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Los Angeles

Jeffrey from Los Angeles asked

A month in Barcelona

Hi all, we are wanting to try something new to us.  We are going to travel to one location and really try to experience the place, meet people, live a mini-life for a month. 

We are thinking Barcelona would be a great place to experience.  It will be my wife and my 6 year old traveling.  We are going around March or April of 2018.

I was hoping to get information on a few things:

  • What neighborhood to stay?
  • How do get around?
  • Day or weekend trips close to the area?
  • Local traditions/customs?

Anyone have any thoughts on Barcelona?  Has anyone done a month in one place; would you mind sharing your thoughts about your experience?

Cant wait to hear others thoughts!

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5 Answers
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Cherry from Caracas

Barcelona is the perfect choice for a month in Spain! 

As to your questions: 

-Stay away from the “center” (which is called El Barri Gòtic) but not too far so you can walk to the best places which are mostly there. 

Look in Airbnb at the EixampleEixample (around the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes), Sagrada FamíliaHospital de Sant Pau and Borne Licoreria (a but expensive but very beautiful and interesting) neighborhoods. Gracia, as somebody else reccomended, is very nice and has a “little town” feeling but I would only recomend it if you are planning to stay put most of the time. 

-The best way to get around Barcelona is walking, it is not a very big city. Buses are also very good and very ponctual in their itineraries (they are my favorite way to get around in any city because you can sight-see while riding). The subway is also very efficient. 

-A day trip to Girona is a must. But the best is to rent a car and go for a three days trip, spend two or three hours walking around beautiful Gerona, then a few hours in Figures, Marca de L'ham (Dir. Cadaques) (birth place of Dali with a great museum of his work) and finish with a day and a half in Cadaques which is a beautiful beach town where you can relax a bit and eat deliciously. Also, next to Cadaques is the house where Dali and his wife lived and is a very interesting place to see.  

- A week-end at Tossa De Mar, spectacular beach town with a medieval castle on the beach. 

-If you have never been in Spain I think you should spend a weekend in Madrid and another in Seville and the pueblos blancos (white towns) of Andalucía, particularly go see Ronda de Sant Pere

You’ll find travel agencies in every corner to do this trips if you don’t want to rent a car.  

-There are not particular customs I can tell you about but be VERY careful with your handbags because there are a lot of pickpockets in this city. It is reccomended that you wear a fanny pack and your wife a across-the body bag.  

Last but not least, don’t forget to bring your swim suits and beach towels if you come in April, beach time starts in Barcelona at that time.

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What a great answer!!!

There are several mistakes in the transcript Trippy made of my answer: 1. BORNE is a neighborhood, not a licoreria. 2,The town where Dali was born is FIGUERES. 3.The name of the most beautiful of the white towns of Andalucia is RONDA, not what they wrote.

TY so much we are coming in end of Sept. The planets were going to fly into Barcelona and stator three or four days we have been there before then take the fast Train to Paris maybe spend two or three nights there then take the fast train to Madrid then the first ring back to Barcelona then head to Girona and rent our car to head to the coast through France to take the Divina msc cruise out of Genoa.... it's a lot to put together the only thing I put together is the airline tickets and the cruise everything else is still very iffy

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answered by
Amarante from Barcelona

Hi Jeffrey,

As a suggestion, the best area to stay would be Eixample, preferably somewhere by Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona and towards its right part (Eixample Detra, between Rambla de Catalunya/Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona and Passeig de Sant Joan). It s a safe and friendly area with plenty of shops, bars, restaurants, cafes to all the tastes and wallets. You will easily walk to the main sightseeing points and will be close to the landmarks like CASA BATLLÓand not-less-known neighboring buildings by Catalan modernist architects like  Casa Lleo Morera, LA PEDRERA will also be close. In addition, the Old city will be close, so you can also walk there easily on a daily basis. It is better to live close to it as it s quieter at night and safer, though Barcelona is very far from being an insecure city. Pickpockets and a bit drunk and noisy tourists in the old part might be bothering, but nothing more than that. As you are coming in spring, there is no need to be by the beach as it will be too cold to swim or sunbath, though from Eixample you can easily get to Barceloneta beach just to walk along the sea or get to any other part of the city by bus, metro or taxi (there are thousands of them here). If you are a good walker, you can walk to many places too. Barcelona has a great public transportation system, jfyi.

For accommodation type, an apartment would be the best as you will have a kitchen. It s not really expensive to eat out in Barcelona (not that cheap as in bangkok but not as pricey as in Paris), but you will take away a headache with a kitchen. The supermarkets and grocery shops are all around. To find a proper place, I suggest you started now because the season for Barcelona trips tends to start "well" in March-April.

For day trips, check Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres (Province of Girona region) and Montserrat (Barcelona side).

For museums, check the admissions that include various spots like art ticket. 


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answered first by
Peter from Vienna

Hey, sounds like a great plan. Restaurants and bars are pretty expensive in Barcelona, because there are a lot of tourists visiting the city. Especially the area around La Rambla is expensive. I would look for a place to stay a little bit further away from the city center. The public transport is good, so you don't have to worry about getting around. If you like hiking, you can visit the Pyrenees, wich are close. The beach is also always great. 

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answered by
Amanda from Atlanta

We liked the Gracia area.  It used to be it's own town, but was absorbed by Barcelona.  We were there for a short time, but it was easy to get to all the sights in Barcelona by walking or train.  The neighborhood of Gracia is quaint with many shops and restaurants.  We stayed in an airbnb and really felt that we were among the locals and not in a touristy area. 

I don't know if this would be considered a weekend trip (maybe a long weekend), but Sevilla is a nice town to visit.  We took a carriage ride and watched a flemenco show--our then 7 year old daughter enjoyed the carriage ride much more than the flemanco :) 

Sounds like a great way to experience a country.  Have fun!

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answered by
salman from Riyadh

One of best destination in Europe is Barcelona, I recommend you to stay in Hotel Lleo this one very reasonable in price, the hotel room is very clean, comfortable and luxury, hotel restaurant is very unique, the best thing about this hotel is its location which is nearby big shopping area for all brands and near food area of different restaurant also its very near Plaça de Catalunya which is cosmopolitan capital of Spain and is known for its art and architecture. The fantastical Basílica de la Sagrada Família and other modernist landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudí dot the city. Museo Picasso and Fundació Joan Miro-Centre D'Estudis D'Art Contemporani feature modern art by their namesakes. Museum of the History of Barcelona includes several Roman archaeological sites. I recommend you to reserve hop on hop off city tour bus you will enjoy best touristic tour around Barcelona with tour guide audio through  personnel head phone attached to each one in the bus also bus will stop at each interesting touristic place and Barcelona attractions so that you can visit and take the next tour bus.

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