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  • Joyce Turrell
  • "Any guided tours that were successful and educational?"

Joyce Turrell

Limington Me

Any guided tours that were successful and educational?

I want a 10 day tour (bus or train), with less London and more northern England, with a focus on literary figures like Bronte. Anybody have any information about this?

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  • Alex Jorge

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    Hi Joyce,

    I'm not sure such a tour, for 10 days exists?

    I know there are a few companies that run literary tours but they are normally a few days only. I have in the past look into but never actually booked due to scheduling conflicts.

    One thing you may consider is planning a few base cities to travel to by train (the network from London is great) and then take a few days tour from each town. If you are looking to visit the north of England, the York is a great place to start in.

    Your question is tagged with 'Bath' which is in the southwest though. You can easily begin a bus a tour from London to Bath (usually associated with Jane Austen) or take a train to Bath and start a tour directly from there.

    There are also some great country walking tours which I am sure could take a literary twist. I really the guys at and I know they have a Bath & Avon tour... albeit not sure about how literary it gets.

    If you are undecided and don't know in detail what you want to do, perhaps a good place to start is to contact Visit Britain for some guidance.

    Hope this helps...

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