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Cambridge (Massachusetts)

Casey from Cambridge (Massachusetts) asked

Nightlife in Bangkok

I'll be taking a business trip to Bangkok for a week with my coworkers/buds.  We'll be working mostly during the days, but my coworkers and I (we're a coed group of 20-30-something year olds) would love to go out and explore at night.  We're really down for anything whether it's clubs or bars or night markets (if there are any).  Any suggestions?

Bangkok (Thailand)

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Rob from Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the world capitals for bars/clubs & markets, you just have to decide on the kind of night you are after.

Quiet drink at classy interesting bar:

- Ashley sutton bars are really unique and interesting for a drink before a big night out, there are lot of Ashley Sutton designed bars, here is information about Maggie Choo's which is one example.

- Bangkok sky bars are always great for a cocktail while watching the sunset. There are a lot of them:

- Ocean Bar has a rooftop swimming pool and is really great place for cocktails, good food, relaxing during the day or sunset:

- Another place that is not exactly quiet but they always have a live band on and are open before the dance clubs if you’re looking drinks before a heading out in Sukhumvit area is Bangkok Beat:

- If you’re around Khao San Road area, the roof bar always has live acoustic music on, there are plenty of bars and clubs on Khao San road that attract a younger backpacker crowd.

Dance clubs for a big night out:

After watching the sunset, having a quiet drink and watching some live music if you feel like a big night out and going to a dance club, most of the really great young expat and wealthy local clubs are located around Sukhumvit District on Soi 11 (Street 11).

There is also a huge club district called Royal City Avenue (RCA) which is whole district full of clubs by itself, just say RCA to any taxi driver and they’ll know. The below clubs are expensive for Bangkok standards but you’ll still find them cheap, they attract a younger crowd and are much more upscale.

Levels Club & Lounge - Website not working, facebook page here:

NARZ Club Bangkok -

Nest -

Q Bar -

Velvet -


(good clubs are Route66 Club, Slim & Flix )

Youtube video of route 66 club:

Nest, Qbar, Bed supperclub & Levels are all on soi 11, within walking distance of each other and I’d recommend checking out Levels, nest & Qbar first, Narz is on soi 23, Velvet is soi 33 and RCA is a separate area  probably about $2-3 (60-100 baht) max by taxi from soi 11.

As in most cities, clubs are mainly big on a Thursday-Saturday night so not sure how they’ll be if you don’t arrive on a weekend but you’ll find plenty happening every night of the week in Bangkok.

Markets / Shopping:

After that night out you may struggle to make it to the markets the next day. There are a few markets in Bangkok, you'll see lots of street stands around Khao San & Sukhumvit roads, (also called  JJ Market Sec. 5) is a big weekend market if you're there on a weekend but you can also go shopping in MBK Center which will have most things you can find at a market as it's a big shopping centre of small stands and retailers, like a giant indoor air conditioned market.

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That is a seriously epic answer! We skipped Bangkok (heard it was acquired taste!) but I'm bookmarking this answer for next time.

Bangkok is definitely an acquired taste, not like a fine wine but more like a shot of tequila during happy hour. There's a reason the hangover movies filmed in two cities Vegas & Bangkok. // I didn't like the city at first, I thought it was dirty, crowded, chaotic & had nothing to see in it. I spent a few days in Silom, near Patpong, and never wanted to go back. I think a lot of people have that same experience and judge it too quickly. // The city use to be called "the Venice of the East" and you can still travel the canals of the city by long boat avoiding taxis and tuk-tuks yet most people don't see this side of Bangkok or the real appeal of the city. // If you stay away from Patpong & do a bit of research you'll discover underneath the rough exterior is a city full of charm with temples, great restaurants, coffee shops, tea houses, shopping centers, cocktail bars, museums, art galleries and lots more to uncover. // Wishing you safe travels.

Amazing suggestions man! I will be using this as my guide the next time I got to Bangkok!

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  2. Ocean Bar (attraction)
  3. Bangkok Beat (attraction)
  4. Khao San Road (attraction)
  5. Sukhumvit (attraction)
  6. Royal City Avenue (attraction)
  7. Levels Club & Lounge (attraction)
  8. NARZ Club Bangkok (attraction)
  9. Nest (attraction)
  10. Q Bar (attraction)
  11. Velvet (attraction)
  12. Route66 Club (attraction)
  13. Slim & Flix (attraction)
  14. JJ Market Sec. 5 (attraction)
  15. MBK Center (attraction)
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Debbie from San Francisco

I don't know how, um, tight, you and your coworkers are, but no surprise, that's A LOT of partying to be done in Thailand.  There are the most popular places for younger adults to hang out at night are the famous Soi CowBoy area, which is a red-light district, Patpong Night Bazaar Bangkok, which is another entertainment district, and Khao San Road, a short street filled with bars, some of which are open 24/7.  They're fun and eye opening to walk through at least once.

For a more chill time, Suanlum Night Bazaar Ratchadapisek, Major Avenue Ratchayothin Flea Market, and Ratchadapisek Night Market are three of the more classy and legit night markets.  Patpong, mentioned earlier, also has a night market if you don't mind some of the seediness of the red-light district.

If you're looking for classy establishments to hang out with, Bangkok has some of the nicest rooftop bars/restaurants with amazing views that are open till fairly late.  Sky Bar is one of the most popular ones because it was actually featured in the movie Hangover 2, and with good reason -- not only is the building gorgeous, but so is the view!   Vertigo Bar and Moon Bar at the Banyan Tree, and Long Table are two other very popular ones.  If those three aren't convenient, here's a good list of other rooftop bars in Bangkok:

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We're pretty "tight" with each other! Thanks for all these suggestions. Definitely good to have both laid back and classy options. Will send to the crew!

Mentioned in this answer:

  1. Soi CowBoy (attraction)
  2. Patpong Night Bazaar Bangkok (attraction)
  3. Khao San Road (attraction)
  4. Suanlum Night Bazaar Ratchadapisek (attraction)
  5. Major Avenue Ratchayothin Flea Market (attraction)
  6. Ratchadapisek Night Market (attraction)
  7. Sky Bar (restaurant)
  8. Vertigo Bar (attraction)
  9. Moon Bar (attraction)
  10. Long Table (restaurant)
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Shauna from Santa Monica, California

Check out Bamboo Chic. They have something called "Platinum Happy Hour". Very, very chic bar. 

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  1. Bamboo Chic (restaurant)
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