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Cairo, Egypt

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Best sky diving in the world?

I am looking for the best sky diving experience! Can anyone help me?!

9 Answers

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Valerie from Seattle

Amir, are you looking for a place to go? :)

I've been skydiving two places: Alaska and Iowa. I preferred diving in Alaska, because at Alaska Skydive Center in Palmer takes you up to dive so high that you're higher than the surrounding mountains! It makes for a really cool view on the flight up, as well as once you're settled into the dive on the way down.

In Iowa, the land is much more flat, so there wasn't a dramatic landscape to notice. It was eerily cool to see the patchwork of farm-fields from not within an airplane though... I went diving in Brooklyn though I know there are several providers in the state.

Have a safe jump!

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  5. Brooklyn (attraction)
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answered by
Valerie from Los Angeles

I had a great experience in Santa Barbara! Being able to look far into the ocean was extremely calming despite having just jumped out of an airplane. I would look into it, Amir!

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  1. Santa Barbara (city)
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answered by
David from Washington, DC

Skydive at Burning Man, Black Rock City

Caveat: I've only been sky diving once, so this is on my bucket list.

Burning Man is a now famous week-long event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada which draws 70,000 attendees the week before Labor Day. The event doesn't quite fit into any one category; it's more akin to an ephemeral city where participants create and experience art projects, enjoy music, join a patchwork of communities, celebrate life and death, drink lots of free booze (BYO cup), and take in amazing pyrotechnic displays. 

The scale of the temporary city is massive; there are hundreds of events each day, ranging from the bizarre Human Carcass Wash, to Yoga trainings, TED talks, Roller Discos, art cars, and killer DJ sets. Black Rock City even has an airport , which is used for private jets and skydivers. Any trip to burning man takes a good deal of planning, securing a ticket, transportation, food/water, and reading up on the 10 Principles  (see: Radical Self-Reliance, Gifting).

The Burning Sky camp leads licensed solo skydivers on regular jumps at Burning Man during the week. Imagine jumping out of a plane in costume, taking in the spectacle below while living in the moment and being part of a phenomenal experiential gathering. You pull the chute and unfurl a colorful streamer as you descend towards the Playa below.

The requirements for skydiving at Burning Man:

  1. Become a licensed skydiver
  2. Log a minimum of 100 solo jumps
  3. Acquire your own rig (main parachute, reserve parachute, container, and AAD)
  4. Buy your ticket to Burning Man (yes, we still have to pay like everyone else)
  5. Sign up with

All that said, Burning Man is an amazing experience that can open your mind to the unbelievable creativity, love, bliss, and power of the human spirit (skydiving optional).

Watch a video of Burning Sky skydivers in 2013:

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answered by
Tomás from Quito

Last year I've been skydiving in Moab close to the Arches National Park. It is awesome, the sky is so clear and the guys are really pros!

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  1. Moab (city)
  2. Arches National Park (park)
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answered by
Mitch from Kuwait City

My two favorite places are Cape Town South Africa, with great views of Table Mountain and Robbin Island or Dubai with awesome views of the Dubai Marina area, the Palm Jumeirah along with the other man made islands and awesome skyscrapers. -cheers

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  1. Cape Town (city)
  2. Dubai (city)
  3. Palm Jumeirah (attraction)
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answered by
Katharina from Hong Kong

I can really recommend Swakopmund in Namibia I have only done skydiving once but heard that this is one of the top 3 spots in the world. The scenery is beautiful because you see the blue ocean on the one side and the white dunes on the other side. Besides, Namibia and Swakopmund to do all other sorts of activities like going on a safari, sand boarding, eating great seafood and hitting the dunes on a jeep. If you happen to go to Swakopmund, the guys from Ground Rush Adventures did a great job in making our skydiving adventure a wonderful experience.

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  1. Swakopmund (city)
  2. Namibia (attraction)
  3. Ground Rush Adventures (attraction)
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answered by
Adrien from Paris, France

Burning man in Black Rock City is... unique.
I loved Croatia (Hvar) and the view on the islands,
Jumping over the Colorado River in Page, with the dam not so far,
and the Atlas and its snowy peaks in Morocco,
The beach in Cuba from a soviet helicopter,
Royan in the south of France, where I did my training,
they have incredible sunsets there,

and so many more (to come)

Thanks for the thread and everyone's sharing!

ps: yeah, I like to fly with superheroes, it makes me feel safe ^^

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  5. Morocco (attraction)
  6. Cuba (attraction)
  7. Royan (city)
  8. France (attraction)
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answered by
Marie-France from Toronto

I second Taupo in New Zealand. I've only done one tandem skydive but I had read that New Zealand, and in particular Taupo, had some of the best facilities for sky diving. There were at least three different companies when I was there in 2009. If you do the highest jump (15000 feet) you can see both sides of New Zealand and even the curvature of the earth (although I didn't notice because I was too pre-occupied by other things at the beginning of the free fall!). The companies are very professional, organized and safety-oriented.

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  1. Taupo (city)
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answered by
Nathaniel from Boston

Loved Queenstown and Lake Taupo, but it's really hard to argue against those Burning Man pics!

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  1. Queenstown (city)
  2. Lake Taupo (attraction)
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