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Best locations for a solo round the world trip?

On a solo, round the world trip, what are the don't miss destinations?

11 Answers

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Mark from Adelaide

That's a hard question to answer without knowing your interests and when you want to travel and for how long.

For example if you like museums then you would need to visit the The Louvre and other museums in ParisThe British Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg (Russia)

If you are interested in iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites then Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Petra, Alhambra, Acropolis of Athens, Havana, and Machu Picchu.

Natural beauty would include Ilulissat Isfjord, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, taking the Glacier Express train to ZermattJapan for cherry blossom season, Great Barrier Reef, Iguazú Falls, and the Serengeti.

Great places to eat and drink are just endless :-)

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. The Louvre (attraction)
  2. Paris (city)
  3. The British Museum (attraction)
  4. Victoria & Albert Museum (attraction)
  5. London (city)
  6. State Hermitage Museum (attraction)
  7. Saint Petersburg (Russia) (city)
  8. Taj Mahal (attraction)
  9. Angkor Wat (attraction)
  10. Petra (city)
  11. Alhambra (attraction)
  12. Acropolis of Athens (attraction)
  13. Havana (city)
  14. Machu Picchu (attraction)
  15. Ilulissat Isfjord (attraction)
  16. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (attraction)
  17. Zermatt (attraction)
  18. Japan (attraction)
  19. Great Barrier Reef (attraction)
  20. Iguazú Falls (attraction)
  21. Serengeti (attraction)
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Each international airline has its own rules regarding around the world tickets.  Those rules will determine which places you can visit without incurring extra costs.  Also, which places you visit depends on the time of year you will be traveling.  You will have more flexibility if you travel in the spring or fall because if it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere it will be fall (and nice weather) in the Southern Hemisphere.  Of course, you would want to avoid stopping off at places where you can expect horrible weather.  For example, avoid India and southeast Asia during the wet monsoons.  On the other hand, if you only have a particular time of year for your trip, make the best of the situation and visit the places you want to go to. 

In May/June 2010 I did a solo around the world trip whose itinerary was largely beyond my control.  I live in northern California and wanted to attend my niece's graduation at George Mason University near Washington, DC in mid-May and my brother's wedding in the Philippines on June 7.  I filled in places along the way between DC and the Philippines according to the kinds of places I wanted to visit even tho' that meant that I was not in India or Thailand during ideal conditions (beginning of the monsoon in New Delhi where it was over 100F at 7a when I landed there and right after civil unrest in Bangkok which I would have avoided if I hadn't had a nonrefundable, not cheaply changeable RTW ticket).  Here are all the places I went to on my 35 day solo RTW trip:

Washington, DC for a week - spent time with family there

Vienna for 4 nights - had a fabulous time - stayed in the center of town across the street from the State Opera.

Venicefor 4 nights - I would love to have stayed longer because Venice is my favorite city in the world and I go back every chance I get.

Istanbul for 4 nights - Loved it there and want to go back and stay longer next time.

Delhi and Agra for 4 nights - I took private escorted tours 3 of the days I was there; that is a good way for a solo traveler to see India and is amazingly affordable.  Overall, this part of the trip was good for me professionally because I am a travel consultant and I learned a lot.  But I would not recommend going there solo at the time of year I was there.  There are much better ways to visit India than independently for just a few days.  Going on a package tour would have been better way for most people, especially those traveling solo.

Bangkok for 4 nights - because of the just ended civil strife, many places to dine in Bangkok were closed. On the other hand, I was able to stay in a 7 star hotel with my own butler for about the cost of a middling hotel in the US because there were so many vacancies due to the strife.  (I.e., I spent under $100/night for a hotel that would have cost me over $2000/night in a major Europe or US city.)

Cebu City for a week - attended my brother's wedding then he, my new sister-in-law, and another brother went scuba diving.  The diving was great!

Beijing for 4 nights - I stayed in a 300 year old hutong house converted into a fantastic hotel.  The World Cup in South Africa was going on so I spent time in bars in the evening cheering on various teams along with Chinese fans and during the day took private escorted tours to see the Great Wall, etc.  I was there at the perfect time.

San Francisco - To avoid having to back track from Chicago, my return home from China took me to SFO where I caught BART to Richmond then AMTRAK to Sacramento which is about 1 hr from where I live.

Carole Brow

The Bucket List Creator

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Washington, DC (city)
  2. Vienna (city)
  3. Venice (city)
  4. Istanbul (city)
  5. Delhi (city)
  6. Agra (city)
  7. Bangkok (city)
  8. Cebu City (attraction)
  9. Beijing (city)
  10. San Francisco (city)
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answered by
Kristal from San Francisco


I feel like a lot of Asian countries are great for that. VietnamSingaporeHong KongChinaTaiwanIndia is also great for this and I feel like in certain countries in Africa you never feel alone: South Africa and Ghana are great!

