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Best App for Travelers?

What is the best phone App that you use while traveling?

-What does it pertain to mostly? (photography, currency, history, etc.)

-Can you use it without wifi/service?

-Does it only work in a certain region?

Thanks guys!

19 Answers

top answer by
Josh from Baton Rouge

TripIt is awesome for organizing all reservations in one place.  In fact, it twice let me know that a flight was canceled 20+ minutes before the airline did allowing me time to re-book before any wait time formed; the airline employee didn't even know the flight had been canceled but then saw it as she was checking for me.

Rick Steves Audio Europe is a free app that is fantastic if you are going to Europe.  It has free audio waking tours of most major cities and the tours are done by locals.  It uses no data, and I found I really enjoyed doing the tours to get a better sense of history and to get my bearings on where to go in the city.

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answered by
Mike from New York City

Hey Kristina,

I use City Mapper I found to be the best navigation app (with offline map) in cities like London, NYC or Paris. But you need data for this. Lonely planet app with guide tours pretty good too. I also use headspace (meditation app) while travelling (on train or plane).

Hope this can help,



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answered by
Ján from Bratislava

When it comes to navigation in a foreign country, CityMaps2Go is my #1 travel app, no question about it.
First, you download map and guide for your destination (either whole country, state or city) when you're connected to the internet and once you get there, you can start using it completely offline. It includes positions of sights, hotels, restaurants, transit stops and will also download wikipedia articles for important places, so you can read about a place right when you spot it.

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answered by
Anthony from Burlington, Vermont

The best App for traveling in NYC or Chicago is UrbanBuddy. It let's you ask expert locals any question in live chat. No more fake Yelp reviews, or tedious Foursquare searching. Just ask a local who knows best! 

Use code: UBNYC or UBCHI for access :)

(PS: I'm a partner in the company, so of course I'm biased, but I truly believe it's the best app for travelers in these cities. Ask us anything!)

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answered by
Dan from Boston

CityMaps2Go from Ulmon PRO saved me while driving on a number of trips most recently in the Azores. If like me you don't have a data plan in the country you are in you still have cell reception which can be used for triangulation. This means with a pre-downloaded map of say the Azores or Croatia you can see where you are on map and know when that road you want is coming up on your right or how far that restaurant is from where you are. It's not GoogleMaps but it's accurate enough to be navigable.

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Azores (island)
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answered by
Rashi from Chicago

Hey Kristina, we love Tripnary - It's Tinder for Travel. It kinds hooks you up with your next adventure.

There are few things that works great 

1. It lets you create your travel bucket list (cities, points of interest, restaurants, etc.) and then plots everything nicely in a map. So when I travel to lets say NYC, I can see all the places I ever wanted to see in one place and plan logistically. 

2. It also helps me easily share and collaborate. So many people in Trippy forum ask this question example what should I do in Calgary. Well, if I have already visited Calgary I find it tedious to type all places individually so at Tripnary I can just share my entire bucketlist easily

Check it out…My bucket list for Calgary, Canada on Tripnary:

3. And my favorite feature! It shows you cheapest airfares to all the places in my bucket list. Often I have a fixed budget but where I want to go I am flexible about. So the app price compares all the destinations for you. I was once planing my next vacation to Cancun, but I randomly found a cheaper fare to Alaska instead and then decided to check that off first!

The UI overall is very clean and works great but they need little improvement in flight screen. It will be nice to have an offline map of my to-do list as well when I am traveling international. But love it overall!!!

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answered by
Rasto from Edmonton

For currencies, I always use XE Currency app. It has all world currencies and cross-exchange rates showing you pretty much very current rate as it is on world markets. And yes, you need connection to get current rate.

For navigation I use ViewRanger GPS which works both on-line and off-line (you have to download maps for off-line use prior to your trip). It proved to be a valuable asset in places with no or very weak cell signal. So if you don't have regular GPS, this is a nice substitution.

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answered by
Toni from Croatia

Tripadvisor. It has destination guides and recommendations from real travelers about things to see and do, and where to stay and eat.

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answered by
Ignacio from Santiago

one I love is HotelTonight. you can book the same day. Great deals, from 1 - 7 nights. You get full freedom when traveling.


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answered by
Henrique from Fortaleza, Brazil

I always go to It allow me to plan my trip daily, I can play with my friends, it give me suggestions based on my profile and it has a mobile offline app. Imagine putting together Google maps,, TripAdvisor, rome2rio and tripIt in on single app. It's awesome :)

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answered by
Hazel from Port St. Lucie


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answered by
Maria from Dublin

I like Tripadvisor city guides app which I use mainly for the "near me now" feature. I often download my city info before I go and use the app offline. I regularly use the Booking, Skyscanner, Momondo and Kayak apps for booking flights and accommodation. Lonely Planet traveller is also useful. I use Hailo and Uber taxi apps, (all with wifi service) and Open Table for last minute dinner reservations. Instagram is my main app for photos and Say Hi and Duolingo for translation.

On my wish list is in app form (the website is great for complex rail journeys) and Trippy!

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answered by
Kelley from Richmond, Virginia

I haven't used it yet, but I had someone recommend CityMaps2Go to me. You can view maps and get directions even without wifi/service because it automatically saves the information to your phone.

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answered by
Sylvain from Montreal


For offline maps (without wifi/data) + itinerary to your favorite places.

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answered by
Debby from Delray Beach

You didn't mention whether you were traveling by car or by air.

Nevertheless, I can't live without: I-95 Exit Guide, Tripadvisor, Waze and Dunkin Dounts and Yelp.

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answered first by
Sarah from Alicante

It depends on where you are going in the world. My Destination has a good app written by local experts with information about where to go, restaurants, hotels and events. You can download it too. It only covers a select few regions but some top ones like Melbourne, Moscow, Marbella and Alicante. Hope this helps.

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answered by
Henning from Berlin

My absolute favorites:

For Offline Maps: - You can download entire Countries while on wifi, including POI's restaurants, hotels etc

For Recording my Trip: Atameo - You can add places, photos, videos, music, people - And it all syncs to an online travel profile. Its like a journal, but without writing

For Videos: Hyperlapse by Instagram - Most amazing Video stabilizer out there. It will blow your mind.

answered by
Amber from Taichung, Taiwan

answered by
Cruz from Santa Leocadia De Laviana, Asturias, Spain

For my Pintiplan. It is a brand new app, but for my increasingly essential. It found no plans to use as we found in other app, it's a bit like this site, is a bit like trippy.
I'm adding the sites that I like, I can organize them into plans and save just for me or share them with my (public / private) friends. When I'm traveling, for many web I look really who I trust is the recommendations of friends, family or contacts who have lived, worked or been there or passengers
With Pintiplan my friends suggest me hotels, restaurants, visits, ..., and if none of them have even been there, I can ask others to help me and send me your recommendations.
The truth is that it is great, I use it every day, I've added a lot of places to recommend to my friends.

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