try Tegui, considered the best restaurant of the city, or Páru Inkas Sushi & Grill, great sushi and ceviche. And when you miss your country you can go to Kansas Grill & Bar

For a drink you have La Puerta Roja in San Telmo, I haven't been there yet but everybody says it's great, ISABEL in Palermo, more classy, 878, great drinks, Olsen specialized in vodka, Pony Line, etc. etc, etc. There are lots of places to go, specially in the summer when we like to spend the evenings outdoors. 

As you see there are lots of things to do, Buenos Aires never sleeps. 

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Plaza de Mayo (attraction)
  2. San Telmo (metro area)
  3. La Boca (attraction)
  4. Puerto Madero (attraction)
  5. Recoleta (neighborhood)
  6. Palermo (neighborhood)
  7. Fundación Proa (restaurant)
  8. Faena Arts Center (attraction)
  9. Fortabat Art Collection (attraction)
  10. Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (attraction)
  11. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (attraction)
  12. Malba (attraction)
  13. Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernandez Blanco (attraction)
  14. Museo Evita (attraction)
  15. Teatro Colón (attraction)
  16. Usina del Arte (attraction)
  17. El Obrero (restaurant)
  18. Café San Juan (restaurant)
  19. La Panadería de Pablo (restaurant)
  20. El Cuartito Pizza (restaurant)
  21. Morelia (restaurant)
  22. La Querencia (restaurant)
  23. Las Cholas (attraction)
  24. Tegui (restaurant)
  25. Páru Inkas Sushi & Grill (attraction)
  26. Kansas Grill & Bar (restaurant)
  27. La Puerta Roja (restaurant)
  28. ISABEL (restaurant)
  29. 878 (attraction)
  30. Olsen (restaurant)
  31. Pony Line (restaurant)
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answered by
Paula from Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

If you want to try empanadas, wine, great meat, alfajores and mate all at once, I recommend the The Argentine Experience. It's great for meeting people and since it's closed doors, you get a very cool service, they will teach you words and expressions... it's very fun. For local and cheap restaurants, I always recommend Sarkis (Armenian food -- for me, the BEST restaurant in Buenos Aires by far, super cheap and delicious), Salgado (pasta), MirandaLa CabreraLas Cabras, La Dorita (meat, parrilla), Burger Joint (for an amazing burger and great service), MalvonOui Oui (brunch). All of them are either in Palermo or Villa Crespo (neighborhood walk from Palermo).

Cocktails: Florería AtlanticoHarrison SpeakeasyFrank's. Buenos Aires is getting very fanous for their speakeasy bars.

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Mentioned in this answer:

  1. The Argentine Experience (restaurant)
  2. Salgado (restaurant)
  3. Miranda (city)
  4. La Cabrera (attraction)
  5. Las Cabras (restaurant)
  6. La Dorita (restaurant)
  7. Burger Joint (attraction)
  8. Malvon (restaurant)
  9. Oui Oui (restaurant)
  10. Palermo (neighborhood)
  11. Villa Crespo (attraction)
  12. Florería Atlantico (attraction)
  13. Harrison Speakeasy (attraction)
  14. Frank's (attraction)

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