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Martha asked

Travelling to Genoa Italy

Hello We will be arriving in Barcelona on Sept 20 2018 and we plan to stay a couple of days. We are going to rent a car and make our way to Genoa Italy that is where we will depart our cruise on Sept 28 to Oct 5.. We want to stop in different places in France and stay the night and enjoy.. Anyone does this and have a schedule? 

Thanking you in advance! 

Happy travelling! 


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Courtney from Los Angeles

I'm so jealous--this is one of my favorite parts of the planet. In no particular order here are my favorites:

My number one choice for that area is Aix-en-Provence. It's not one of the lesser-known places along the way, but it's well worth a day. Absolutely one of my all-time most favorite places on earth and, to me, the perfect balance between a small town and a city. 

I'm also a big fan of Avignon, although it can be very touristy. I'm just mentioning it here because I do think it's worth seeing although I wouldn't lose sleep if you have to cut it. 

There is a little hilltop town in the area called Le Castellet which is one of my favorite places on the planet. It's usually mostly locals and you have to have a car to get there. It's a little artisan community with all kinds of cute stores and restaurants. Great place for a little half-day trip and if you like beautiful scenery, this is your place. you'll get some great shots since it's up on a hill. 

I agree with L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue especially if you love antiques which it is known for. Beware, however, the whole town can be a little overpriced whether it's food or antiques. 

Finally, and I know these two places are definitely not off the beaten path, but I would try to hit Monaco and Saint-Tropez because they're a lot of fun. St. Tropez is really just a sleepy little town at that time of year (usually the traffic is beyond horrendous) so it's actually a good time of year to see it. 

Brignoles and Frejus are lovely, too. 

I would avoid Nice and Cannes although I'm in the minority about Arles (it just freaks me out--I don't know why). To me, all are overrated.

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  1. Aix-en-Provence (city)
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  3. Le Castellet (city)
  4. L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (city)
  5. Monaco (country)
  6. Saint-Tropez (city)
  7. Brignoles (city)
  8. Frejus (city)
  9. Nice (city)
  10. Cannes (attraction)
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That's indeed a great route, the only negative thing would be the cost of the tolls, getting close to 150€ until getting to Genoa.

It is true that the southern french coast is amazing, I really recommend you to check and taste Perpignan. But I really wanted to point out also the amazing sceneries which are in CadaquesRoses,... the spanish coastal cities just before getting to France are also outstanding.

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  1. Genoa (city)
  2. Perpignan (city)
  3. Cadaques (city)
  4. Roses (city)
  5. France (attraction)
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