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Children activities

After looking at the activities for young children (ages 3, 4 and 6) in Budapest, we came up with Aquapark, the funicular, the eye (Ferris wheel)-does anyone know if it is open in April?, the puppet show (are there any shows in English?), the circus, eleven park (what ages is this place good for?) the Holnemvolt Var (how would this place be rated? Besides for the petting zoo area, is there anything else the kids would really enjoy?).

Anything else good for these ages?

So sorry for so many questions!

Thank you

2 Answers

answered by
Claudia from New York City
Hi John,
To add on to Mary's answer, here are a few more:
1. Visit Hungarian Railway Museum - see a collection of steam and diesel locomotives, coaches, wagons, roundhouse, and turntables. Kids can climb in and out of some of the old steam engines and ride on the rail car and horse tram. 
2. Go on a cruise on the Danube River.
3. Take the hop-on-hop-off double-decker bus - gives you the freedom to choose where to stop and get picked up on scheduled times. You can bring your strollers too.
4. Have fun at Miniversum Budapest - one of the largest miniature exhibitions in the world offering 1:100 -scale models of famous landmarks in Hungary, Austria, and Germany. There are interactive exhibits that allow adults and kids to explore and have a hands-on experience.

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answered first by
Mary from Leicester
>the eye (Ferris wheel)-does anyone know if it is open in April?,
There is no mention of specific opening or closing dates on the official site:
This type of wheel is quite common across Europe. Unless weather conditions are really poor (e.g. very high winds) they operate throughout the period they are in a location (might be years, might be months, might just be for one special event). But, to be honest, it's not something I'd bother taking such small children on. They're not as amazed at being high up as older children and are basically just cooped up in a 'gondola' for the length of the trip.
> is there anything else the kids would really enjoy?
What children of the ages you mention really enjoy is lots of space to run around, jump, climb and explore. Being in a 'foreign' place is not really a big deal for them. So I suggest you take advantage of the parks in central Budapest as well as visiting Margaret Island, which is traffic-free and has plenty of space (and a petting zoo).
If you're going to Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden anyway is makes sense to visit Holnemvolt Var because your zoo tickets cover the entrance...and if you're not impressed you can just leave?
I think the puppet shows are in Hungarian but the stories are simple, the presentation very skilful and it's easy to follow. Small children are anyway not as 'thrown' by lack of language as adults are. The official site (in English) tells you what's on:
The CSPA is an interactive science museum  which has its own 'Tiny Explorers' route and imo is definitely worth visiting:
If you're there at the right time, the Children's Railway would make a good trip and includes stops where running-around is an option. Official site in English:
Lots more ideas for kids here:

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