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Ami Wuschnig

Manhattan Beach, California

Babymoon Travel Ideas

Trying to plan a babymoon for April. Any thoughts on Belize, Turks and Caicos, or St Lucia? Probably don't want to spend more than $300/night on a hotel, if that's possible. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • Brew Johnson

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    The good news is... I would classify choosing between those three options as "high class problems", LOL. You seriously can't go wrong.

    Some of this would probably come down to how active you'd like to be on your babymoon. Turks and Caicos has amazing beaches and is rather flat, St. Lucian is very mountainous with less beach frontage (but is strikingly beautiful). Belize has a mix of beaches on the coast and beautiful rainforests, rivers, etc., in the interior. Belize wins for the best snorkeling and diving and if you are on the coast or on one of the islands, there is a very fun boating lifestyle (if you like the idea of getting out on the water).

    If you want to keep it under $300/night though, St. Lucia gets more difficult to do, as the beat places are more expensive. I have seen Ladera Resort and some others on some flash sale sights in the $200s, but that is rare.

    So, in terms of bang for your buck, I think Belize is the best choice. Good range of options for you and your husband and you have the choice to do a sun/sand/water vacation or rainforests/mountains or both. The most popular spot for the beach life is Ambergris Caye , which has a lot of accommodation options at various levels. I personally like, the Victoria House , but there are other good options. Ambergris has grown a lot over the last 10 years, so if you want a little more authentic, but very beautiful choice, the area around Placencia is extremely beautiful. The Turtle Inn (owned by Francis Ford Coppolla) is a good choice in Placencia. Finally, if you want to get to the interior, Coppolla also owns the Blancaneaux Lodge . Another lodge in the area of Blancaneaux that I have heard great things about is Gaia Riverlodge .

    Again, you can't go wrong, but I personally would opt for Belize.

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    • Ami W.

      Ami W.

      thank you so much! very thorough! · (0 likelikes)

    • Ami W.

      Ami W.

      at Victoria House and cannot thank you enough for the recommendations. We actually cancelled our trip to Caye Caulker and will just be extending our trip here. Awesome suggestion! · (1 likelikes)

    • Brew J.

      Brew J.

      Awesome! Glad it worked out. · (0 likelikes)

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