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Taylor asked

Is it convenient to purchase toiletries anywhere in Bangkok?

My travel companions and I are packing for our one month long trip to Bangkok and I'm wondering if it's convenient for us to get toiletries and other day to day items there or if I should just pack a bunch of stuff just in case.  Ideally, we'd like to travel as light as possible, so I'm hoping there's some equivalent to a CVS or Walgreens out there.  Anyone know?


2 Answers
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Debbie from San Francisco

It's super convenient to get toiletries out in Bangkok; there are 7-11s ALL OVER Thailand, even in the smallest, most random of towns!  In larger towns, there are even huge discount department stores that are the equivalent to Target or Walmart. 

As a Westerner gal, though, I did notice a few peculiar things about toiletries in Thailand:

  • Sunscreen is slightly more difficult to find and when you find it, it's REALLY expensive, like $20 for a little bottle of the lower SPF stuff.  It's even locked up sometimes. 
  • Another really hard to find toiletry item was tampons, which might be important for any ladies in your group.  I went to nearly a dozen 7-11s before I was able to find cardboard ones and they were also expensive.  You'll be able to find pads though. 
  • If you want antiperspirant in your deodorant, you should just bring your own deodorant because a lot of the deodorant that you'll find in Thailand are the Thai-style mineral rock deodorant (Google it if you don't what it is), which is just that -- deodorant without the antiperspirant.

Apparently people in Thailand do not really use sunscreen, tampons, or antiperspirant.

Other than those three items, I was able to get everything else I needed, lotions, tissues, medication, snacks, etc.  So yeah, super convenient!

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answered by
Hannah from Milwaukee

Oh, way!  Not only are there 7-11's everywhere, but there's a  Big-C at a mall in the middle of the city.  It's like the Thai version of Walmart or Target and its got EVERYTHING there.  I was in Bangkok for two months last year and every couple of weeks, a group of us from the hostel where we were staying would cab it there for a Big-C run, kind of like a Costco run.

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