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  • Claire Andrews
  • "Good ruin pubs to visit in Budapest?"

Claire Andrews

West Susx, United Kingdom

Good ruin pubs to visit in Budapest?

Hi, I'm visiting Budapest soon and have been reading about the ruin pubs. Does anyone have a favourite to recommend for an evening visit?

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  • Ben Lee

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    I used to live in Budapest & the ruin bars are the soul of the city!

    The majority are in the Jewish District (District 7) & you will find many around there randomly. The biggest one is Szimpla Kert which has sawn in half cars and bath tubs for chairs, hanging bicycles and a real arty feel to it.

    The first one I went to was Instant where they have a retractable roof and themed rooms. There's even a upside down room! Fogasház is a great outdoorsy one. Kuplung isn't really a ruin bar but a cool one to see and within this area, you will see loads.

    Corvintető is a great rooftop bar above an old communist supermarket and if you're out this way, Dürer Kert is a cool one to visit.

    After all this A38 Hajó is an old Ukraninian boat that got turned into a bar/club!

    Hope this all helps and like I said, just wander district 7 around the synagogue and you will stumble on loads of them :) Szimpla Kert

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    • Claire A.

      Claire A.

      Thanks for such a detailed reply, these sound great! · (2 likelikes)

    • Ben L.

      Ben L.

      No worries Claire, let me know if you have any other questions :) · (1 likelikes)

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    1. Szimpla Kert (attraction)
    2. Instant (attraction)
    3. Fogasház (restaurant)
    4. Kuplung (attraction)
    5. Corvintető (attraction)
    6. Dürer Kert (attraction)
    7. A38 Hajó (attraction)

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