Michelle F

Michelle from New York City asked March 24, 2015

Berlin: One art museum in Berlin, which one would you recommend?

I'll be in Berlin mid July for 2 and a half days before traveling to munich and salzburg. If I only have time for one art museum in Berlin, which one would you recommend to be the best? Maybe something for the dada or bauhaus movements... But any recommendations are welcome :)


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  • Jenifer Duke

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    Top Answer by Jenifer D. from Berlin

    You are in luck because there is actually a museum dedicated to Bauhaus! It's called the Bauhaus Archive!

    Another amazing option is the contemporary art museum, Hamburger Bahnhof, which is worth a trip just to see the building! It's inside the old Berlin-Hamburg Railway terminal.

    This might not be exactly what you're looking for, but something that you absolutely cannot miss when in Berlin is the East Side Gallery (Berlin). It's a national memorial and one of the best art installations in Berlin. It's a 1.3km stretch of the original Berlin Wall that is now covered in murals.

    This isn't art related, but it is a museum that you shouldn't miss. Topography of Terror, which is a Germany history museum located on the grounds where the Gestapo were headquartered during the Nazi regime.

  • David Nesbitt

    David N. from Hawthorne (California) answered

    I second the recommendation for the Old National Gallery museum, but the good news is that Museum Island has a number of museums to choose from. So based on your tastes, you can choose the most appropriate one. BTW, I would visit Alte Pinakothek while you are in Munich as well. :-)

  • Roxana Kaboli

    Roxana K. from New York City answered

    This is not a usual museum but if you have time and if you are interested in art, you must for sure visit the East Side Gallery. It is a piece of the wall where artist have made into a art manifestation it is a great and different and truly catches the essence of Berlin.

  • Ashley M

    Ashley M. from Calgary answered

    We really loved the Old National Gallery (Alte Nationalgalerie) but it's definitely a romantic and impressionist collection.