Happy travels!


Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Vietnam (attraction)
  2. Singapore (country)
  3. Hong Kong (city)
  4. China (country)
  5. Taiwan (attraction)
  6. India (attraction)
  7. South Africa (attraction)
  8. Ghana (attraction)
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answered by
Kelly from Los Angeles

It's tough to say where someone should travel when she's going at it alone, but I'll try to help by offering a balance between people and scenery. 

You're from where I would recommend going to meet people who know how to have great conversations -- the Irish are famous for that, after all -- so I'll skip ahead to San Francisco. I've been to this city more times than I can count, and I meet interesting and engaging people during every trip. Since eating food is a great way to make friends, and SF is a glorious food city, come hungry. When you're here, see what happens while feasting at Off the Grid, make pals in line at the Swan Oyster Depot or share a table at the The Buena Vista Cafe. Be sure to stop by the Palace of Fine Arts, too, just because it's nice. 

If you're looking for a place that's so beautiful you don't need a buddy, then I would check out Prague. This city's architecture has looked the same for centuries, and the storied Old Town Square is its jewel. Wake up early to cross the Charles Bridge at sunrise -- it'll be tough, but you can thank me later -- and then slowly meander your way to Wenceslas Square and Petřín. The cobblestone streets are great company, and you'll have so much to stare at that you'll appreciate the quiet. 

Have fun!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. San Francisco (city)
  2. Off the Grid (restaurant)
  3. Swan Oyster Depot (restaurant)
  4. The Buena Vista Cafe (restaurant)
  5. Palace of Fine Arts (attraction)
  6. Prague (city)
  7. Old Town Square (attraction)
  8. Charles Bridge (attraction)
  9. Wenceslas Square (attraction)
  10. Petřín (attraction)
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answered by
Helmut from Sao Paulo

Go to El Calafate, Argentina. The weird and strange and enchanting magic of Patagonia (Argentina) culminates in the remote, authentic wild-west-style village of El Calafate, the Glacier national park and the famous Perito Moreno Glacier. It is at par with Uluru in Australia or the Grand Canyon.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. El Calafate (city)
  2. Patagonia (Argentina) (metro area)
  3. Perito Moreno Glacier (attraction)
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answered by
Riccardo from Venice

Obviously Venice is one of these. It's safe, strange and you can find many traditions.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Venice (city)
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answered by
Alfonso from Mexico City

I would search for event or thematic destination. Something related to a hobby or especial interest of you. For example, I love music and whenever I have a chance to travel to a Music Festival (by myself or in group), I'll do it.

Other thing that I've done, and this tend to by more "effective" at certain age, is travel by myself using only hostels and transportation that expose me to more people. Hostels carefully selected offer a vibrant community with tons of opportunities to interact with more people. 

Taking specifically about destinations New York City, London, Amsterdam and San Francisco are very fun on a solo trip.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. New York City (city)
  2. London (city)
  3. Amsterdam (city)
  4. San Francisco (city)
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answered by
Dee from California

Not only can the airlines charge you for stops not on their route, but if price is a concern, you'll want to pick between the northern hemisphere and southern.  You can't go up and down and up and down.  Too bad you didn't give us more info about your interests and the amount of time you have.  You might have gotten more narrowed-down suggestions.

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answered by
Randy from North Lake Tahoe

Hi Maria,  My two cents is to add my home area, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, if you value a pristine mountain lake jewel.  Frenos Baja Sur California in Mexico is a favorite of mine as are the Cayes  off Belize and last but not least, Anguilla in the Caribbean.  All are wonderful, get away from the city locations.  I feel the natural environment tops concrete and glass on any day in one's life.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Lake Tahoe (attraction)
  2. Frenos Baja Sur (attraction)
  3. Belize (country)
  4. Anguilla (attraction)
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answered by
Sushmita from New Delhi

Please plan some time for India. India can not be covered even in 30 days but you can definitely get a taste of the Indian culture if you cover a few cities in India: LadakhHaridwarRishikeshManali AllahabadKeralaGoaJaipur

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Ladakh (attraction)
  2. Haridwar (city)
  3. Rishikesh (city)
  4. Manali (city)
  5. Allahabad (city)
  6. Kerala (state)
  7. Goa (city)
  8. Jaipur (city)
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Nam from Bangkok

BangkokThailand is one of don't miss destinations for solo travelers for sure! 

Thailand is recommended as first destination for first time backpackers.

As vibrant city with pretty low cost living and gateway to all Southeast Asia mainland countries. Landing to Bangkok then go ahead to Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodiaby land or air conveniently.

If you are island lover, our islands are on top of the world too.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Bangkok (city)
  2. Thailand (attraction)
  3. Southeast Asia (attraction)
  4. Myanmar (attraction)
  5. Laos (attraction)
  6. Vietnam (attraction)
  7. Cambodia (attraction)
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