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Where can I get the absolute best Peking duck in Beijing?

Of course I have to get Peking duck when I'm in Beijing! I don't mind if it's from a street vendor or even a Michelin-starred restaurant -- I just want to experience the best of the best.  Where should I go?

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Da Dong Roast Duck...its not close.  touristy sure, but its the best.  lived in beijing for 4 years and always took visitors here.

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Susan from New York City

Yes Dadong is very good, but for something less touristy, there's Duck de Chine in the 1949 - The Hidden City (where there's also some other nice restaurants, bars, and a great noodle place) and Made in China in the Grand Hyatt. Made in China in the Grand Hyatt has fantastic Peking duck (call ahead to reserve it) and also has a Beijing style foie gras wrap (also call ahead to reserve). 

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Zoe from Manhattan Beach, California

By far the most famous Peking Duck is at Quanjude Peking Roast Duck The Chinese name is 全聚德烤鸭店.  There are a few locations in Beijing now, but the original is in Qianmen.  One of the really fun things about Quanjude is that when you order the traditional whole Peking duck you get a little note with the serial number of your duck.  Quanjude also offers a huge variety of other duck dishes, so if you want you can eat nothing but duck the whole meal.  You can get a good quality Peking duck at many small restaurants, and I would encourage you to try one somewhere else and compare, but for the whole duck experience Quanjude is the way to go.  You probably do want to make a reservation, you can get in without one, but there is usually a wait.

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  1. Quanjude Peking Roast Duck (attraction)
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Gina from Beijing

Besides Da Dong and Quanjude, one plance that you might want to consider is Liqun Roast Duck.  It has most contradictory reviews. You either love it or hate it.

I ref two reviews from "The Beijinger" for your reference:

Love:"It may not be polished, and the roof may have some leaks, but nevertheless you couldn't recreate the interior of this place, or it's location in the hutongs, if you tried with a professional architect (well, maybe a Hollywood Set Designer could take a crack at it...). That said, this odd little space has been visited by many a famous politician, including several former US Presidents and many diplomats and ambassodors. Their pictures and names are on the wall coming in. The pile of fruitwood outside gives you a hint of what you're going to be eating inside. Call ahead to make a reservation or try your luck at showing up with a handful of patience. The duck is good."

Hate:"well. I personally don't the setting but it is the most ghetto place I have ever ate at. It is really out of the way and appear to be slightly dirty. The food was no where nearly as good as i expected. The sauce was too salty and not sweat enough. The duck had this wierd almost dirty taste on the skin that wasn't right.
To be fair, the duck wasn't bad, it was just really really average. On the plus side it was very fat. the pan cakes were thin. major problems:
WAY overpriced especially when I am paying just for the food(the setting should be free) it was like 324 for two people.slightly dirty.I feel this is one of those restaurants that USED TO BE good back in the day. there are tons of celebs and foreign dignitaries on the wall but I suspect those were taken years ago."

Well life is contradictory and you might want to have your own adventure.

Here are some ranking for Beijng Duck in English, for your ref.

BTW I am also a member of Airbnb, so if you are also looking for a place to stay in Beijing, please check out:



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  1. Liqun Roast Duck (restaurant)
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answered by
Zuoning from New Haven

There are no Michelin-starred Peking duck restaurants in Beijing. Most Chinese restaurants are not in the Michelin system event thought many of them are brilliant.

Back to your questions, the most famous Peking duck restaurant is called "全聚德" (or Quanjude). It has a number of stores in Beijing. In my view, the one at 前门  Quanjude Peking Roast Duck is the best. Its address is:

30 Qianmen St, Dongcheng, Beijing, China

Phone:+86 10 6511 2418

However, I think the ducks at Da Dong Roast Duck (大董) taste even better. Its address is:

China, Beijing, Dongcheng, Dongsishitiao, 甲22号南新仓商务大厦1楼

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Sunny from Beijing

The two famous restaurants that serve beijing roast duck are Beijing Bianyifang Roast Duck and Quanjude Peking Roast Duck Restaurant roast duck restaurant , both of which have a history of over one hundred years.

You can find quanjude roast duck restaurant on wangfujing street.

Personally, I like BianYiFang better. They serve Chinese braise-oven duck. Their duck dishes are very tasty and less expensive than QuanJuDe.

Both brand have many restaurants  in Beijing. I know one Bianyifang roast duck restaurant in No. 16 Chongwenmenwai Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. It is on the forth floor. 

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answered by
Elizabeth from Dallas

Without a doubt the best Peking duck in Beijing is at Duck de Chine!

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  1. Duck de Chine (restaurant)
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answered by
Nick from Beijing

I'll recommend Da Dong Roast Duck

More pictures of dishes:


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  1. Da Dong Roast Duck (restaurant)
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answered by
Kika from Beijing

Let the local Beijing residents tell you (*^▽^*)

Top one is The Parade,but it's more business and family feast type,so maybe not a good choice for u. 

But the following 4 stores are authentic Peking duck restaurants,and the magic is, they are all branch stores of Siji Minfu

Yes, not Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant or Dadong, which are well known by tourists. The locals love Sijiminfu best!

BTW,its Dongsi Shitiao Station store and Hepingli West Streetstore are not far from The Lama Temple and The Temple of Earth Park,in case you want to have a visit.

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answered by
Claudia from New York City

My experience at Quanjude Peking Roast Duck was better than I had expected.

Part of the fun of eating Peking duck at Quanjude Restaurant was the presentation. After we placed our order, the server came with a pot of hot tea and small plate sweet sauce (like Hoisin sauce) and thinly sliced cucumbers and scallion.

Next was a plate of crispy duck skin served with a tiny plate of sugar. Our tour guide suggested requesting duck soup made from the duck bones. She said instead of discarding the bones we could ask for clear soup (made from the duck bones) with scallion. Some people asked for deep fried duck bones.

After we had the skin, the server delivered the carved meat and showed us how to wrap the meat, scallions, cucumber and sauce with the crepe-like pancakes. First he placed the thin pancake on the plate, dipped three pieces of thinly sliced duck meat in the sauce, placed it on the pancake, added a slice of scallion and a slice of cucumber. Then wrapped it up like a spring roll.

Like Zoe, we were given a "certificate" with a serial number of our duck. Take a look:

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  1. Quanjude Peking Roast Duck (attraction)
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answered by
aaron from Xi'an

Quanjude should be a good choice for you taste the best Peking duck in Beijing. There are several in the city.

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